I believe in God but not Religion – AbdurRaheem Green

one of the things you hear people saying these days is yeah I believe in God but I don't believe in organized religion you see and I always find that ridiculous because the whole purpose of religion is to be organized religion is like a systematic spiritual Athletic Training Program that's why I call it being a spiritual athletes because every imagines you said to an athlete say well an athlete said well I believe in athletics but I don't believe in having an organized training program well okay some people very occasionally will get away with it but most people they will be laughed at it's like you are not ever going to reach the top unless you are very organized and you are dedicated not only in your exercise in your diet this is interesting you see an athlete just can't eat anything you think you can be a true athlete and perfe compete at the highest level and just eat Smarties and snicker bars and ice cream and Parata and biryani no unless you're at the only thing you're racing for is a big belly you have then you know that's the particular discipline no no they're very strict about what they eat very strict and actually sometimes even a small imbalance just having a sugary drink when you're not supposed to can literally destroy your performance it will spike your blood sugar levels you will not be burning fats the way you're supposed to and if you're competing in a race say a different type of race a long race you need a different type of metabolism burning your fuel in a different way right if you eat the wrong type of foods you won't be able you will not be able to compete your body will just literally shut down so this is mrs. in this field of athletics so I say that Islam is actually like Allah has given us a training program he tells us to race for forgiveness and race for this paradise and Allah gives us a training program and you will never be competitive spiritually and you will never be successful on a spiritual level you will never reach that goal you are never going to reach that podium unless you follow the program you need to follow the program

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  1. No,i think you’re addressing a different topic sir,you don’t need religion to believe in the existence of god”source of creation”.Religion calls for the worshipping of a god.Someone can believe in that we were created but the creator isn’t really suppose be worshipped,totally dismissing the idea of religion.Just seeing how everything was structured and how everything happens might lead to you believing that there is a creator but not in religious definitions.Or maybe I didn’t really understand what you were saying,but well that’s how i took it and that is my opinion.

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