I just beat his ass. What the hell. Nooo, don’t flash you f**king monkey! Why would you flash for that? Holy s**t! Why would you f**king flash for that? Even if he got the kill, there’s no way out, so he’s gonna, like.. He’s 100% gonna die. Well, I guess I’m back to eating my food You’re gonna kill yourself you f**king idiot. This guy is so f**king… This guy is so f**ked in the lane. I’m just gonna buy mobies and go roam. Pray to God I can do something somewhere else. Oh, he’s 1v2ing them top. Dude I wanna learn how to play Renekton. He’s so f**king stupid, I love that s**t. That’s the kind of s**t I live for, dude. Yeah, Renekton is like a disgusting champion, I love it. Makes me wanna play him real bad. Yeah I guess there’s not much learning.. You just have to like figure his like E animation cancels and s**t, but.. I feel like he’d be pretty fun to play. They’ll probably gonna nerf that s**t, but whatever man. I gotta get it while the game is good. There’s no point in me going bottom, like It’s only gonna end up being a travesty, so… I’m gonna go shop. I don’t have any mana so, even If I wanted to kill this guy, I wouldn’t be able to. Eh, I’ll upgrade it. Gonna go for my Redemption now. “You should main Blitz”. Hell no, f**k playing support. Actually I don’t mind playing support when my AD is really good, but.. It has to be a better AD than me and you don’t find that shit in solo queue, so I f**king hate playing suppo- I just hate watching my AD make like stupid f**king mistakes, that s**t triggers me. It just makes me wish that I was playing AD instead. F**k, I didn’t need to Ignite him but I was scared he’s gonna flash. I’m just gonna follow the Renekton because he’s the strongest one of us all. Just better to play off off him than anyone else. Pretty sure this s**t’s warded. Oh, it’s the Karma. Eyy, we stole it, let’s go. Hmm, this isn’t good. Oh my God! This is definitely not good. Well we got the kill, but.. We went a little hard on that one. That’s a little much. Need to tone it down just a.. just a tiny bit. Yeah the tower had like two shots on it, we could’ve just autoed the tower, but.. That here is why Blitz can be somewhat difficult. Like people, when you get a hook, they just start chimping the f**k out. But I mean, some hooks are just fine. Like getting the flash from him is perfectly fine, there’s no reason not to be happy with just the flash. Like, a flash is great. “Why is Baron so small?” ..That’s not Baron dude. It’s 16 minutes into the game. That is his cousin… Rift Herald, there we go. I don’t remember the name. He had no flash from the last fight so he’s a free kill. I keep wasting my Ignite though, I was scared that he’s gonna live, so.. I didn’t need to Ignite him but whatever. Dude that’s why being an immobile AD against Blitzcrank, like. As Blitz, the only thing you need to do is like, keep track of summoners. Because if they have no flash. If you flash-hook them, they have almost no time to react to that s**t. It’s like almost always guaranteed. And those are like the easiest hooks to get, so.. Not bad. Uhm.. buy some resist, go for my locket. That’s the combo, the Locket-Redemption, the 1-2 punch. I was just harassing him. I couldn’t actually do anything so I didn’t even use my power fist, but.. I mean, a flash is a flash so I’ll take it. Seems good? Yeah, this is just a rough game for them. Because even though bot lane, like. I completely forgot how much of a fiesta bot lane was with my f**king AD inting basically, but.. I just got too many roams off. I guess I got too many successful roams off. And then it snowballs so hard. Because all the solo laners basically win and then. I mean bot lane being behind doesn’t really matter because. Like, in team fights I’d rather have a fed Katarina and a Renekton than a fed Jhin. I mean he’s not even fed ’cause he’s 1 and 6 but, yeah.. I’ll take the kill on the carry. Much rather have the carry than the support in my opinion. Dude, who said supports can’t carry games, man. Yeah, that’s the cross up, dude. That’s the most powerful technique that Blitzcrank has, the cross up. Look at that, I almost did as much damage as Ezreal. Okay, time to spoon feed this Kog’Maw the game. Wait, did he just kill… damn he just killed Jared in a 1v2. That’s rough, man. That’s f**king rough. God damn it. I f**king really couldn’t kill this f**ker. Dude, playing support is so f**king easy, man. That’s why it tilts me so hard when I get s**t supports. Give me that kill, bitch. Give me that kill too, bitch. Give me all the kills, they’re mine! Just funnel all the gold into me, everyone. I need all the gold into me, dude. Or else, we lose. Ladies and gentleman, LL Stylish! That’s my boy. My boy LL Stylish, styling on them dude. Doing his dance. Lucian’s got them cement boots on, dude. This guy cannon strape, or juke or anything. Just goes in a straight line. Where you going, bitch? Get back here! F**k off off me. F**king lol dude. That dude got f**king deleted. Holy moly, dude! That was just a slaughter, man. That game was a slaughter. I did 9000 damage. Dude you know you f**ked up when Blitzcrank is doing 9000. I did almost as much as my Graves.

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  1. I am gonna be 100% honset, he looks like a autistic jesus, but god i love to hear him and watch him play he's a nice guy. (you should get rid of tht hair man!!)

  2. 1 minutes 10 seconds in to the video and I'm tilting. This Ez takes QT's role then ints his face off. Looking forward to seeing QT try to salvage this one.

  3. 8:45 "firemcdank joined the BDC" I wonder if that's the same FireMcDanks who had the Party Hat collection and max combat skills in Runescape back in the day. Probably just another copycat…

  4. Melhor Adc que ja Vi jogar , me inspirei em você, agressivo!!! Brasil te assiste, Pelo menos eu !! …. Usa o Google tradutor ai !!! hahahahaha

  5. Hey guys, I post funny league content. I really need to get noticed but its really hard for me so I decided on posting comments about my channel. It would mean a lot to me if you guys checked me out!

  6. Imaqtpie, are you scripting? because those hooks looks like you predict where the enemy is and grabs them, near tower and behind minions, yeah that must be scripting, I mean when we low tier blitz casuals do just that we get reported for scripting when it's just simple hooks that even a blind monk can dodge =~= it's kinda sad how people nowadays can't see the difference beetwen scripting and prediction…..and imaqtpie is just straight under faker under that category but he's just too lazy to pick lcs again~ good game buddy!

  7. That guy with name "150 ping" is actually LCS player. It's freeze.. But I know that he has really 150 ping he plays on NA servers from EU -_-

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  10. Not played in about a year now, at 11:30 blitz silence seemed to last no time (like 0.1-0.2 seconds), did they lower his r silence duration?

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