10 thoughts on “Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam shooting leaves 2 dead”

  1. Damn , this is why traffic was fked up! Guns need to be banned from all of us. Obviously there's a problem. Only gun i got is guns and roses 🤘

  2. Gun nut shoot 3 people dead inc himself. Just shows regular reviews should be made on all licenced gun owners, all paid for by them, unless in this case working for a military service or law enforcement. It may have prevented this, picked up on some symptoms. Clearly not enough is being done, so lax and haphazard with your firearm ownership. It's you lot who suffer. But as long as your self interest 'rights' are upheld over and above other peoples lives that is ok then. They can all en-masse continue to suffer.

  3. It's sad what has happened here. I wonder how he was able to walk by everybody with a weapon tho. Typically, especially for navy, it's not normally a thing to carry weapons around like that, unless your MP or Security it's quite tragic, and remains a mystery to why he did it and how he has able to carry a weapon around on base like that? I'm so sorry for their loss and pray for a quick recovery of the surviving victim and all the families affected. It's sad he did this.

  4. Five O took care of that dude I’m glad he is gone but like why why do we have to live in a world like this where this happen every other day fr

  5. smells like hoax bullshit ,gunman killed himself? no case to answer accept an internal one done by the army themselves?

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