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welcome back to you apocalyptic anniversaries for yet another year I hope you guys had a really lovely Christmas break and that you're nice and well-rested but with it being January this brings me to my first in the apocalyptic anniversary series of 2019 with Judas Priest's defenders of the faith [Applause] recorded and released a mere two years after their effort in 1982 that was screaming for vengeance defenders of the faith is very much the counter-attack to the absolutely crushing blow that was screaming for vengeance combining elements throughout their discography defenders of the faith would follow the stadium like choruses put forward on the likes of British steel but with this new invigorated energy that we saw on screaming for vengeance when looking at the idea of what the classic rock nature of defenders of the faith would be Judas Priest really retained those arena rock choruses rock hard and ride free whose chorus reminds us of those arena stomping sounds that ac/dc would have delivered for example [Applause] there were small elements of hair metal that would be kind of you know being incorporated in Judas Priest's sound particularly just before the solo on this track and again Love Bites would be a lot closer to classic arena rock and was incredibly cinematic given those sections where you know you can hear almost like characters talking and of course you know you can't forget some heads are gonna roll you know the band have really kind of mastered this idea of being incredibly technical but also having those really accessible arena style choruses that we've come to love and for me particularly on the end of heads are gonna roll you can hear the influence that would you know bleed into battle like Queens Reich with operation mindcrime for example and one of my favorite courses without a doubt has to be jawbreaker with those massive Halford vocals however of course a crucial element when it comes to Judas Priest was always speed and for me the Sentinel is a perfect example eat me alive was a track that was incredibly controversial as it caught the attention of the parents music Resource Center basically the track is about giving all sexes at gunpoint but the track eat me alive you know amid that controversy features this incredible solo which again shows characteristics of this speed metal attribute [Applause] and I think what crucial in defenders of the faith is that even though there were these streamline really quite lean song structures there remained this sense of progressive nature really though again going back to the Sentinel it really does steal the show and there are these amazing guitar flurries that really kind of heighten the sense of tension throughout the track defenders of the faith which showcased the band's combination of perfectly crafted choruses with a slight progressive touch and these more technical elements that would be slowly implemented into their sound defenders of the faith was that album that saw Judas Priest reach that next tier in terms of heavy-metal royalty and is a classic still 35 years later so if thank you guys so much for watching I hope you enjoyed this video if you did hit that like and subscribe button please make sure to check out my channel as well I've got interviews album reviews all sorts of stuff drop a comment let me know what you think are you a fan of defenders of the faith is it not kind of a big album for you I'd love to know so thank you so much for tuning in and I'll see you guys next week for another apocalyptic anniversaries alright take care guys

9 thoughts on “JUDAS PRIEST "Defenders of the Faith" Turns 35 Years Old | Apocalyptic Anniversaries”

  1. Yeah Judas Priest at Godfather's a heavy metal one of the Pioneers a heavy metal what started it and Iron Maiden Black Sabbath

  2. "Defenders of the Faith" is a good album but I have never been crazy about it. Thank you for giving me explanation for the song "Eat Me Alive" – now I can use it. My favorite songs from the album would be Freewheel Burning, Some Heads Are Gonna Roll, Jawbreaker, and Love Bites. No bad songs at all but not any song which would make me jumping around my apartment. 😀

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