I Tried A $250 Headband To Help My Anxiety

(sighs) (beep) (groans) – Hi, I’m Kelsey, and
I’m pretty fucked up. Like every other human, I have a lot of shit going on in my life. I live with a chronic pain disorder, have anxiety and depression, adult ADHD. I have a full time job in
the entertainment industry. Not to mention just whatever else life happens to be
throwing at me that week. Recently I’ve been reading into yoga, meditation and mindfulness. There are many descriptions
of mindfulness. In general, though,
it’s a conscious effort to be completely present. To set aside worries,
expectations and other thoughts, and emotion, and be fully
aware of the current mood. That comes from this paper I’m reading. Millennials are the most stressed
out generation in America. That’s people ages 18-35. With Gen X, the generation behind us, coming in at a close second. Right now the way that I cope with stress, I actually try and make my brain busier. I’m always scrolling on my phone. However, our generation
has a really hard time, not only turning off our phones, but also turning off our minds. So there’s this device
called the Muse Headband. Muse is a brain-sensing headband, that’s supposed to elevate your meditation experience. It gently guides your meditation through changing sounds of weather, based on real-time state of your brain. This thing actually reads my brain waves. It’ll play thunder to replicate the noise that’s happening in my brain, so that it’ll alert me,
so I can try and bring myself back to a more
present and meditative state. Fuckin’ science. So I’m supposed to put it on, supposed to be really super still. (chime) – [Phone] For this calibration, find a comfortable position
and close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Let go of any tension you might be holding in your face and jaw. Muse is now listening
to your brain signals. Calibration paused due to
a drop in signal quality. – Uh-oh. – [Phone] After all, it’s
tempting see distractions as something you don’t want, but this attitude sets
you up for disappointment. Distractions are a fundamental
part of the process. – Okay. (comical music) I’m gonna test something,
I have a minute left. I’m gonna start just
working on my computer. Totally not being present,
and see if the noise goes up, or if that actually calms me. Yep, boom. See? I’m already just on Twitter, and it’s making the noise go up. What I did learn from that session, was apparently birds equal good. Storm, thunder, equals bad. (buzzer) Whoa, excuse me, I just
had a anxiety burp. (buzzer) Just as I expected, just tons of peaks. Quick little tiny valleys, and then just back to stressed out. Couldn’t get comfortable, really. And I’m an overachiever,
so the fact that I wasn’t getting a bunch of frickin’
birds, really pissed me off. I just don’t know what the fuck is gonna make me good at this. Also, I’ve had one glass of wine. Two, make that two. (buzzer) I was even worse. Oh my, I look naked, I swear I’m not. It can feel like it’s training a puppy. Like, of course the first time you do it, the puppy’s gonna run away. But eventually it keeps
hittin’ that fucker down and making it stay,
it’ll learn how to stay. So, I’m basically saying I’m a puppy. (buzzer) Okay, so it’s night something. And I’m super tipsy. I have my retainers in. Yeah, this is like the
catalyst in the situation. I’m gonna see what happens
when I meditate very drunk. Wow, so it turns out I had
the least amount of calm. And then I feel asleep,
actually, at the end. I got something out of it. Let’s practice. (snort) God damn it, I don’t want to do this. I’ve got a sinus infection. I just haven’t been taking
care of myself lately. It’s like maybe meditating at
night isn’t my fuckin’ thing. This is definitely a workout. If you don’t do it for a
couple days, then you lose it. So I definitely feel a lot calmer. What I love about the app is
this lady’s soothing voice, that just is giving gentle reminders. Whereas I feel like my
own voice in my head, can be very harsh and sort of punishing. And it’s not great when I’m trying to do something that’s
healing a loving for myself. (chimes) (upbeat music) Good morning, it’s 7 a.m.
and I’m already pissed off. I didn’t sleep very well,
I’m having a lot of pain. I just had like crazy-ass dreams. So I’m gonna go ahead and try
and meditate this morning. Sitting on my floor, ’cause
I realized laying down maybe isn’t the best way to do it. Because I feel like maybe my shoulders already talking about like that. There’s something peaceful
as fuck about the morning. So I just hit a milestone, that this was the calmest session. As soon as I went in, I heard the city, I started hearing birds as fuck. I heard so many fucking birds. What I love about this app is
that it also gives you tips. So I’ve been really
focusing on the breath. So even if I was thinking
about something else, as long as I kept my breathing normal … (sighs) (chimes) You know, there’s something
I’m learning about anxiety, especially as someone
with an anxiety disorder, that anxiety is always gonna be there. Like, everyone has anxiety, even the fucking Dalai Lama has anxiety. It’s just about learning how to manage it, and not let it take over you. And even if it does take over you, how to do things like this to bring yourself back down from it. (upbeat music) Well, we made it. It’s day 30, it’s early. 50 percent 6 calm. I mean, hell. (bings) Is a lot better than when
I started at 11% calm. That’s math here, that’s math. Having this time to really
practice mindfulness has … God damn it, it’s fucking changed me. I hated many of you and this shit works! It’s not about doing yoga,
or even meditating, really. Or clean eating. It genuinely is just about
helping take back control of my anxiety, by not thinking
too much about the future, not thinking about too much in the past. But totally just living right now. I mean, that’s what anxiety is. It’s me thinking too much about the shit I’m gonna have to do, or
shit I haven’t done yet. And yes, it was a fucking
struggle to begin with, but it doesn’t matter if I’m bad at it. Just doing it is enough. And people with anxiety know, if there’s one thing
someone could tell you, or one magic pill you could
take, you’d fucking do it. But this isn’t that, but it’s
pretty damn close for me. Shit, that worth it to me. Wait, should I call this show Worth It? Seems like a good idea. (upbeat music)

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  1. Praying for you dear. The pain is enuf to make u wanna chop off your head. I know! And it makes ya nutz. If you've all tapped out from trying all those new techniques that werk for a minute…try calling out to Jesus sweety🛐. He never said life would be easy but he guarantees to BE THERE & HELP YOU💛I Share this with you bcuz His word is His Bond and he's the bestest caretaker ever🤗. He helped me with my severe TN, TMJ, nerve, jaw pain, facial Pain, ENT pain, eye pain and anxiety/ depression from it all👍👍👍👍👍👍👍. After I finally tried EVERY Other Promise of Relief to no avail😱as I had very similar issues as you, I CALLED OUT TO HIM ONE NIGHT AS TEARS STREAKED DOWN MY FACE AND I HAD DOZENS OF PILLS SMASHED ON THE FLOOR TIRED OF THEM WORKING BRIEFLY ONLY TO EXPERIENCE IMMENSE HARSH SIDE EFFECTS. So AFTER I CALLED OUT TO JESUS WHOLE HEARTEDLYb& HUMBLE MYSELF😏 things began to change little by little. (411: This isn't a calling out to the Universe🌏thang as people call it the Universe bc they fear the commitment of having a close relationship with the father along with having to behave in God's way. That is why he doesn't force us or twist our arms to desire Him. He wants pure hearts so he gives us each FREEWILL to choose on our own. I can promise you that When all else fails… Jesus Live is Unconditional and Everlasting🤞. He never turns his on back those who chose to be his beloved children💞. And in case anyone is wondering, no I'm not preaching bc I'm not religious. It's all about Relationship for me personally👍✝️✨💛. I despise Religion as it separates us and cancels out the Lord's #1 Message To "Love one another Above All Things, the way he has loved us." I'm simply sharing something that is work for me as I would if it was any other remedy. Peace Love and God bless to all and I am praying for you and your pain to subside🙏Bless your heart. Sincerely, Misha V~

  2. Try HeartMath! I have similar issues and using their products have helped me navigate to a more coherent and powerful state. Recommend to everyone., HeartMath is useful for anyone with a brain AND a heart!  +💜

    The heart is a more powerful regulator than the brain (fun fact: like the brain, the heart also has neurons). Heart-brain coherence is possible to achieve in a matter of minutes – even with no previous training. HeartMath technique is very easy – even w/ no tech… Simple biofeedback tools start at $120, but I got my sensor on sale and I love it! https://www.heartmath.com

  3. Biofeedback is similar to this but it’s done at a doctor’s office, a specialty hospital, etc. It’s pretty much physical therapy for anxiety and other mental illnesses. People don’t realize how much your physical body is involved with anxiety. 10/10 would recommend, especially would recommend looking it up at least

  4. I have to say as a psychiatrist I agree with Kelsey's views on anxiety especially when she says that all humans experience it to a certain extent and it cannot be completely "cured". Mindfulness has definitely been shown to help it and this headband was a cool concept. Great vid!

  5. Way to go girl!!! Fellow chronic pain sufferer here… videos like these make me smile and feel so happy for you!!!

  6. I know Kelsey and I would make great friends (fucking weirdly similar) and it kinda makes me sad that that will never be. Heh.

  7. Looks like a normal women

    All bitches are atleast mildly psycho if not full blown lunatic. After 30, they become extremely miserable and very difficult to live with

  8. Wait wait wait wait wait…. I was 18 at the time this video came out. I was born in January of 1999. Am I a millennial???? I thought I wasn’t…. has identity crisis

  9. In my experience, most (not all) people with anxiety are guzzling coffee all day. Cutting down on the bean juice, or adding theanine to it, helps dramatically.

  10. If you need technology to get rid of your anxiety and busy brain, something is still wrong. If you know where the problem lays you know how to solve it. Take some time, have a walk in nature, read a book every now and again or just be creative and these things can actually vanish.

  11. You should try headspace I promise it's not an add but I use it for anxiety I don't use the ones you need money for

  12. You're awesome. Meditation saved my life 4 years ago. The people who stick with it are the ones who transform. Most people quit and give up. I had crazy realizations about 6 months in , or revalations or whatever you want to call them. Ever since then I've been in a state of peace. Glad to see you're getting into it

  13. MUSE IS AMAZING!! I use mine all the time. I find it so helpful. Absolutely correct about losing it if you don’t use it for a couple days. Also I definitely have to use mine in the morning or will fall asleep ☺️

  14. This is actually an evidence-based practice known as Biofeedback. I’m a licensed counselor and we use versions of this regularly to assist with a variety of anxiety disorders, insomnia, and PTSD. It’s really no different than a cardiac monitor where you can see your heart rate. 👍🏻

  15. I have really bad anxiety and I freak out a lot. I know this about myself, so I cannot stand for other people to point it out. Lol.

  16. You don’t need the headband! It’s all about being mindful and knowing how to feel through and let go of your thoughts and emotions so they don’t linger and take up space

  17. I tried guided meditation and i broke down crying after 6 minutes because i still felt stressed. Even more stressed that it wasnt working. Either i get stressed or zone out. 🙁

  18. That was absolutely amazing! You really, really showed us how to do it, how it changes you …the perfect teacher. I am totally indebted to you for your efforts to beat anxiety. Blessings🙏🙏🙏

  19. Hi, I notice that as much you keep trying everything to fight your sickness, nothing works. I will tell you that I suffer exactly what you are taking about. The only difference that I made in my life was going back to church, confessing my sins and do one hour of adoration of the holy Eucharist. I have to tell you that for the following 3 years I got my health back and God have cure me from all my illness. I would recommend to all people who are suffering all this sickness. Hope you could also go back to God and notice how your life will change…God bless you!!🤗

  20. Thanks for the review because I’m hearing a lot about Muse. Honest, funny, and vulnerable approach made this super easy to watch!

  21. 👎👎👎I don't see why you have so many subscribers.
    1. You cuss way too much!
    2. Your way too ugly for nudes!
    3. You don't take meditation seriously so why did you make this?
    4. Go away bar fly.

  22. I've been Trying to focus but hear too many voices

    I guess that means they can just do my.stuff before i do my.stuff so i stay broke and have to invent more stuff


    Everyone loves a chopped Robot

  23. It was super expensive for me budget-wise. I bought a discount code link off of eBay to make it more affordable. It links directly to the company website choosemuse.com. Here’s an unused discount link for free if anyone wants to use it. Wish I had it, before I paid for mine: https://mbsy.co/muse/48509016 (the discount automatically appears in the cart). Maybe Kelsey won’t see this, but I’m hoping someone who needs this device as much as her will!

  24. Such a talent for comedy with adorableness as a bonus. Good review too, even though you've been calibrating device all wrong (in the video at least)

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