How the Skills Hub can help your business

(energetic rock music) – Hi, I’m Josh from the Skills Hub, and we know that finding the time to make sure your team
has the skills they need to grow your company can feel like climbing a mountain. – But it doesn’t– have to be. – We specialise in helping businesses access the right training, no matter what type of business you are. – And the Skills Hub
offer free skills review and really get to know your business. (jazz piano music) They really get to know you. – We help a huge range of companies. (driving rock music) – We can independently introduce you to training solutions from, – Digital Marketing. – Apprenticeships. – Tourism. – When we come and see you, we’ll uncover the skills that your business needs to work smarter. Then, using our expert knowledge – Copywriting. – Barista. – We’ll spend the time
exploring your options for relevant training
solutions so you don’t have to. And then, it’s up to you. – Mail Chimp. – Construction. – WordPress– – Depending on your needs, some training will be free, and some will cost you. We’re independent and impartial, so we’ll only suggest training that we think is right for your business. It’s amazing how much a skills review can help your business. – Our skills review was brilliant, we’ve used it to reimagine
how we deliver training and how we nurture our talented team. And, we’re using it right now. (tape rewind screech) – So
– What – Are
– You – Waiting
– For? – Safe Use of Pesticides. – Manual Handling. – Welding. – Animal Care. – Forestry. – Proof Reading. – Marine Technology. – Window Dressing. – Farming.

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