48 thoughts on “GRUESOME – Twisted Prayers [FULL ALBUM STREAM]”

  1. 1. Inhumane (00:00)
    2. A Waste of Life (04:57)
    3. Fate (10:58)
    4. Lethal Legacy (16:03)
    5. Fatal Illusions (20:57)
    6. Crusade of Brutality (26:21)
    7. At Death's Door (31:57)
    8. Twisted Prayers (36:51)

  2. Seriously, what is the point of this? Chuck would absolutely hate this! He pitched a bitch when his own band played his songs with another singer, could only imagine how pissed he would be if he new someone was actually making money off his creation.

  3. This band is amazing.
    Do you wanna know what Death should play if the band was still active ? Listen to Gruesome, the finest heirs of Death's Legacy ! Love them !

  4. When I randomly clicked and started listening, I thought this was early 90s. I was shocked to find out this was new. Some high quality old school death metal here

  5. that ´s an exellent band, but DEATH exist already! It won´t replace Schuldiner´s Legacy, I think that is at leats a tribute

  6. I have nothing against bands trying to go for an older death metal sound or taking inpiration from a specific band but this is a complete rip off of spiritual healing. The cover is almost the same, they're pretty much talking about the same subjects especially the track "a waste of life" sounds exactly like spiritual healing, the song is built the exact same way and talks about the exact same subject the riffs just sound like same riffs being played backwards

  7. The guitar player is good in being a copy cat. He has no own sound at all he just copies Death and Possessed. Shame on this.

  8. GRRREAT piece of bloody oldskool shit – i love it!!! Greets and best wishes to the GRUESOME Crew – thank you for keeping alive the great Sound of DEATH.

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