How to navigate your iPhone with VoiceOver — Apple Support

Narrator: VoiceOver
talks you through what’s happening
on your iPhone or iPad so you know who’s calling
or which app your finger is on, even if you don’t
see the screen. This feature was designed
for individuals who are blind or low-vision, and gives full access
to your device. Here’s how to get started. To turn VoiceOver on or off
instantly, you can ask Siri. But if VoiceOver is a feature
you’d like to use frequently, add it as
an Accessibility Shortcut. To do this, open Settings. Tap General, tap Accessibility, then scroll down and tap
Accessibility Shortcut. Then select VoiceOver. With Accessibility Shortcut, you can turn VoiceOver
on or off from any screen by triple-clicking
the side button on your iPhone X or later, or the top button
of your iPad with Face ID. If you have an earlier
iPhone or iPad, triple-click the Home button. When VoiceOver is active,
your device will read out what’s happening
on your screen. VoiceOver: VoiceOver on.
Portrait. Narrator: And your
navigation gestures will be slightly different. With VoiceOver on,
touch the screen anywhere to hear the item
under your finger. VoiceOver: FaceTime.
Double-tap to open. Narrator: Drag your finger
around the screen to explore. VoiceOver: Settings. App St–
Remin– Mail. To– FaceTime. Narrator: This works with almost
any word, feature, or app name, and you don’t have to tap
directly on something to locate it. Instead, quickly flick
left or right with one finger anywhere on the screen
to find the item you want to activate. VoiceOver will read out
each item as you flick. VoiceOver: Calendar.
Photos. Camera. Mail. No unread emails.
Double-tap to open. Narrator: Then double-tap
anywhere on the screen to open or activate an app,
link, or button. VoiceOver: Mail.
Hi, Sarah. Narrator: And if you drag
your finger over the screen, you’ll hear every word
that you touch. VoiceOver: Hope you are
doing well. Are you free to meet me… Narrator: To have VoiceOver
stop reading a block of text, tap once with two fingers. If your iPhone or iPad
has an all-screen design, there are a couple of other
handy gestures you’ll need to know. Need to return
to the Home screen? Swipe up from the bottom edge
of the screen. You’ll feel a gentle
haptic response… [VOICEOVER TONE] …and hear a sound
that lets you know when you’ve completed
the gesture. To navigate through
your recently used apps, swipe up from
the bottom edge of the screen and keep dragging upward until you feel
a second haptic response and hear a higher-pitched sound. VoiceOver: App switcher.
Mail. Active. Narrator: If a screen
has multiple pages, use a three-finger flick
to move to the next page. VoiceOver: Calendar.
Active. Narrator: Which you could
also do with a one-finger flick. If you ever need
to force close an app while in the App Switcher, swipe up with three fingers. We’re moving through our
open apps in the app switcher. Slowly swipe up from
the bottom edge of the screen to go Home again. [VOICEOVER TONE]
VoiceOver: FaceTime. Narrator: To open
Control Center, swipe down from
the top of your screen until you feel a single haptic
response and hear a sound. VoiceOver: Control Center.
Airplane mode. Narrator: Slowly swipe up from
the bottom edge of the screen to exit Control Center. VoiceOver: FaceTime. Narrator: To turn off VoiceOver,
triple-click the side button. VoiceOver: VoiceOver off. Narrator: Or say, “Hey Siri,
turn off VoiceOver.” And there you have it. A way to use your iPhone or iPad
without seeing the screen. To learn more about
what you can do with VoiceOver, check out the link
in the description below. For more information about your
iPhone’s accessibility features, subscribe to
the Apple Support channel, or click another video now. ♪ Music playing ♪

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  1. I use this a lot when I already put on sleeping mask but wanna use phone, or in a crowded subway train where I can't get phone out of pocket. Super useful stuff 🙂

  2. Hey!! Help please i just accidentally uninstalled apple tv app which is now upgraded version of videos but now i can’t find it in app store? How can i get it back

  3. These videos are wonderful. Please add more. I am new to voiceover due to a recent loss of vision. Could you post videos on the copy/paste, moving apps around, moving apps into folders?

  4. Thank you so much Apple, I have always wanted a video that shows people how to use voiceover. As a blind user myself, I am really impressed with what you guys did. I use voice over all the time on my iPhone X. I want to see more voiceover videos from you guys, especially concerning the use of Face ID with voiceover. Keep it up!!!

  5. Apple has switch control as well on the iPhone,iPad,iPod touch and Mac.

    Switch control is a feature that you do one thing on your device.

    iOS 13 has came out and has voice control.

    Voice control is a feature that you control you iPhone with your voice.

  6. Thank you so much for this video I have two questions for you. If I’m on a website say six pages down how do I quickly get to the top of the webpage? Four finger triple tap does not work. OK so I lied that’s only one question thank you in advance

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