Help TGC Offer Hope for the Searching

Every day, thousands of people type
important spiritual questions into search bars on the internet. They ask
questions [like] “Who is Jesus?” “What is salvation?” “What is the gospel?” These are people
looking for answers. They’re looking for hope. They’re looking for truth. Sadly,
what they often find online is not very helpful. The top search results are
often full of, let’s just say what it is, heresy or theological confusion, gospel
distortion. So at TGC, we want to flood the internet with excellent,
biblically robust, theologically sound resources all about what the gospel is,
how it applies to all of life. People are searching for resources on crucial
spiritual questions, and we want to make sure that the answers they find are
sound, are biblical, are wise, are helpful. Through what we provide for free online,
we want to offer hope for the searching. But we need your help, and so we’re
asking that you might consider supporting TGC as we try in this
all-important task to gain ground for the truth, for the gospel, online for the
glory of God and for the souls of the searchers.

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