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Hi everyone, welcome back to TheVeganAtheist. I’m excited to be creating videos again for
you my fans, and I have a lot of great content planned for the future. I do however need your help to make my videos
even more engaging and entertaining, all in an effort to grow my channel and spread my
vegan and atheist message. As many of you have commented, my videos tend
to be a slideshow gallery of stock photos, and I’d like to change that. When I first began this channel, all the images
I used came from a Google image search. Later, I started up an account with Patreon
(a crowd funding site to help content creators), and you my fans were super generous and I
was able to purchase a subscription to Shutterstock (a professional stock photos service). You aided me in upping my video creation game,
and I am forever thankful. Now is the time to take the next evolution
in video creation and I need your help. I am looking to purchase a subscription to
VideoBlocks, a professional stock video footage site, and Epidemic Sound, a professional music
service. Both with the addition of stock video, and
professional grade music, my content will be much more captivating and entertaining,
which will aid in spreading my message. Here’s the rub, VideoBlocks subscription is
currently $149 USD, Epidemic Sound is $180 USD, and Shutterstock is $348 USD. If you love my content, and want to see where
I can take this channel, please become a patreon supporter and pledge whatever you can. You can also send in a donation via Paypal
if you prefer. If you can’t spare any money, I totally understand. You can help by liking this video, commenting
and sharing it with others on Facebook and Twitter. I really do hate asking for handouts and donations,
and I know I can really improve my videos with these extra services in place. If you got a few bucks to spare, it will be
greatly appreciated. I make a promise to you here and now: Once
I reach a mere $100 USD a month in support, every last penny above that will be donated
to charity. Each month on my Facebook page, I will post
the receipt for that month’s charity. I’m not looking to make money from your donations,
just help covering some of the costs of production. Anything you can spare will help a lot in
making my content better. Thank you for your ongoing support and as
always thanks for watching.

63 thoughts on “HELP… TheVeganAtheist”

  1. That thumbnail (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`) Where do you find these countless amazingly dumb pictures for your videos
    Oh wait, you said it right after I commented

  2. So you disappear for like two years. Come back on some radical left wing bullshit and now you want us to give you money for your content? Hell your new stuff isn't even that good. It's too sensitive and nice and not harsh and to the point, which made you popular in the first place.

  3. This channel has been about emotions and ad hominems lately, just look at the recent anti-Trump video. I really would like to see reason and logic come back here and not listen to what untruths news media has reported. Made me really question all the other videos which I enjoyed over the years. Just constructive criticism.

  4. dude make good content that makes points about stuff we care about and the fact that we will share it to our social media will get you your money. if I alone share your video and all my friends watch it YouTube will get you at least a dollar. get 400 people to share your video and you won't have to use click baity titles or beg your subscribers.

  5. This is extremely honorable. I sadly am a poor guy who can't afford giving you anything but…believe me, I will watch the shit out of those ads on your videos! 😀
    I love your content and I hope you can achieve your goal.

  6. would you please do a idiot-proof series on logical fallacies, that it might aid humanities next phase of evolution? Thanks ☮

  7. I thought you found all of your pictures by thoroughly going through google images for high quality ones hahaha.

  8. I always liked the Shutterstock-slide-show-style you had going and I'm excited to see how your videos will improve in the future.

  9. I'm so sorry I couldn't donate any money. I really wish I could be a better fan and help accelerate the growth of your channel by donating.

  10. I recommend doing a mixture of stock video along with a face cam. You have a great message to spread and I wish you luck in your endeavors.

  11. Really?
    Over one year without any video and the few videos that came since are on a total different quality level, and now you are asking for money?
    To be honest, I loved your videos. But not because of the pictures and sounds you used. I loved them beacause of what you said.
    You even got me rethinking my point of view a couple of times and made me look on things in a different way.
    But this video is even more stupid than the anti Trump video.
    Don´t get me wrong. It´s your channel and you can make as many videos about your oppinion as you want.
    But I loved this channel because of your early videos, that weren´t about your oppinion and showed facts and logic thinking instead.
    I am not a Trump supporter, neither am I against Trump. I am not american and don´t live in the USA.
    But this video just showed your personal oppinion and didn´t present facts.
    The other videos also werent as good as the videos before your break.
    And now comming up and dedicating a whole video to you asking for money leaves a bad taste on my tounge.
    Even if you say, you just want to use it for material that you want use in your videos and that you will donate the rest to charity.
    I mean, come one, if you moneytize your channel, you will get more than what you said you needed for this subscribtions.
    And if I want to spend money to charity, why should I:
    1) let you decide what charity organisation it goes to? How do I make shure, that you donate the money to something I would support? Maybe you would donate it to something, that I am against?
    2) give you the benefit on taxes? Even if you say, that you will not use the money you donate on your taxes to get a benefit, why should I let the state profit by that? Sorry that is really stupid!
    This video makes me question if you lost your job and now maybe you are trying to get your money by doing videos again.
    I hope that I am wrong and that we will see some videos in the qualitiy the old videos have been.
    But really, a whole video decicated to asking for money???

  12. Hey TheVeganAtheist, first I am happy that you are back, because back in 2013, you just introduced me into veganism, after that i got interested in the idea of veganism and became a vegan after my own research, so you will be always like an "idol" for me. But I think your new videos aren t that powerful anymore. For me it seems like you are trying not to offend anyone with your criticism. Sure, I don t want you to be agressive like a vegan gains, but I just think you were way more pushing forword in your old videos. However maybe i Just changed but I am happy to see new content of you.

  13. Don't make videos about politics, you're a joke at it. There, I improved your content and it didn't cost anymore a penny, you greedy hag.

  14. Unfortunately, as a college student, I can't help you financially here, but I liked and am commenting. If you would like ideas for videos, as a Jewish vegan, I'd be interested in videos you make regarding other religions, but about Judaism. Given that I like your content, you may have guessed that I'm not a 'standard' Jew (if such a person exists), and would love debating you on Judaism.

  15. I really really really want to give you money, but Im going through college right now, and I really cant spare even a dollar. Im so sorry, I just don't have any money right now, Maybe if you're still making content in 3 years or so, hopefully?

  16. You should look into the "designer mega bundles" online that include some amazing deals with the sites you've mentioned.

  17. I hope you raise enough money for your subscription. Here's my comment. I'm afraid I can't donate right now as I'm looking for a job and need to watch my money.

  18. No offense but this video just caused you to lose a fan. You have thousands and thousands of views for each video and I find it hard to believe that you cannot afford any of these subscriptions. I always enjoyed your videos but you shouldn't be asking for money from people. Based on your views for each video I am pretty confident that you make good money. You make money with this channel. You shouldn't ask from people for money.

  19. You should check out Artlist for music too, I use it for my videos! Love what you are doing man and as soon as I pay off my debts I am seriously considering donating to your Patreon. I especially like the vegan focused videos/channel! Keep up the great work!

  20. Seeing all the emotional support he gets and yet seeing that there are so few patrons saddens me. I can understand if someone is homeless, but the majority of us are nowhere close to that. The fact that we watch this video on a computer with internet access is already proof that we have at least a decent life. I believe we shouldn't be cheap with supporting creators who try to make a living of a career that influences so many. I hope for an internet where it's people who are supported get successful, not the people who outnumber others with views and ads.

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