Life Saving Donation

((KEVIN)) A NORTH ARKANSAS SHERIFF’S OFFICE RECEIVED A POTENTIALLY LIFEá SAVING DONATION THIS MONTH. CAITLIN SINETT EXPLAINS HOW THE EQUIPMENT DONATED TO THE CARROLL COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE COULD PROTECT DEPUTIES FROM A DEADLY DRUG.“The size of a pinhead of fentanyl can actually kill you. And it’s transdermal, so it’ll go through your skin.” It’s a drug that’s not only deadly to addicts á“We’re having folks that are actually overdosing on fentanyl because they’re lacing it in heroin and things like that. And actually it’s killing some folks.” It also can be deadly to anyone who is helping that person who overdosed á like sheriff’s deputies.“There’s been a lot of reports in some of the training that we’ve done where officers have actually dealt with things that were laced with fentanyl and then dealing with that, the dust got on their uniforms, they would go home and take their uniforms off, and the dust would come off of their uniforms and they would breathe it and not even realize it.” The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office was planning to do a fundraiser to raise the $1,000 for special suits, masks, gloves and goggles to protect them if they come in contact with the drug. but instead they got a surprise from Clay Maxey Ford.“They take care of all of our vehicles, and everything comes from them anyway. So we’d already had a relationship with them, and it was just nice to know that Clay Maxey is here for the community and for this office.” And deputies are relieved that not only do they have Narcan to reverse a drug overdose in case they come in contact with Fentanyl á they can now protect themselves before it even gets to that point.“The captain says the masks and the suit can only be used once á then they have to be thrown away and replaced. Reporting in Carroll County. I’m Caitlin Sinett.” ((KEVIN)) A COUPLE’S WEDDING WAS NEARLY RUINEDáá MONTHS BEFORE THEY TIE THE KNOTáá BUT

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