60 thoughts on “Learning Tomahawk Serve Like Dimitrij Ovtcharov | MLFM Table Tennis Tutorrial”

  1. I usually go all the way down after ball toss to produce more spin on this serve. Ofcourse getting back into position is little hard, but favors if you can go for a 3rd ball Chiquita from backhand as you’re already low. Great tutorial by the way 👍

  2. The title saids it all like DIMA if you're not throwing the ball into your body or more than 30° you're doing it wrong mate 😂😂

  3. Hi,show a couple of lessons on the game with short pips, technique and all sorts of nuances, please!sorry about my English)))

  4. Do you have to throw the ball that far backwards for it to work.
    I thought the ball had to go up as near vertical as possible.
    You are starting with the ball stationary by your right hip and hitting it well outside of your left shoulder.
    Look at 2:40 to 2:50 and see how far the ball travels backwards.
    If someone served to me like that I would just catch the ball.
    Try throwing the ball straight up with it starting by your left hip and see how much spin you can get on the ball.
    I would be interested to see the outcome.

  5. I was taught a very similar serve by my father 50 years ago. The only difference was the height of the toss and instead of side under spin I used side over spin to serve around the net to my opponents left side setting me up with a high ball off the table or to my right for easy smash. Smart opponents eventually would bring it down and onto the table low to my backhand, but not before I had won several free points.

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