100 thoughts on “Google Pixel 4 Review: Easier To Buy, Harder To Recommend”

  1. If you are going to spend that much on a phone then do yourself a favor and just get the s10 or s10+. Awesome phones. If you can get a good price on a OnePlus phone than that is also a good option

  2. What do I need to do to let phone manufacturers know that it's okay to make a phone thicker as long as it has a bigger battery? Do I need it tattooed on my forehead?

  3. This might be my favorite phone design ever, no joke. The only way it could be better is without the big forehead. But the lack of features for the insane price is just unacceptable.

  4. They really are trying to be apple with the camera design and no finger print scanners. And the whole wave gesture thing isnt anything new. It's the gimmick Samsung did with S5

  5. Wow! Thanks Micheal I was on the fence about buying the Pixel 4 XL even added my name to the waiting list. After watching this????.yeah I'll pass on the Pixel 4 this year just like I passed on the Pixel 3 last year. I'm still using my Pixel 2 XL as well a Pixel 3a XL for use as an Uber. But I see this phone probably being the final nail in the coffin for the Pixel phone. Project soli is a joke and no way to opt out of face unlock and use a finger print sensor is definitely not for me. Like you said banking and credit card apps are not up to par with face unlock right now…and I don't see them in a rush to do so as most phones have a finger print sensor standard along with the option for face unlock. And…. I just really don't see a 1000.00 phone in the Pixel 4 line of phones. I'll keep my Pixel 2 xl another year to see if the Pixel survives.

  6. great work as always ,with all respect to other youtubers , MrMobile is the go-to tech reviewer ,, but i cant believe the slow growing rate the channel is having , it should be well pass the 2M subs mark.

  7. I am anti iPhone and will never buy one but this, this phone is no match for the iPhone 11 at this price. It's a mediocre phone at best and should not cost the asking price.

  8. Most importantly, eight months after launch, it's easier to find the S10+ for under $800. Even if the software isn't consistently fresh from Google, Samsung has gotten good enough at security updates to not be an issue, and frankly, it's a much more complete package than the Pixel 4.

  9. Finally glad to see at least ONE reviewer call out this phones flaws and not praise it simply for being yet another Pixel.

  10. In the UK you get a free Chromebook, I pre-ordered one and then cancelled it, I want that camera and display, but I hate almost everything else about it

  11. I actually wanted to go after the Pixel line. Not anymore. Guess I'll go after OnePlus, since they seem to actually care to make a phone these days.

  12. I just can't understand why carry two phones, just because of the camera. Why not carry just one, along side a REAL pocketable camera?

  13. Well.. Apple and Samsung surpassed google in picture and video quality because google worked on gimmicks rather than actual useful stuff.

  14. Nice man love your review after watching your review i decide to keep my Samsung note9 until next year. Thanks again.

  15. Always appreciate your insight I had planned to upgrade to the Pixel 4 even before it was announced currently using a Pixel 2. Sadly Google didn't quite live up to expectations here though will still be upgrading hopefully they smooth out some of the issues.

  16. No wide angle lens, bad battery life, stellar price tag, low base memory. Google sure dropped the ball on the Pixel 4.

  17. Nice video editing. Always pleasure to watch.
    S10 is still a better buy in my opinion. More versatile and can be bought cheap.

  18. So google just keeps making stupid phones. Things we never asked for they keep bringing it. They took away headphone jack after making fun of iphone for it and now they take away fingerprint sensor when iphone did it too. Why does the company that should be better than the rest keep making poor choices

  19. This video was written quite well and edited quite smoothly! I especially love how eloquent you are, Mr. Fisher.

    Found you through Danny Winget's "Youtuber's React" video. 🙂

  20. Pixels have always been a swing & a miss to me. Appreciate what they bring to the table though…just nothing that'll make me out my money up for one

  21. Really a bummer that google can't seem to nail the little things that would make the phone much better. Hoping Pixel 5 is the one that puts it all together

  22. I’ve had 3 Apple phones and battery life always sucked each one. My current iPhone I charge it 3 times a day. Garbage, my wife has Pixel XL3 and battery lasts all day for her.

  23. The removal of a fingerprint sensor is probably the biggest slap to those who likes the Pixel lineup – just like with the headphone jack being gone, Google offers you either a bad alternative solution or none at all

    I'm also looking forward to reports and comments mentioning people swiping the whole phone off the table as they attempt to silence the alarm clock in the morning, something tells me it's going to be a common occasion

  24. Hard pass on the pixel 4. I loved my pixel 2xl and hate my pixel 3xl. Love the camera and that's all! Google taking away the finger print sensor, dual front facing camera and not including a wide angle lens! Damn 😔
    Hello again oneplus!

  25. "people want ultra wide, even when they say they don't"
    No, we don't want ultra wide. The trend of people adding them doesn't mean anything. Everyone had notches a while ago, is that the right option now?
    Headphone jack is gone and everyone is still bitching? Is that the new better option too? Nope. Ultra wide is a gimmick and the Pixel 4 doesn't need it to blow past the competition.

    Nice try though.

  26. Honestly I can probably deal with the average battery life (I'm not a heavy user) and no wide angle, but I'm most upset about no photo storage at full resolution. Boo.

  27. Price is way too high for the 64gigs storage, smaller battery, and no more unlimited original size storage. I would rather get a OnePlus or even a s10 plus now that you can get one around 600 bucks..

  28. Like Michael said, it is really hard to recommend this phone. Guess I'll just buy the old ugly notched 3 XL. Not missing much.

  29. Can you tell me the difference between pixel 4 and xl other then the size I want to know if I'm missing something if I buy the small version have a pixel 2 xl that I'm still happy to use

  30. Yup… There are better options out there like I suspected. It's a great phone but – yeah there's so much potential with other phones out there. Hell at this point I would recommend the iPhone 11 at this point because even the 128 gig variant is cheaper than the base Pixel 4 – which is not good.

  31. I was thinking that this might be the year I step away from Samsung (been using one since the s3) but there's too many negatives for me to switch from my s10.

  32. I've been saying it samsung software features have always been ahead of time…first to multi window and air gestures etc and does it better than anybody

  33. Great job as usual why cant Google put a better battery and a lower price and then they woukd have a winner its not hard

  34. I've said this before…IF I had the cold, hard cash to shell outright for a top tier handset, which I do not, I might as well take a deep breath, dig deeper into my pockets and get an iPhone 11Pro… Better to have something that fully works, than something I have to make adjustments to in order to maintain the functions I prefer… Too many of these newer units cost more, and do less…

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  36. While comparing it to the iPhone 11 you should have also mentioned that the Pixel has a better display than even the Pros, let alone the regular iPhone. Not hating on anyone or anything, i think saying that would have made the comparison a little more unbiased.

  37. Honestly I am so happy with my 3a XL I have zero interest in the 4, I just hope the 4a will be as good value as the 3a

  38. Hit me if anyone agrees to this… The Pixel 2 was the best one yet as the complete smartphone package….decent screen, fingerprint reader, superb battery life apart from the best camera.

  39. In the uk if you get one on a 24 month contract you get unlimited calls text and 10gb of data for 54 pound and thay will give you a 14" chromebook for free.

  40. This "power penalty" as you said, more caused by Android 10, not by 90 Hz on screen. I have 1+7 pro which is just recently updates to Android 10, with all same setting on screen QHD + 90Hz on new Android battery just melting, which is pretty sad to see… on Android 9 was battery work was much more satisfying

  41. The pixel is disappointing. They only brag about the stills but Apple and Sammy are on Googles neck BUT in video quality google is still living under a rock. I ditched android and ordered an iPhone and I was a hardcore Android fan, that speaks a lot IMHO

  42. Thanks for the honest review! Sticking with my 3a (not that I planned on upgrading anyway). Google nailed it with the 3a. I hope they do so again with a 4a. Battery life and camera are the lighting in the bottle that sold me on the 3a. No regrets in moving to the Google camp as a longtime Moto Mod fan.

  43. I'll wait for the inevitable discounts to upgrade my Pixel 3 for a 4 XL – I like smaller phones but can't live with that puny battery.

  44. If I wanted frequent updates I'd leave off the pixel and go iPhone 11 128gb at 749. Can't beat that. Even though I do and have always preferred android.

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