Google Pixel / Pixel XL Release Unlimited Storage Google Home Google Assistance Googles New Phone!

hey guys google just announced that they releasing their own phone called the pixel now unlike the nexus the pixel has unlimited google drive storage included with the phone and even has a built in google assistant now if you don’t know much about the google assistant it basically like it’s linkedin google allo allo if you haven’t heard of that new app allows you to ask things get answers are like Google searches for example or a square places also travel to a place translate and this allows you to manage everyday tasks and all the website shows about finding photos keeping track travels and translating this sounds pretty cool now let’s look at some actual specs of the phone click tech specs on the website you can see all the specs of the phone now that’s some good ones and here you can see the phone comes in two versions the pixel and the pixel excel now the pixel has a five point 0 inches of size screen but the pixel Excel has a 5.5 inch screen now as you can see this two different displays the pixel XL has a qHD amoled display 534 ppi but the pics only has an F HD display 441 PPI still quite a good screen but not as good as a pixel excel and you have the GU i have the grill gas for cornering which is pretty cool that you left the pics excel naturally larger because of the large screen so probably similar about life battery standby time slightly longer on the pixel excel $YEAR now dance processing we have four gigabytes of ddr2 RAM on both our displays a hundred percent ease s.c pretty cool are very good amount of colors here 24 bit depth and 34 or 128 gigabytes of storage and this financially comes with unlimited storage from google drive that’s pretty cool r processor snapdragon 820 one very cool processes are there you can see it has it comes with a msm8960 AP quad-core 2+2 Cairo 2.1 gigahertz 1.6 units so some good processing their good power main camera 12.3 megapixels and you have a 1.5 micrometers their front camera 8 megapixels so you can take over selfies and I’m actually quite impressed with the frame right here looks like you could get some cool slow-motion shots with this camera and even films in 4k 30fps see the census there tell me what you guys think of this phone tell me in the comments below we think of it give this video a thumbs up subscribe if you want more updates on this phone thanks for watching guys I normally do more tech reviews like this so subscribe for them and i’ll see you in the next video thanks for watching goodbye

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