How to accept Bitcoin payments with SpectroCoin’s donation button

Hello, and thank you for using SpectroCoin,
an all in one solution for cryptocurrencies. Today, we are going to show you how to accept bitcoin payments with SpectroCoin’s donation button. First of all, you need to sign up and create a free SpectroCoin account. If you would like to withdraw donations
to your personal bank account or take advantage of other services that are subject to KYC procedures, you will need to verify your account. After that, log in to your account
and click on “Merchant projects”. Select “Integration tools” and press on “Payment buttons”. You will be redirected to the “Payment button” page. There, select “Create button”. You will be forwarded to the “Donation payment button” page. There, please input the name
and description of your button. Select the pay currency as bitcoin or Dash and choose the currency in which
you want to receive your donation. Mark the button as enabled and press “Create”. You will be presented with several different payment button design options. Select the one that suits your website the best. To integrate the payment button into your page, you simply need to copy and paste the HTML code into your website and you are done! To change your button name, for example, you will need to change the text in between the HTML tags. Finally, when clicking on your payment button, donors will be provided with
your bitcoin wallet address and QR code, which they can use to transfer bitcoins to you. And that’s it! You have successfully generated a bitcoin donation button for your website! Please make sure to check out our other YouTube videos.

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