I Became a GOD, Started a CULT of WAR and This Happened in Godhood

all right everybody bear in here and welcome to godhood do you guys want to found a religion because I do and here we set forth unto the unknown of this planet and Who am I shall be a god what is my style uh who do we want to be a Jedi a Sith or what I always wanted to do is make up my own I don't want to be a Jedi or Sith the divine the toastie oh yeah toast our religion is called toast toast Ling's now this whole toast thing comes from kingdoms and castles you remember that but basically we start a religion off of toast and this guy's got a magical pipe Oh oh my god I've got a fish on my head I've got a duck face I've got the arms of a badger and the body of a man and butterfly wings let it be known lord toasties entering the realm oh my god the the artwork on this game is already incredible first long as there have been people to believe there have been gods to vie for their attention I am the toastie what is right oh we can't do generosity because toast is generous to our stomachs whoa through blood and victory is how my people will worship me okay we need to prepare for a sacrament I don't know what that is that's not a sacrifice is it oh my god we've got war Olly is my prophet so Olly I don't think I can influence him I mean I can't act him I can't tell him what to do I think I can influence him and it looks like we're about to get our butt kicked by stubborn elders so they knocked our prophet Ali on his bum and we have been defeated but our disciple are getting experience I gotta say he looks amazing it looks like someone put a croissant on his head and well it's not exactly toast it is close okay we just got banished don't worry one day we're gonna return we're gonna steal your jam and spread it all over our burnt bread and we have founded a holy site Ollie I shall command for you to do a job oh my goodness it is the age of darkness but look there are people on the periphery tracted look at this come come join me fellow people I mean excuse me I'm a dealer huh I mean other people you can't be fellow peers I'm still learning on the job Imhotep Imhotep the new dawn by praying if the holy site Center all his faith in the tasty grew so the more faith a disciple has the better that they serve me hmm you could do with more faith I'm hard to please you got to remember that we must achieve holy sacraments which means we're going to war some people who'll Amane in cocoa well let's go on a mission and oh my God look at that so it looks like this city here the old city which we were banished from my god if this isn't the most beautiful artwork I've ever seen I'm gonna get 10 toasts links we've got one oh we can take these the three godless I mean this one is carrying a giant leaf it's going to fan us it's gonna cool us down what we fight we shall start the mission and we shall invade oh look at this oh how the turntables look at me I gotta say that this God is probably the coolest looking one I've ever seen merciless strike attack and condemn oh you little godless cretins just wait just wait you're out there eating raw potatoes straight out the ground it's got dirt on it I'm gonna teach you the ways of the toaster oven it's delicious aha all right so I conquered them and look they're all like oh my god don't worry the pagan song Smith has been dominating oh and unlocking of class what is this we want to give you the talent as a pig totem cool oh my gosh we can we can choose do we want a rage prophet a guardian or a zealot I shall choose a guardian now Uman here are a totem why why do you like the rats rats eat toast and Wheaton wanted and I'm gonna go with an executioner because he's got a giant sickle and edges awesome your disciples have overcome the obstacles before them and they return home victorious guys we just got 10 new people to embrace oh we're ready let's perform a miracle and in so doing we need to build a building aha farm I mean if that's just not the bang we need I don't know what is all right where do we want to put it oh my God look how big the farm is yeah all right so it's corn for now but don't worry guys but we're gonna be able to get we're gonna be able to get grains soon now we need another play we can produce another building raises health and devotion let's get our people drew well we've started out and we need 40 people to what unlock something to become a first gathering oh my god we're gonna go from a cult to an actual religion this guy's over here eating corn these two guys are messing with a fire hopefully they don't get burnt but they need to learn to use fire to make those Uman bless the lines and a toast his name when the harvest came the yields were ripe and delicious a true godsend oh and we performed a miracle then we got some new abilities war Reaper blessed be human beeper of the corn so we go to the map here do you think there's another area we could so we're gonna go to this village everybody's ready to go and you've got this chieftain here so remember our sacraments is we've got to go to war so everybody gathers around the giant ceremonial tree or something like that and I gotta say that our warriors look cool look at Ali is Uman with their giant sickles Coco's got a shield cuz she is what like a guardian right so she can smack these guys up and when you look at the combined health of the enemy another good attack right here I guess this is gonna show everything right guys suck oh we blocked it you've got to be kidding me I didn't know we could do that of course I did oh my god all right fashion to merciless strikes and I tell you what I gotta say this is like such a unique idea for a game I don't think I've played anything like it maybe her class is using someone as a human shield ha ha there we go all right the three godless have chosen to take a seat and we've got these skeptic fighters we've got two miracles that are charged which is just great we shall embrace these converts all right so now with these miracles what do we want to do increases health and devotion go get to boozing so we still don't have any relics this is a thing like I want a Holy Grail and I want someone to come fill it visit my village saying we're going on a crusade and we are gonna go get the Holy Grail and I want to tell him we've already got one and I want him to look me in the eyes and say you've already got one and then I will show him my toast and jam and we will die oh oh here became a heavy drinker oh that's good okay blessed be Olli all right everybody sit around the campfire and listen to Oman serenade us hey they worked passionately and obediently I think that's I think that's good all right I think it's time to go on in like another mission a common relic let's do it okay I don't know what we did actually of course hey i leveled up the first gathering as the tow slings locked together toast grew into a hmm a first gathering Oh an offering stockpile these offerings will prove useful for miracles we definitely want one of those hey so where we gonna put it I think right here between the brewery and the corn fields oh good we're starting to attract people from the wastes let's summon the initiative I can have more people to fight right Holly Coco and uma who are the new ones Oh click to reveal the haka doll Oh your abilities and passives are weak but you've got a vampire squid I don't know what that is but it's awesome a rat totem we've already seen that and then we've got handsome Hans like coyote and he's got two abilities initiate the new decide well I want a hawk though and then I definitely want handsome Hans oh we don't have enough oh we're one shy all right I definitely want to try out a hawk doll here Coco is doing him a miracle I think our charity has a miracle charge we got these guys no problem we've already got a first gathering happening and so these three goddess and this guy's got a giant like pancake on a stick a purple one that looks like a sunflower so maybe it's got some cool flavors maybe that's why he's like the chief in this tribe oh my god we're kicking butt he didn't suffer any damage pagan Weaver was dominated and we can unlock a class for a hawk doll so do we want him to be a weaver a song Smith or a zealot generally what I like to do is choose something that's cool this guy can sing well weenies got a lot of scanning and charisma oh and this one's cunning and charisma well of course you will be the song Smith of the vampire squid right I mean this makes sense and we got a common relic what is it it's not the Holy Grail I don't think les the common relic cocktail of the vampire squid all right what is it it's like a Mario mystery box give me the blue shell oh we got an Omega or blessing choker oh nothing for getting very interesting oh my gosh so there was a drought but since we've got a rain dancer who can sing he basically just like did some magical stuff and he's got a new ability the life strike blessed be Coco save her of stuff I can't inspire more than three disciples hocked all you get this disciple bonus yeah aren't you happy you can sing songs and attract people with your beautiful voice so this shows the areas have conquered by having my beautiful fish duck but eventually we want to conquer this island it looks like there's other islands to go to after can we get over here oh you can kind of see it don't see any villages though but I'm not sure we're going to the mountain oh my god they've got monkey tails and they have as much hit points as us so I think this is going to be a very interesting challenge however Coco just upped her health through using her new abilities that they've gained oh my god he uses a giant conch shell and shoots darts I mean naturally and she gets in front of these people and blocks in with her shield everyone's blocking for each other it's like they're fighting through this common purpose they all want toast and all all they're eating now is like raw potatoes and corn but least it's not just raw potatoes like all these peasants over here the pagan Beast Walker was dominated and we have a miracle charge for a hawk doll so we got to do that God level up oh yes give me something good to eat if you don't I don't care I will summon meteors and blow town up a spiritual circle we can inspire fanatic grounds in worshippers supporters increased to twenty five which I think means I can now get that one really cool person ardent fanatics fan fanatics may be sent to rituals to increase their effectiveness yes I want to do that I want to do that we're gonna inspire a fanatic ground so let's go right here oh my god okay so we got like this little kind of temple where do the offerings go and this is a fanatics urn I wish I could rotate it but it looks like it has an altar maybe we're gonna sacrifice like burnt toast there I mean that's what I would expect I don't want any goats I want burnt toast we're gonna increase health and devotion for a hawk dal oh my God he's got Christmas lights on his head and I must and all these people down here to get me more fanatics which is gonna be interesting to see what that does oh snap rare really oh look these people are they follow like a rage Cole I'm gonna conquer this one and try to get ten more toast Ling's everyone's got full of health now hopefully we don't lose anyone oh my god they've got giant axes that's kind of scary but remember we got a sickle a magical conch shell in a shield oh they get a tech first what is this garbage we used to blitzkrieg strategy it's the rage people they might attack first this game is so lovely oh so oh he a hawk dolls amazing cuz he can shoot it all three of them Oh an evasion all right then we block it dude I think this is the magic squad right here Olly Olly was the first prophet look at him leading my warriors to glory achieving more followers expanding the toast religion now what did we get from this got ten people embrace the converts join us join us brother agave booze float generously after a hawk tail walked into a taverns like yo let's have a drinking contest he couldn't stand up for another day or two meaning he's he's in a but he gets abilities blessed be a hawk tell the boo sir oh my god we just ran into like Amazonian territory these are all Amazons look they're three warriors are all tall females with like like these turquoise robes oh that's a lot of defiance you shout off plus we kind of did the Gandalf thing there I think I think we got this oh wow Coco did some good attack well we only took out six damage Oh was this a bad idea oh we defied that okay so we have the edge look at look at the hit points all that was huge that was huge too and that only does I guess to damage each Hawk tells good but I wonder how good oh well I guess he doesn't like to get attacked it's like sorry Brown talks bad alright Amazon's this be oh come on one hell of war wind oh whatever that war wind ability is if I could do that from the beginning to LA Loche Searchers the Amazons were dominant we've achieved the level of a small cult so that's interesting look at me fish a duck we can make statues construct more miracle buildings and our worship air support is increased thus I'm gonna be able to get more warriors soon lumen just leveled up two wonders farm miracle given him Arend abilities now what building do we want we can't build it just yet look we gonna build a statue so remember the vampire bat yeah we want a bat of war for sure the Holy Grail too but we don't have that yet so it's definitely vampire bat look at the vampire bat right at the at the tavern you're going for some booze yeah watch out for the big fire bat so basically the miracles that keep performing are sending my people into the bar so they can just get absolutely Schlitz malt liquor then they come out being better warriors for it this is not how real life works and I love it because of that well this is a rare relic can be created here I'm tempted to go after it I'm gonna bring my best warriors they've got three giant swords they're like Mayan or like maybe Aztec looking war swords here and there's the Amazonian warrior princesses again with Aztec swords so let's see how this goes oh man that's going incredibly well I love Coco with her shield ability woah woah woah woah woah woah woah nice she's blocking so much incoming damage it's absurd oh my God look what I just found all of my abilities all of my warriors abilities Green is like this reminds you of NBA Jam so we just got these smite swords as they're called we kicked their butts oh and we got the rare relic let's embrace the converts now who's gonna bless it so this guy's happier so he's gonna do a better job at blessing I think what's in the mario cube the blue oh ma a rare trinket well I've got to give the rare trinket to Ollie here so I'm learning by checking up on my people if you look at this all of my people are dumb they're not well nevermind a hack tiles pretty smart but some of the rest of them are not so it's time to build something that makes them smarter how about a meditation site sounds good let's put it next to the bar now we're gonna go after this northwestern City they've got to shield dudes oh my this did we bite off more than we could chew because they've got 60 health and they're all shield stuff well two of two out of three of them our shields able to summon this wall thing just like me but I can summon seven well each of them are so many for health I think that's good oh man there's their little shield dude get in the way oh oh my god what do I do oh my goodness a hot dog or is it a hit kotl well it's too late we've already been calling my Hawk toll all game that was that seemed like it was really close but I think because performing his miracles gives you like really good abilities I sense this is a holy moment okay Coco you do it you got it I believe in you oh we got the flower of charisma Coco could definitely use it war war never changes Coco that toasty is my shield can you imagine going in a battle with a big piece of toast this your shield all right the first encounter was pretty good we've got him down by what 23 my god that's really good and we only suffered 10 needless to say our boy is superior and that just did so much oh they evaded that last one yes all right stubborn elders whoa this one's stubbornly standing up the old city envoy we're dominated and we go we got to a what a cult I believe from small cult to a cult ooh we found a mysterious stone Tenochtitlan wait is my city called Tenochtitlan I don't want to call that inspire the Sun stone okay we have a Sun stone let's put the hunter circle over here it's kind of out on the periphery I like that Coco can perform a miracle see Coco is low in knowledge yeah my cow at knowledge increases knowledge you need work on you need to get smarter koko oh we need a sky shard in order to do that what is that so when you look at the map hmm I've conquered most of this Oh a common are these new or do they think change I have this as tacos oh we went up by five hit points here that's good we gonna go first due to being more cunning I think unless they're going first oh you're 23 damage first round oh this is really interesting I'm sure there's like a way to optimize and balance your warriors based off their different abilities and their different like kind of like health and attack styles great who are they more defensive are they more offensive but I think we stumbled on a pretty nice trio here I don't think you can ever have more than three at a time in a battle but I'm not entirely sure yeah alright dude we didn't lose a lot we lost 11 hit points and we conquered 60 oh but now we have to fight a second batch of them oh my gosh look at this they look a little this one looks a little tired let's bring em on in here actually no what do we do we mess with a good thing yeah but I don't know I don't know we need another like big old warrior here to bring the sickle they've got two axes we're gonna bring two sickles we're gonna go first they've got 70 hit points so that's technically a combined 130 there's like two waves now oh we got to attack before the hit point boost that's pretty good they've only got 15 we just got to survive this and we win in the religion of toast goes through the next level maybe we can finally get into the capital city dodged what's up now huh this is where you die oh yeah there it is there it is Wow so it is good to have a bunch of warriors especially when you have to go on like multiple waves oh we get more warriors now we can summon initiates okay all right let's say who's strong enough looks like we got these three here with their staffs well for one looks like an ogre awesome from the Seas from the lands apparent totem why is she emanating green I'm gonna take the parakeet totem for sure alright I've got I've got a lot of energy oh and then Montezuma his name is Montezuma all right now we got a lot more initiate actually wait I'm gonna level the new guys up so that we can pick their class right they gotta participate in a battle so they can go from these staffs to something more seriously you know inclined for war which is basically the mask for what ptosis oh you're nervous Montezuma why are you nervous mom spaghetti is all over his shirt right now all right so we should be able to choose the classes right yeah unlock the class all right Montezuma let's see you've got pretty good charisma and devotion Louis might sword looks cool and you've got good eatin might in cunning and charisma let's get a troop dude oh oh all he's growing old he's our best warrior he's 42 and they said his abilities aren't gonna be as good all right we're putting a new one on see in this battle here with the old man Ollie and Coco the shield man because honestly she just blocks so much incoming damage a little bit be reflective like nature dead well I guess the ocean and water is reflective I don't know what else is reflective maybe we need to reflect in nature for it to reflect on us all right we're a large cult now guys I think are we already recalled either way we have leveled up as a god that will increase what we're able to do so we can oh I want a temple of war yes yes yes yes yes and I can get more warriors in in the future let's make a temple of war and I want this right here that looks dope whoa we need blood lust to do this how do you get these things so I've pretty much conquered everything except the old city in this one the fabled folklore so they've got their little ones in we're gonna send in our B team here all right B team versus therapy team boo they've got to shield people and we've got all attack weapons so we'll see how this goes it was effective oh snap I hate when they do that well we still took out 13 let's see how we do on the defense oh that last one was an evasion so advantage us okay the shield people are not blocking this time that's good they still got 28 so this is what the B team looks like in combat Oh a war Reaper that sounded scary oh that still took nine damnit we need to have a big round here guys oh wow well asking you shall receive that was a 24 damaged by ANSI he's one of the new guys with he uses an owl he's swinging an owl at them I don't know okay now we're gonna fight the next batch of people so let's bring in the a-team this is kind of cool they have two waves we have two waves oh my god they've got eighty hit points a help Oh Ollie is old he got dazed and as a result he's getting absolutely crushed by these people alright Ollie I think we're gonna have to retire you soon which stinks cuz you're like a level 11 at least you're attracting all the attention alright Ollie don't get dazed Ollie what are you doing oh man all he's gonna die Oh Oh Holly oh she just saved Ollie's life oh my gosh all he almost died they weren't entirely defeated my god that was nuts alright guys I think it's time to go for the capital city here we need to go to the old city now they've got three Warriors one's a level 9 which kind of has me worried Ollie is proving to be old I don't think we can trust his we'll use on sea as our lead warrior now which is one of the newer ones and then I'm thinking Montezuma instead of a heck tile I want to do more damage and I notice a heck tile doesn't do a ton so this is the battle for the old city they have 100 health I don't know how this is gonna work out but I think I brought some of my biggest dealing damage dealing warriors out to battle and then there's cocoa too so 10 that's good 6 for a shield bash oh she did too and they see look Montezuma just did 23 damage I'm so glad we brought them on to Zuma but you can't use a warrior named Montezuma in a battle back in the old savage ages like this especially when he's got a sword that just looks like an Aztec weapon of absolute destruction but Coco's nervous Coco what are you doing girl get you out here Montezuma's still bringing the pain train I think we got this Oh mind fog is that good oh maybe that's what they're doing they're confusing my people oh shoot heresy don't do it don't do it yes a counter-attack so we broke one of their units I yield good so now we'll only get attacked twice we haven't really been in a battle where that's been a material factor a lot of times the battles over before then so if we can survive 16 damage which I think we can unless this one's 13 oh yeah this one got close oh my gosh Montezuma with your 23 damage you're the real MVP right here so we conquered the Genesis tribe here and as a result we've taken the old city slain elders oh gosh but war is triumphant yay right and we got to a spreading coal so we got to level up and I think we're gonna go to a new island now which is kind of cool we're level 7 lucky number 7 increased okay okay let's do that so here do we do we want we want human sacrifices for hate oh my god that sounds scary but now we're in the main the old city where we're gonna put the sacrificial shrine let's put it right behind the bar mainly if you get too drunk we're gonna sacrifice you now we've unlocked two new areas oh gosh oh you can get sky shards up here and these are really and then this one's like these are other gods we were fighting other people but now we're fighting other gods anyway guys if you'd like to see more let me know and I'll see you guys in the next one toast is a religion says duck face fish head

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  1. You’ve got a subtile Mars thing going and I love it. The god of grain who goes to war to defend his crops.

  2. Hey Baron Not forcing you to play this or anything but if you could…Could you do Half life 2 and it's episodes If you have read this

  3. its ma-th-e-su-ma i know because my middle name is Cuauhtemoc. And he kills mantezuma for being a horrible ruler and then Cuauhtemoc is the ruler of the aztecs and the last either he deid in war or captured by the enemy (forgot how to spell correctly) look up the last aztec emperer (SORRY for spelling incorrectly)

  4. Baron: I LOVE TOAST!!
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    Baron throws a Burnt piece of toast at the guy
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