I Tried Cutting My Hair Off With A Sword Like Mulan

– [Crissy] We’ve been
preparing for this moment, there’s no turning back now. (dramatic music) – [Crissy] Oh my god, that’s my hair. (mysterious music) – Hey dudes, welcome back to our labeutory. I’m Chrissy. – And I’m Cissy. – So we were reading some of
the comments on our last video and a lot of you were saying
some pretty interesting stuff. – Like what? – One comment was so bad it
made our legal team cringe. (dramatic music) Can you cut your hair
like Mulan from Disney with one swift sword wave? – This sounds extremely dangerous. – So we knew we had to do it. Here’s the deal, Mulan is a teen in a time when people have to fight for their country. So she’s like oh shit dude, I gotta like pretend to be a guy so my dad doesn’t die, because I’m a boss bitch
and I’m also really sweet. There is a pivotal scene, it’s like pouring rain. She hugs a pole, runs fulls speed with drenched hair into a pitch black room
with nothing but a curtain. She’s like I’m gonna do it, right here, right now. Not with scissors, fuck scissors. Looks at herself in her sword reflection, she’s like shit I would
look good with a bob. Maybe, she didn’t say that. And then be like I’m just
gonna cut it all off. And then she just like puts in a high bun and she’s like bye. Wait. – I could do it. – Dude, with a fucking sword? – But I’d look cute with a bob. – But, you might die without a bob. – Mulan. – Alright, alright. – Mulan. – Alright, alright. (fighting music) – Ha. – Hi. – Hi, how’s it going? – Good, who are you? – I am Master Bruce Wen from
the Shaolin Temple in China. – The movie Mulan. Can you tell us a little bit
about the Chinese history? – Mulan took place during the
Northern and Southern Dynasty. And let me tell you how
the dynasty work, okay? If I happen to be the king
of this dynasty, right? If you wanna be the king, you gotta kill me. – Oh shit, baby. In Mulan she cuts off her hair
with a sword in one swipe. Do you think that’s possible? – I think it is possible as
long as she doesn’t hold back. – Oh, so it’s up to you. – As long as she has the strength. It’s up to her. The person makes the weapon, not the weapon makes the person. – This is deep, Bruce. – Yes. – I’m feeling inspired and also like I wanna kill someone at the same time. (beep) What are all the things
that could possibly go wrong cutting your hair with a sword? – There’s many possibilities. If she done anything wrong, she could easily cut her neck, she could maybe accidentally cut her head, or if the sword falls, she could cut somebody else. (scream) I would say it is 90% to 100% dangerous. At least. So she’s putting her life at
risk for cutting her hair. – Do you think a bob is worth it? – Yeah. (laughs) – [Bruce] Today, we will be
learning the straight sword, which is one of the four major
weapon of the martial arts. – Cissy, ready to do this? – Let’s do this. – It’s very important that we don’t die ’cause we only live once, right? (dramatic music) These weapon here is the old Chinese sword that they use in Mulan. – Cissy, hold it. Which sword should Cissy
use to cut her hair? – According to her height, (Cissy gasps) this is what we call the
double edge sword, okay? See this is pink, it’s gonna turn red when there’s blood. – Oh. – This one I have since
(speaking foreign language). Means the dragon within the dragon. So the dragon within you. – Being able to recreate this moment, make Disney proud and make Mulan proud by doing this over again, is just something that dreams are made of. – We will do our best to
bring out a dragon in you. – Yes, bitch. Love it. (rock music) Cissy had to learn the basics of martial arts sword fighting. You know, you can’t quite
learn like thousands of years worth of history in like a couple hours, but Cissy fucking killed it. – Two, three, go. (chop) (chop) (chop) – I was amazed that she was
able to chop the wood in half. – I couldn’t help but be inspired. To see her like actually moving around in something that wasn’t high heels was a really big deal for me. – In order to chop my hair with a sword, there are several things that
I’m gonna have to accomplish. – I’d have to think
about holding out my arm, bending it at an angle so that when the sword comes
through it doesn’t cut me. And then at the same time, come straight through my
hair at a 45 degree angle. So not 46, not 44, but 45’s the magic number for tomorrow. – [Bruce] That’s it. You see how that works? – Tomorrow is going to
be very interesting. Because you only get one shot, baby. – Today is my last day
seeing you as Cissy. Tomorrow, I’ll be seeing
you as the legendary. You know what’s the difference between a legend and legendary? – The dary? – Yes. Tomorrow you’re gonna
be the legendary Mulan. It is not a matter of how do I think Cissy is gonna do tomorrow, it is a matter of how she’s gonna think she’s gonna do tomorrow. – Am I just gonna kill myself? Am I gonna give myself a bad haircut? – She could accomplish the
goal of cutting her hair with a real sword if she
believes that she could do it. A warrior does not stop. Mulan does not stop. Mulan keeps on going. I hope nobody dies in the
set theater, okay? (chuckles) – I’m ready. Let’s go.
– Yes, let’s do this. – (clap) One. (clap) two. (clap) One. Two. (clap) there you go. (clap) Three, four. (clap) There you go. (clap) – Cissy, you spent all
day training with Bruce, but today things are getting serious. – I’m like legitimately nervous. The sword is being sharpened today, it’s actually going to be a weapon. There are people all around the set just hoping I don’t
kill myself on accident. – You won’t, right? I know this is fucking Disney
and Disney seems chill, but this experiment, not chill at all. We have to take serious
safety precautions. I’m not fucking around, don’t try this at home. Teens, adults, babies, you can’t try it either. What we’re gonna do today
to make sure no one dies, we’re going to have you
wear full body armor, protection around your neck, arm protection, we’re not gonna cover the nails though ’cause those are cute. Also your face is out ’cause
you have to cut your hair, so you can’t wear a helmet which is a precaution
that we should have taken, but we didn’t, sorry. But we do have a paramedic onsite and you cannot get hurt. We love you, we want you to be here. Ready to cut all this little hair off? – Ready as I’m ever gonna be. – Alright, let’s go. – We’ve been preparing for this moment, it’s finally here. There’s no turning back down noq. (dramatic music) (slice) (gasp) No. That didn’t happen. (gasping) It cut some of it. It didn’t go through all of it. Oh my god, that’s my hair. Holy shit. – You have half a bob. – I have half of one? – You have literally half a bob right now. – I have half a bob. – You have half a bob. – Holy shit, I have a bob right now. (laughter) (rock music) (slice) (laughter) (dramatic music) (gasps) She needs to really
grip that hair tighter. – We’re gonna take a smaller portion. – This is Cissy’s fifth attempt. She’s gonna saw the shit out of her hair. (sawing) – It’s all gone now. (beep) – Crissy, we kind of did it. (Crissy squeals) Oh my goodness. Okay, what’s happening
here is a true diagonal. Mulan did not look like that. Since this turned out a
little less than ideal, we have David hear to fix it, a professional hairstylist. Hey.
– Hey. – Oh my gosh. Okay, Anne Hackaway. (laughter) What happened here? Are you ready to be transformed into the real woman that you need to be? – Just take me with you. (David laughs) – Get the bob of your dreams. I’ll just be here. Cissy. Are you ready for the final reveal? ’cause I know I am. Cissy, show we your finished hair. (party music) (Chrissy gasps) You high fashion woman. Do a spinny, do a spinny. More, more spinnies. What did we learn from this? Animation isn’t real. You gotta sit there and saw that shit off. It also will look diagonal and really bad. Let’s go take hot pics off your hair. – Yes. ♪ Who is that girl I see ♪ ♪ Staring straight ♪ – (laughs) We ruined it. ♪ Who I am inside ♪ – Nothing’s in there. – Just a bunch of bones.

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  1. I swear these girls are gonna kill themselves one day, and hold on just à sec Milan didn’t cut all her hair of at once cause I realized that at first she only held a small piece of her hair and on the floor small pieces of hair started to fall slowly showing that she didn’t cut her hair off all at once 🙂

  2. Why do u have to wait 6 min to see the actuall clip cmon man like if u agree ..
    Dont say i said like if u agree for likes
    Yes i did that for likes
    Ok i know u r dissopointed but here is this to make u laugh and feel bad about urself at the same time
    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I could watch at the zoo
    But dont worry ill be there too
    But not in the cage but laughing at u

    Ok srry i didnt make that myself but watever


    Ok u r probebly wondering wat the heck is this twelve year old doing these ..
    And guess wat

    Im twelve soo…

    Yea have a good day

  3. "am i just gonna kill myself? am i gonna give myself a bad haircut?" unironically the two questions i ask myself the most


  5. Imagine growing out your hair and "training" for this moment and not being strong enough to cut your own hair

  6. Mulan after watching this video:
    Oh shi*… I didn't even know that it was dangerous…. good thing i didn't die


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