Guided Meditation for Sleep – Uplifting Your Higher Self (Power Animal & Spirit Guide)

do not listen to this recording whilst driving or whilst operating machinery only listen when you can safely relax and bring your full awareness to your own complete comfort hi this is Michael Scioli inviting you of course to rest and to relax now as you listen along to my voice in this guided meditation ahead you may consider this experience to be a different kind of paid time story one I've created especially as a kind of transforming tale which can encourage your deeper mind and your deeper visualizing imagination to learn how to drift and dream and uplift your mood to elevate what we might call your higher self a new and positive and perhaps even some surprising ways now my hope is that by listening to this recording you are making for yourself a beneficial choice which is to consciously elevate the senses of your mind body and spirit as easily as relaxing deeply from the inside to the out giving yourself all conscious permissions to soon let go of your days past and move you much more easily into your Twilight's relaxation and your eventual deep and sounds lean so now to begin it's incredibly easy so easy all you have to do is to choose to close down your eyes and continue to listen as I'm sure you know how to do and as you do choose to relax you'll find that my words can go with you so all of those sensations and feelings of lying comfortably back in your bed wherever you are now can become always more and more comfortable to you more you do allow all of those tensions to find their way to let themselves go and because you can trust that part of you it does remember how to easily tune in to the sounds and the meanings of words this part of you also knows how to continue to interpret and absorb whatever is important to you even as other parts of you do begin to drift off or wander further away moving away over time to those other comforts and those other serenity somewhere else or wherever those floating thoughts may find themself going because maybe you also know it's not an everyday occurrence to embark on a truly worthwhile personal Odyssey into the spaces and spaciousness your own innermost so your own inner awareness to begin to truly enjoy whatever images or sounds or feelings may come when you allow the subconscious awareness of your higher-self to begin spreading its own wings until our spontaneity of the mind and a sense of a light of freedom to the spirit really for no conscious or logical reason may even find a small smile beginning to form on your lips as you do make those choices – oh let go and release yourself from whatever may have been holding you down until now and with those thoughts remaining somewhere in your mind as we go I am going to ask you to just imagine if you will imagining with a light a part of you that a different part of you is in fact moving and moving somewhere quite far away from your body's present location as you just imagined this wider part of you to be floating you can imagine it to be roaming moving this way in that as your higher awareness begins to search looking for a place to discover its best Rest and very soon you do in fact find it just by imagining a brand new scene and you can imagine yourself relaxing to come into and easy and landing as you find yourself just sitting just for one example on a long and green country hillside some way up very high in the beautiful rolling Alps a mountainside scene and as you move your awareness more and more into this particular scene and you float your awareness to this mountain countryside you are realizing it's easier and easier to just let yourself see and imagine whatever you will imagining those various amount ins and the pristine feels spreading around you as you allow pictures and images of this beautiful Vista to start to unfold all around you pleasantly in this elsewhere time in this higher mountainside space feeling so good to rest and relax as you cast your gaze out you find yourself looking upon so many tranquil surroundings each one more beautiful than the next taking in the rich colors and the pleasing shapes and the long stretches of those lush Mountain Alps and fields seeing so many gentle slopes of greenery moving down in a way all the way below you you begin to notice those hillsides full of so many beautiful spreading patches of white because you see long blankets of alpine flowers there beds of flowers springing up from the earth and hugging the rolling banks and the crane minted meadows and the closer you look the more you can see notice in each flower bulb is gleaming shining with beautiful frosted glass he Sheen's of moisture each flower ball holding the smooth speeds of a fresh morning June and as you breathe in this clear air it feels so good to notice this morning time freshness as you take in your breath breathing in deeply to just enjoy the sense and the smells of Mother Nature's healthiest oxygen air into your lungs and as you do you feel those lungs themselves cleansing and clearing with a deep felt rejuvenation as you breathe in fully you feel the calming airs and smell the soothing sense of this idyllic alpine sanctuary finally bringing rest to parts of you that's so deeply needed so much that it feels so natural to just be sitting here quietly overlooking this mountain view hi up here in these peaceful alpine fields and very soon you notice some distant birds powerful mountain Eagles and Alpine gulls diving and soaring through the clear skies around you and you find yourself had miring in some ways the total freedom in the movements of those birds watching with some wasn't fascination as the Morning Sun forms beautiful patterns of light that reflect from the long powerful wings imagining what it could be like to have that power of light for yourself to freely explore the world anew only this time from a bird's eye soaring perspective you may begin to wonder what could you notice about your world to move into those higher views how majestic could those snow-capped mountains up here to take in their majesty and beauty to explore them from those angles previously unseen in everyday life but can't really be appreciated from way down there far below on that ground in the distance or what secrets can you imagine are held on the tops of those summons his ancient size as a dwarf everything below them and from such a view from your view you may begin to trace the slopes of those mountains down all the way to their wide roots as you do you might discover a small village nestled in a village huddled like a cozy oasis an oasis of life protected underneath the mighty shadows of those mountains like a small circle of existence blossoming and blooming like a healthy flower what could you learn by taking the time to enjoy just observing this town from afar watching the hustle-and-bustle from up high here seeing those distant movements the movements of the various townspeople there for life so tiny and small almost dots in the distance to your eyes as he began to notice the patterns and the movements of entire days passing noticing the habits and routines of the people they are going about their days and their nights and it's entrancing to observe the way some people warm and the way some people travel the choices of movements and the various ways to engage with a happy and productive lives sometimes you discover things you did not expect finding new details to notice and remember and interpret their meanings looking out from your higher views up here taking this time to observe from this vantage and part of you realizes it's easier to wander here about what is most important to be living a very best and well lived alive and what choices could one make to allow more positive slights ahead what actions good wanting to finally feel happy and satisfied and free in the spirit free to move free to enjoy life or how could one pass on by those obstacles and fly over those mountains and finally sit down again on a soft meadow ground how easy would it be now to find yourself doing this – look out again past arresting feet and heels new toes to take in that view beyond once more you to see those lovely height and distant mountain views rising all around you and as you continue to rest and relax you begin to realize there is another part within year feeling an inspiration an excited inspiration to begin to move is expanding from the center of your being so much so that without thinking about it find yourself walking in your mind's eyes and visions here further alarm and even higher up upon this mountainside trail you're walking and moving along the brand-new path zipping higher into their Alpine mountain as you settle into your climb you find yourself now hiking and moving with such an enjoyable peace and ease to each of your steps moving with a newfound spring in your heels your feet you are traveling now traveling towards an impressive and new previously unseen summit that now towers so high above you almost filling your entire view and as you keep your eyes on that summit you passed by other paths and other trails seeing them branch sometimes off moving away with old footsteps on the ground here noticing remnants from others who have traveled here and there some who had it left and others who had it right but instead there are no footsteps to be seen in the direction you are now heading because you know this pathway is brand-new for you Ranu to be traveling this particular path and always you feel yourself with such a confidence your choices because inside of you a deep a part of you is truly beginning to realize and hear that soft yet confident voice that clearer voice within you which you understand is the voice of your own wisdom the voice of your iron intuition speaking up to you now from the power of your own resources from the power of your own authentic self from the very base of your own soul you begin to hear this voice reassuring you telling you that yes you do know you away and yes you do trust in yourself and yes you can learn and you are learning to trust in your own wiser guidance to listen to your own voice and very soon as if to strengthen this voice and your resolve you begin to see the landscapes around you beginning to change as you see that great summer that rises before you is now swirling with rich clouds that come in surround their mountain mists of silver tinged vapors floating in to surround the mountaintop as if the summit here had its own awareness and its own power and the summit itself knew how to float alone all by itself through the great clear blue sky as you noticed the clouds surrounding the same clouds begin to surround you the higher up you moon climbing and climbing allowing even the path under your feet to seem to disappear from your view don't you feel so enlivened so deeply happy here so happy to be climbing as you begin to hear some marvelous new cell markable sounds soon find their way to reach and touch your ears because as you listen you can hear what sounds like the harmonies of soft beating wings and also what sounds like crystal chimes of flowing running streams simply to imagine and hear those sounds feel yourself filled with a special kind of sublime warmth as if a deeply pleasing glow of total confort and total self assurance is now finding its way to spread out like honey inside of your chest and with it you feel something like the tingles of the warmest sunlight you can imagine the healthiest healing sunlight mixing with soothing bombs cooling the quits springing the most satisfying sensation of a tranquility to fill up entirely within your heart and the higher you step the better you feel until it's as if your feet are now floating you are hovering above the ground a few feet above where you know that trail must be and yet you are floating as you climb and climb onwards your vision begins to adjust concern the silver mists of the mountainside begin to part for you as you look down you'll see your feet returning just to touch lightly upon a flat and clear plateau and you see and fear yourself walking there across many ancient cobblestones as you emerge into a kind of historic amphitheater so far and curious to be found up here in these age-old time-worn mountains and on this particular mountain summit after clouded mists dispersed you also see little fingers of silvery liquid flowing and moving across the ground just like little streamlets of crystal water on mercury spreading out to flow around your feet and suddenly you hear what sounds like the gentle clip-clop of horseshoes growing new until finally you are met face-to-face with the most majestic snowy white horse that you have ever seen as he come to a stop you behold this proud stallion who is now bowing its head bowing to welcome you especially because this beautiful creature has arrived become your higher-self guide did you notice two enormous wings on this horses back wings which slowly disperse and go away any of those last remaining clouds as you gradually begin to realize your guide here is in fact an incredible fabled creature of some very old myth an icon of Mythology because you understand it is the horse Pegasus there has come to meet now with your higher-self the divine horse Pegasus with his wings to uplift you now casts his soulful gaze to look so warmly at you and you feel such a deep kinship with this creature it's as if you and Pegasus and our one and the same kindred souls here at the top of this summit as you see Pegasus has powerful wings beating they invite you to try and test out their strengths and part of you already knows that the spirit of this winged horse is now able to carry you safely and serenely across all and every obstacle in your life carrying you confidently and securely up into the widest of blue skies carrying you to any place and any location in the entire expansive world to anywhere positive that you can now choose no sooner do you understand this then a golden saddle appears on Pegasus is back an ascent of golden stirrups appear by his side and so you move yourself to step over and up as you place one foot into a stirrup calmly and confidently you swing yourself up and over onto the horses back as you said to yourself with certainty and anticipation you feel an exhilaration to sit yourself now right between such mighty rings as un pegasus and are one and the same and all at once those wings beat down pushing you both with a surge of air and you feel yourself held up and into the skies smiling to yourself with such sureness as you take a flight with total freedom feeling the rush of winds around you feeling such liberation and power to explore because freedom is now yours in this uplifting flight because finally your higher-self here is uplifted and perfectly three so free to glide and roam and explore throughout all of the spaciousness of your world and even into the beyond now you easily carry this up lifted and soaring sense of spirit with you into all of your days and all of your nights now only remind you how to feel this elation and this joy as you do remember how to move into your semi and now as you accept and integrate all of these meanings into your higher-self you find yourself beginning to slay drifting and dreaming with such joy into a deep sound satisfying sleep I always you are feeling better and better in all possible ways mind body and spirit and whenever you wake once more tomorrow or in the morning you know and remember you can always return to visit and fly with your maybe friend as easily as inviting Pegasus as your personal uplifting guide never you choose to listen to this sleep meditation experience once more but for now you are moving into that very best sleep always relaxing and renewing in all possible ways healing and resting because you are so deeply drifting into deepest most comfortable relaxation obviously so sleep now as you continue to rest and drift and dream uplifted in all of the boy goodnight

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  1. As always, thank you so much for your positive receptions to my work. Its so nice to see so many comments as soon as I’ve published something new! I’ve written this track with the idea in mind to help you, the listener, take a journey of inner visualisation … something like a mind and spirit’s odyssey to see and feel what’s it’s like to just climb, fly and soar with a brand new perspective. And ultimately, you’ll enjoy the help of a very famous and particular icon of mythology … So, that special meeting is waiting for you at the end of your adventures, here … but maybe you’ll be sleeping before that time that rolls around! Let me know how you like this higher self bedtime story, and, of course, happiest listening and relaxing to you 🙂

  2. as soon as i started this i felt do warm and happy, i also could feel this sweet smell of baked food or something like that. love this. thanks for allowing and helping me and many other through this amazing journey! you're the best!

  3. This is really nice !! I like the background music too . I usually don’t like background music in videos like this because it distracts me and I can’t fall asleep or relax . But your background music always compliments the videos well .

  4. Hello Michael, thank you for this wonderful audio. I'm in a process in fulfilling my dreams but municipality where i live reject my detaljplans for application on building my future clinic 🙁 i refuse on giving up my dreams! Your meditation audio give me positive energi to continue this process.

  5. Legend! I listen to you in bed every night and it's so lovely to see you the recognition you deserve. Thank you, Michael our Earth Angel x

  6. Michael Sealey your work has really helped me. I used to find the late at night and the wee small hours of the morning hard sometimes. This was when worrying and gloomy thoughts would prey upon my mind and now I look forward to going to bed and being set at ease by your meditations. Thank you.

  7. Michael, the artiistry, generosity and gentle expertise behind these offerings have changed many lives, including mine. Thank you for helping us to get through some gut-wrenching difficulties these last few years, and reassuring us all that the only failure is the failure of imagination. ❤

  8. Can you please contact me. We starting a new project, which perhaps might be an interest to you. You can find me on FB or YT under my name.

  9. Michael, you have helped me through some seriously dark places. From mild anxiety to full blown panic attacks, your buttery smooth voice always finds a way to help me though the hard days. Thank you for what you do!

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