Lewis talks Metaphysics, Deep S***, WooWoo, Spirituality

alright guys so this is just a quick video to just tell you what I'm gonna be doing on another account on patreon so another large part the program really and something that I've been interested in for years is the more kind of metaphysical spiritual sort of realm that life has to it now this is not for everyone and you know you don't really need to know this stuff if you just focus in on nutritional balancing but there is a large part of my life that I don't really share with you guys on YouTube and it has a lot to do with things like talking about things like the rogue's talked about things like sacred geometry chocolate we're talking about God and Christianity and different religions talking about things like excel politics ETS you know spacecraft London's Atlantis you know reptilians what's going on with live deeper aspects to life all that sort of stuff now I don't really want to mix it with my youtube channel because it's a more of a personal thing something that I'm interested in however it does definitely relate to nutritional balancing and development science you know we do believe in nutrition balancing and development there life is not just a random experience there is a spiritual aspect and that's definitely coming out in science now I mean you look into quantum mechanics it's just super super obvious it's super obvious that the world is run by evil people who are these people why are they doing it what's it all about I'm sure people have seen conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory and and and seeing that they come they come true you know there's all sorts of things like cars been able to run on water on hydrogen that have been shoved under the carpet there's been cancer pioneers that just get killed when they figure out the cure for cancer you know I believe that we've had intelligent life visiting earth the hundreds of thousands of years if not millions of years and all this stuff is kept hidden from you so I'm gonna be speaking about all of this juicy stuff I really enjoy talking about it it's part of my conversations daily with the people I hang around with in England so if you feel that something that you that interests you that you that you feel like you want to hear about then head over to the patreon account the patreon is is below its patreon.com forward slash Lewis Rowlands don't want people to get mixed up with the healing sort of stuff they do on this channel with the stuff I'll be talking about on that channel do you mean this is more of a personal opinionated sort of vibe that's gonna be going off but for anyone interested in that sort of stuff then you know I'm sure it'd be highly entertaining so that's pretty much it thanks for watching and hopefully I'll see you on the patreon account the first video I've done on there was about rogues and Lucifer the fall of the devil who are the rogues and what we can kind of do about them alright guys we'll catch you over there and thanks for watching bye bye

6 thoughts on “Lewis talks Metaphysics, Deep S***, WooWoo, Spirituality”

  1. Hey Lewis, I owe you my life! Literally! I heard your interview on ElectricSense.com about Nutritional Balancing, and after doing that program for 8 months, I brought an off-the-chart toxic copper level back into balance, and got my health back. My electrical hypersensitivity was about to drive me crazy, or worse! Thank YOU for putting your beautiful heart and soul out there! I'm 60-something, and it gives me hope to know young people like you are so awake.

  2. Are you familiar with Dolores Cannon's work? I recently discovered her, and the book I'm reading (The Three Waves of Volunteers) sounds a lot like Dr. Wilson's lightworker article. She even mentions something that sounds a lot like the pulling down exercise! A lot of it is still pretty far out there, but I'm intrigued. I love all the woo woo and conspiracy stuff, I'll probably join you on Patreon once I get more money coming my way!

  3. Good decision, Lewis. To discuss those matters separately, I mean. Are you sure you wanna do it on patreon? It says you only have 4 patrons. Why not make another youtube channel? I promise not to troll you.

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