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Hi this is Dr. Fab Mancini and I’m so excited that you’ve joined us because I love this new season. I am going to do a topic you give me, not
one that I create on my own or that my team helps me with. I’m only doing topics that you’re sending
to me. This one actually comes from Jeannie; she
lives in Manhattan, New York. And Jeannie writes to me, “Dr. Fab, how do
I ask for help?” I know that most of us like to do for others. Very few of us ever ask for help. And I want you to know that it’s just as important
when you do for others as it is to ask for help. So let me tell you what happened to me. I was going through a difficult time a couple
years ago, and I had this friend that I had helped three years before, and I helped them
through a very difficult situation. This individual came to my rescue and said,
“Hey Fab, I can help you.” And you know what I said? “Hey, no, man, it’s okay. I don’t need any help.” You know what he said to me? “Remember three years ago when you helped
me? This is what happened.” And I said, “Yeah, but it was my honor. It was my pleasure.” He said, “Then why are you trying to rob me
from helping you?” Don’t rob other people from helping you. Just the same joy and excitement you get from
helping others, let them get the same satisfaction. So let me give you three ways to ask for help. The first one is know that others want to
help you. Just know that in your heart. Everyone around you wants to help you. In fact, I have a mantra that says God has
put everyone in my path in order to help me accomplish my mission in life. Everyone around you wants to help you. The second thing is put your ego aside. What keeps us from sometimes asking for help
or even receiving help is our ego. Don’t make it about your ego. Put your ego aside and accept the help. Embrace the help. And the last one is, accept it when it comes. See, many times the help is coming to us all
the time but we keep rejecting it, we keep pushing it away. Accept it. Just open your arms and say thank you. Yes, I need it. Yes, thank you. I want it. I appreciate it. Whatever you have to say. I hope you’ve enjoyed these three tips and
I can’t wait to see you on the next show.

8 thoughts on “How To Ask For Help – Dr. Fab Mancini”

  1. I don't like asking help from others, but I love to help people out, it makes me feel useful and a better person…so I never thought about it the way you're putting it, like I'm depriving people from those positive feelings! From now on I know what I have to do. Thank you so much!

  2. I am such a perfectionist it's so hard for me to ask for help, but you're right – I'm robbing people of the same fulfillment I get from helping!

  3. I have a problem for asking for help, and I cheat people out of helping me. This will be a hard habit to develop for me. My first name is ROB, so I ROB people from helping me haha

  4. Dr. Fab, this video is certainly going to help me ask for help 🙂 You always have such inspiring tips that give everything a great meaning and make things so much easier!

  5. Thanks Dr. Fab! It is so hard asking for help, but thinking about how much helping others brings me joy I will use that to feel more comfortable with allowing others to help me. Great advice!

  6. There's no shame in asking for help. Im doing it whenever I need. It could be only helpful.; nothing else. 🙂
    Great lesson Dr Fab.

  7. Dr. Fab this is an interesting perspective…like always. Thanks😍
    Lately, I became better at asking for help and I am feeling great when I do it. Buut I surely need to do it more often.

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