Joy’s Family – Choosing a school in Barcelona

I was looking for a city that was cosmopolitan,
close to the beach, city vibe, and obviously, somewhere that’s not
too far from home, being London. So, I decided, after a long list of choices,
to come to Barcelona, and what was supposed to be six months
turned into ten years. I would say what surprised me most about
the schooling comparison to the UK and here is how early they start school here. So, we went to the open day
and we liked the atmosphere and the educational programme
that they offered. And we liked the cultural diversity
this school offered. There were all kinds of nationalities. You know, you have to accept
as an international person that they’re going to learn a language
that maybe you don’t know. But for me, I see that as a complete bonus,
that they have another language, and so we really wanted
to put them into public school so that they were well-integrated. As opposed to private school,
where maybe they wouldn’t be. My advice to going through the system
would be to definitely ask friends that have gone through the experience before, and also, maybe find a community,
you know? Maybe a community that either
speaks your language, or an international community. The advice I would
give to a family would be to have patience, to not let yourself get carried away
by any comments from other parents, and also that you understand
your kids and your family and know what your priorities really are,
as a family, or as a child. Because so many people can give you advice or many people think that a certain school
is good for them or is good for everyone,
when it might not be for your family. So, my first piece of advice
would be to have patience.

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