I wash clothes to provide for my wife: Gideon Weru | Tuko TV

I started washing clothes because we just can’t sit here doing nothing yet the job offers I receive in construction companies are a little bit far from here and I can’t travel far away because of her So I told myself I will talk to those women around for them to offer me jobs either to fetch water for them or wash their clothes to earn a living so that my children don’t sleep hungry I won’t leave you, I will always be here with you My name is Gideon Weru I am a father of 2 children and this is my wife called Rosaline Wawira We had just left the house on 21st we were heading to work as usual We arrived at our work stations well and each of us begun their duties we were not working in the same construction company at around 11 am she fell just after she had collected sand from the ground floor I received a phone call informing me about the incident The caller also informed me my wife had just been rushed to Thika Level 5 hospital I rushed to the hospital and broke down immediately I saw her She was unable to move she was just lying straight and was stiff I paid for the ambulance services to move her to Kenyatta hospital We realized God was a head of us when we arrived at the hospital Rosaline was admitted immediately Her C5 vertebra at the spinal cord had broken and that’s why she was in that state she received treatment and was discharged after 4 months I want you eat your food My wife can neither move nor feed herself I am the one who does everything for her She uses diapers and catheter for passing urine I do all that for her The only thing I asked God was to give me patience so that I can live with her despite her condition My youngest child keeps asking me when will mummy heal I just assure him mum will be fine When having a conversation, I don’t see them having any issues I started washing clothes because we just can’t sit here doing nothing yet the job offers I receive in construction companies are a little bit far from here and I can’t travel far away because of her So I told myself I will talk to those women around to offer me jobs either to fetch water for them or wash their clothes to earn a living so that my children don’t sleep hungry Sometimes those jobs are not available and at the same time I don’t have any money I am forced to plead for a loan of any amount from our neighbor so that my children don’t sleep hungry whatever amount I receive I make sure I pay back the following day in case I don’t get the money to refund by that time I ask them to offer me any kind of job in their house to settle the debt To wash such a pile of clothes I earn between KSh 200- Ksh 300 For this case I earned KSh 300 In case I get a job far from here I ask my daughter to skip school So that she can take care of her mother as I go out there to get them food because it will be difficult for me to stay at home yet they need food and other needs When I get back home I find she has fed her mum and given her water so my job is to just help her turn I turn her after every two hours so that she doesn’t get blisters I prepare food for the family Sit her down and feed her because God gave her to me as my wife and said we shall live together So I don’t find it difficult by doing everything for her I want to thank you as my husband because you loved me right from when we were okay and you have never left me My prayer is for God to always be by our side so that even when I get healed we can continue with our normal lives happily I just want God to heal me So that our lives can go back to normal like it used to be I don’t have much to say I won’t leave you, I will stick by your side for the rest of our lives I believe God has been on our side because she is doing much better initially her arms were folded her neck was stiff all her nerves were just numb She used to have a wheelchair but it got spoilt so right now in case she wants to bask I carry her outside for sometime At times I help her sit on the chair so that she doesn’t spend the entire time sleeping she has a number of drugs that she takes daily I mostly get the medicine from the spinal center or sometimes I purchase direct from the chemist like right now I have been asked to buy since her drugs are out of stock at the center Should a business opportunity come my way, I can run it really well because I am very flexible and hardworking When I came home from work every evening I would find food ready, she would take water to the bathroom for me and she washed my clothes I so much miss that I just want us to go back to our normal lives Does your back ache whenever you wash clothes? Yes but I don’t complain because I have a children and you see I have a child who is currently in class 8 So, any job I get I do it with all my heart I just request for prayers from Kenyans so that my wife can receive healing in order for us to lead our normal lives like we used to Whenever God has entrusted you with a burden accept it Carry it along diligently He will eventually bless you at the end

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  1. This is what true love means God bless them may God restore them wooow am humbled …….. brother keep it up only God will reward you 🙏🙏🙏


  3. What a man! My god😢
    Any good woman would be proud of this man. Sir, you are one of a kind. May God shower you with many blessings🙏❤❤👏👏

  4. the number is working,i just called,i don't have much but will send them from time to time something for upkeep

  5. Hey life,my brother God bless you for taking care of your precious wife,I still believe that she will be well and be healed,God knows what is the best for her,God loves your family,stay blessed

  6. May God help you to never luck a job and always to provide for your family with all your needs expesially for your kids,wife as well as you.😘😘😘😘

  7. Such a humble man. Love conquers all. May God bless this man abundantly, heal this lady in Jesus Christ Mighty name and make her whole again and come through for this family

  8. From you I now believe true love exist..May God heal this beautiful lady..may you. Never lack,God will always be by ur side

  9. This is what you call A REAL MAN! Not those idiots that walks with snakes between their legs and calling themselves a man…not by words but by your actions 100%

  10. Please my dear brother take your wife to T B Joshua church in Nigeria your wife will get her healing trust god almighty and believe him alone

  11. Current update: Gideon's wife Rosaline is currently receiving treatment at a Neuro Rehabilitation Centre after a wellwisher paid for her one month treatment. Gideo has received a job offer from a construction site around Ruiru. He wishes to thank you for all your contributions, support and prayers. We will be bringing you this coverage soon. In the meantime you can continue to reach him on 0729245369(Gideon Kariuki Weru) or 0727024736(Rosaline Njagi Weru-his wife) or send your contributions to his Equity Bank Account 0870179174029 Ruiru Branch

  12. Tuko you are doing great job and only God can award you. Contrat kwako mwenye unafanyaga izo interviews yours not about you went to school bt is talent. You are sou humble madam 👍🏼

  13. I salute you my brother for all that you are doing to your wife theirs God in heaven receive your healing my sister

  14. May God Almighty heal the young lady iJMN.May God give the man strenght, encouragement and helpers all over the world iJMN.

  15. So so touching. I pray that the good Lord will help husband of the bedridden wife get a sponsorship to run his own business because of the great works he is doing for his wife and children under the circumstances.

  16. Oh God heal this lady and keep blessing her family.Her husband is amazing and may God fill his heart more love. Thanks for the number I will do my part.

  17. I don't understand what exactly he is saying but I feel him heaven knows he is man of God himself blessings and healing in our father's name amen amen I love him for his wife I wish I could understand their words

  18. One in a million man…May the Good Lord give you perseverance….and open ways for you…sickness is not your portion in Jesus name


  20. Wow this story moves me to tears 😭 He's a great husband, caregiver, provider n a motivation to everyone man out there! Many would hve left home,he remembers his vows. I know God will reward you and I pray 🙏 for healing.i hope he get d help from someone in society..I hope his daughter will be help n situation change soon. Washing clothes for pple? Wow

  21. I pray for you and your wife. God will Bless you for what you are doing. I pray that God will give your wife complete healing Jesus Name.

  22. I Believe Jesus is With You Sis.
    Jesus Hear your Prayer and I'm the One Pray for your Healing… God Bless you Sir and your Family.

  23. May God Bless and keep this family.I applaud you for standing beside your wife and family.You are a real man and you have taken your marriage vows seriously.I pray that God will heal your wife and restore ALL that you have lost.

  24. Amazing man he is.. May God bless him n fulfil his desires.. I know there is a God of onether chances and also the wife is going to get well soon as possible

  25. Most people typing God this, God that, without helping the young man,God use humans to bless humans too. Pls how can I help from Nigeria.

  26. Wow wow wow I'm speechless. Gideon for sure I'm 101% sure you have a special place for you in heaven…wah . What a beautiful heart

  27. Wait nani uyu ame katakata kitunguu apa 😭😭😭😭father lawd heal her in jesus name 😊😊na usisahao kunipea bwana kama huyu bwana ngaaaai

  28. Tuko pongezi kwa kazi Safi mnayofanya, this man is a real gentleman, kind, humble and caring person may his wife get well soon, God uplift you, you're a nice person, tuko ongea na safaricom watupee paypill apate pesa ya dawa huyo mama

  29. this is what should be termed as true love. a caring man who is ready to sacrifice all for his dear wife. God will take you and your family Mr.Weru. your wife will be well soon in Jesus' name and you will never lack what you need for your family in Jesus's name. proud of you for being a real man.

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