LIVE: President Trump Remarks at Social Media Summit 7-11-19

thank you please sit down I want to thank you all for being a very special day very important day many of you are friends and many of your friends that I don't know what you look like but I know what you sound like which I guess is probably more important right but I want to thank you and it's a terrific it's a terrific day to be together and if you look you're at a very famous place so we all work very hard and I don't know if you call it influence I don't know if you call it power but whatever it is we're in the White House and we're going to stay in the White House and we're going to get our agenda done and completely so I'm thrilled to welcome you here and we're all working very hard and I don't know if you know but we just hit 27,000 on the Dow that's the highest in history we're up a couple of hundred for the highest in history for those of you that like the stock market but the stock market means jobs I view it as jobs and I view it as 401ks all other people say oh the rich people are getting rich but if you look at the numbers the greatest impact proportionately is blue-collar workers in what's happened in this miracle that's happening and people with 401ks they're up 72 percent and 67 percent and the wife or the husband whoever's responsible the other one says you're a genius you're a great financial investor darling you're up seventy-seven percent this year so a lot of good things happened a lot of people are happy and I think really everybody's happy some people just aren't willing to admit it does that make sense so this is a historic day never before of so many online journalists and influencers and that's exactly what you are you're journalists and you're influencers come together in this building to discuss the future of social media each of you is fulfilling a vital role in our nation you're challenging the media gatekeepers and the corporate censors to bring the facts straight to the American people and that's what you're doing you're going right to the people possibly we wouldn't be here right now I asked somebody what do you think I'd do without social media would I be here because I said I think so but they weren't so sure I have to say that you know that I'm not sure I believe that but I have to say it but you communicate directly with our citizens without having to go through the fake news filter it's very simple together you reach more people than any television broadcast network by far not even close we're delighted to be joined at the summit by someone you know very well our senior advisor for Digital Strategy and somebody that's been working for me for a long time for many years dance Covino where's Dan [Applause] so long before we were even doing this he was at a club running a club and other businesses and he was okay doing it not the greatest I wouldn't say the greatest but you know what he was great at he was always looking at his computer screen I said that guy's incredible so right at the beginning I said that's the man and there was nobody better at that and I think Hilary had twenty eight people and I had Dan I had my Dan and he works about twenty eight hours a day and he works very hard he doesn't work I mean he loves it he loves it and his imagination and and really working with all of you and many of you he'll come up with ideas and you'll come up with ideas it'll run into my offices you got to see this and a lot of times I'll go out and I'll spend a lot of money on the concept I'll say here's a concept come up with this and we'll hire these companies and they want a lot of money and they come back just happen the other day right I said it's terrible these guys have no talent the people that have the talent of the people that we deal with and it's true and some of you are extraordinary can't say everybody but no but some of you are extraordinary the the crap you think of is unbelievable so I'm gonna go back to the basics of Washington I'm going to introduce some of my secretaries Steve Minuten Steve where Steve Steve has done a fantastic that Wilbur Ross well we have a meeting in a little while on the census and citizenship can you believe are you a citizen of the United States of America sir you can't ask that question why because the court said you can't we have three very unfriendly courts they fight us all the way the judges don't like us too much I guess but think of that Herman think of that question are you a citizen we spend this is another thing that's so crazy twenty billion dollars on a census twenty billion they spend twenty billion I said 20 billion what twenty billion dollars or the census they go through houses they go up they ring doorbells they talk to people how many toilets do they have how many desks do they how many beds what's their roof made of the only thing we can ask is are you a citizen of the United States 20 billion pretty amazing pretty amazing charlie also David Bernard great job you're doing interiors the largest landlord in the United States when my friends tell me how big they are they get just what another building big deal Kevin right they bought another building then I look at David Bernard he controls half of the United States Department of Interior is a lot of land a lot of beautiful land that we're taking good care of David Wright acting director Russ bought Russ thank you great job we're working on our budget along with some of the great members of Congress and a wonderful friend of mine who's my leader right he's my leader I tell him that to his face because it makes him feel good I don't know if I believe that Marsha but Kevin stand up Kevin Kevin McCarthy everybody senator Marsha Blackburn of the great state of Tennessee we campaigned together and she get wicked said now she ran against the most popular Democrat in the last 50 years he really was great good man right then governor for quite a long time eight years and she just didn't stop 12 points she was down by 10 I'd see one bike girl that's right she was down by 10 and she won by 12 and she wouldn't stop that just every day where is she she's here she's there fantastic job you did we're proud of you well thank you honey that's great it was just honestly working with people that know what they're doing it's fun that was fun and you know what you're doing representative Dan Crenshaw who is very good at this by the way Dan very good at this really good thank you it's great to have you in the party and you have more courage than I do dent okay that courage of yours is incredible thank you very much great job a friend of mine and a wonderful person and somebody that has I don't know pretty unlimited future I'd say I hear a lot of very positive things Liz Cheney Liz back here and you know I pardon somebody named Scooter Libby a lot of you don't know who scooter libby is scooter Libby's a man that got treated very unfairly and liz was right in the forefront of that one and I said what do you think Liz and you said absolutely he deserves it and it's been a very popular pardon he was treated very very brutally and unfairly so thank you for that for that help Matt Gaetz Wisman where's Matt stand up now boy a great defender he gets on television and he's like it doesn't stop and he's smart and he's good and he loves Florida and he loves his people and he's a hard worker and Matt thank you very much I really appreciate it very much and Mike Johnston Mike thank you great job Mike and I want to thank a man who I said a long time ago when we said let's do it because Josh Hawley is special he is somebody that that's Josh you gotta run well I don't know you know he had a good set up pretty well right you weren't going anyway he could do whatever he wanted in his great state and I said I'm telling you you can do it and she turned out she's a tough candidate whether you like her or you don't like her she's tough right and by the end of that that was incredible that was a hell of a race anyone and he's young and he's brilliant and I'm gonna ask him to come up and say a few words if you don't mind about what we're doing and come on up right now I think it would be a good time well first of all can we just give another round of applause to the president United States for his leadership on this issue you know the media the media says the establishment media the faith media they say oh there's no censorship in social media that's all made up that's all fake you and I know that that's not true you and I know the truth is that the social media Giants would love to shut us down they would love to shut us up they would love to shut him up more than anything else and we can't let them and that's why we need to step up now and I think we need to say to them here's the deal Google Facebook Twitter they've gotten these special deals from government they've gotten a special giveaway from government they're treated unlike anybody else if they want to keep their special deal here's the bargain they have to quit discriminating against conservatives you agree with that no more no more discrimination it's that simple that's all we're asking for they ought to abide by the same principles of free speech and the First Amendment that this country embraces that we love and call our own and I don't think it's too much to ask for these huge tech platforms who have gotten rich off of our information right off of our data off of everything we've given them they've gotten rich off of it they've gotten rich off their special privileges from government they want to keep those they shouldn't discriminate they shouldn't censor they shouldn't have shut us down I want to thank the president again for his incredible leadership thank you for allowing me to be here Thank You mr. president for all that you do and you know josh is doing right now he's doing some very important legislation and because we have to do something about what's happening I never hear about the other side I can tell you I think I'm pretty good again I got a message but technologically I would think I'm okay just okay but I'll tell you a lot of bad things are happening I have people come up to me sir we want to follow you they don't let us on and it was so different than it was even six seven months ago I was picking up unbelievable amounts of people and I'm hotter now that I was then okay because you know you also cool off right did you put much hotter especially with a nice new stock market like it is right but no I'm hotter now and I go to dinners – hey what's going on here it used to take me a short number of days to pick up a hundred thousand people I'm not complaining we're like at 60 some-odd million but then we have five different sites we have another site with 25 million we have another site with 10 or 12 that we have Facebook that we have Instagram we have a lot we have a lot of people way way over 100 million but I used to pick them up and I when I say used to I'm talking about a few months ago I was picking them up a hundred thousand people every very short period of time now it's I would say 10 times as long and I noticed things happening when I put out something a good one that people like write good tweet it goes up it used to go up it would say seven thousand seven thousand eight seven thousand seventeen seven thousand twenty-four seven thousand thirty to seven thousand forty four right now it goes seven thousand seven thousand eight six thousand nine ninety eight then they go seven thousand nine six thousand seventy four I said what's going on now it never did that before it goes up and then they take it down then it goes up I've never had that this does anyone know what I'm talking about with this I never had that before I used to watch it real like a rocket ship but I put out a beauty like when I said remember I said somebody was spying on me that thing was like a rocket I get a call too two minutes later did you say that I said yeah I said that well it's exploding it's exploding I turned out to be right I turned out to be right he turned out to be right about a lot of things but but I never had I'm just saying from you know from the standpoint of a of somebody that maybe has used social media better than anybody judge because I became president I'm sure I could have done it as we said much I would have there's no question I would have done it either way I said to Mark Burnett the other day I said so the apprentice had I never done the apprentice because it was a tremendous hit for 12 seasons I said had I never done the apprentice would I be President he said maybe not and I said I think I would have but I'm always gonna say that I'm always gonna say but it's a great show but with social media so I've never seen it before where I go up and then come down up down up there now ultimately again but it goes very slowly but I've never seen where it's subtractive and I really believe people are they're taking it up as it goes up and and it sometimes it comes down substantially a number of months ago I was at a certain number you know many millions and then all of a sudden I was down over a million and then I came down I said what's going on and you checked in and you said they say they are doing adjustments they say they don't like some of the people and I don't have to fake people you know a lot of people by people I don't want to do that because first of all if I did it it's a front-page story all over the place but I know a lot of people there's no question about it because I see some numbers that are phony numbers where they have these you know many many millions of followers I say there's no way because nobody has any interest in these people cuz they have no now Herman kidding they have interested okay but they have no interest in these people they're playing games they're playing games James Woods I don't know James but he's an interesting guy and he's a conservative guy and he's a stretcher he's tough but when they want to take him off and other people like him many in this room some in this room it's a very very bad it's a very bad thing so I have many millions of followers across various accounts and together everyone in this room we reach over half a billion followers and I think that's probably a low number because one of the things I get that's a little benefit I'll go watch like I did Golan Heights I gave Israel the the real credit over and and you know Golan Heights and is your very important but I gave representation in the strongest form of the Golan Heights is you I talked about it a little quickly they've been looking at it for 52 years they've been trying to get it they couldn't get it they'd have many summits where people would fly in talk about the Golan Heights and then fly out this one on many many summits it's about a 52 year period I said what happened they said nothing they fly in they'd fly out some had beautiful planes some didn't some probably didn't get there by plane but they'd have many summits I said watch I'm going to do this and I said we recognize the Golan Heights as being part of Israel it was a big thing I go watch this boom I press it and within two seconds we have breaking news John Roberts the Fox was over he said we have breaking news please break it up doesn't matter what they're talking about John does it he breaks it up now that's Twitter that's social media I call Twitter a typewriter that's what I really call Twitter because it goes onto Facebook automatically and it goes onto Instagram and it goes onto television more so Fox than it does CNN if it's something bad they'll put if I have a spelling deal they will put it on it Donald Trump spelled the word the wrong he doesn't know how to spell da he spelled it thi you know I couldn't care any kind of a punctuation mistake they put it on so I'm very very careful like really I'm actually a good speller but everyone said that the fingers aren't as good as the brain but but it is true and it's it's incredible what it does I put out a social media statement and I was telling Kellyanne the other day instead you know I used to put out like a press release right and people would pick it up sort of you know next day two days they'd find it sitting on a desk if I put out we hardly do press releases anymore because if I put out on social media a statement like I'm going to in a little while on something totally unrelated but a very important statement now they're going to crazy what tell me what watch but it's very very important but if I put that out in a press release I'm telling you Kevin people don't pick it up it's me saying if I put it out on social media it's like an explosion Fox CNN crazy MSNBC this stone cold crazy I made them a lot of money with The Apprentice and I gave her a top show when they were dying on NBC but they don't like me too much they wanted a big extension they used Arnold Schwarzenegger instead big movie star you know what he died he died I was there twelve twelve years fourteen seasons and then they pick a movie actor and he dies on us you know I don't that with with Mark Burnett and some people I said they said would you rather have him had been like this tremendous massive success you own it so you benefit financially or would you rather have him die so that you say you did it for 14 seasons 12 years I said I think I'd rather have him die at it that means you don't need the money I'd rather have them die at it anyway but with amazing creativity and determination you're bypassing the corrupt establishment and it is corrupt and you're bypassing the very very corrupt media which not all of it is but much of it is far greater percentages and anyone would understand as the cameras start to go off they go the red lights look boom I can always tell I can always tell like when I talk about and I'll be in the stadium the red lights are roll on everyone's got and then we start talking about like the media how dishonest it is how corrupt it is how fake it is and you see lights going off lights immediately go off and usually they don't come back they said this guy's impossible but I want to just say because you people have a lot of courage to each and every one of you I say thank you very much on behalf of a nation thank you very much it's very important what you're doing you're getting the you're getting in many cases the honest word not in all cases but in many cases when historians look back at this time they will see that many of the biggest news stories of our era we're totally ignored I I can tell you that I deal with the media and the spin they put on it or sometimes they'll leave it out and then if there's something slightly negative they'll make it you know headline news they'll put it down as headline news or even covered up by the media of they were broken up by citizens and you'll take a look at what's happening and you see stories that should be phenomenal big beautiful stories and it turns out that they don't get covered we did something yesterday on kidney and kidney dialysis and there's a tremendous number of people with problems with kidneys then with secretary Hayes there was a big big important thing that very little coverage you know very positive what we did is such a great thing I don't care we don't have to get the way it's good for our nation it's good for people to read about it and see the strides that we've made of what we're doing but that doesn't get covered and it should get covered and it doesn't get covered for a reason because they don't want to give that to a conservative they don't want to let that happen now if somebody else were in this position such as the previous administration that make the headline news all over the place what we did yesterday but when we're doing it they give very little credit to that but anything bad that happens I always say they could take bad and make it horrible they can take a good story and make it sort of bad and they can take a great great story and make it anywhere from good to slightly bad it's incredible what they can do I say I haven't had a good story in two-and-a-half years I used to get great press Steve bernucci knows he said mean you get the greatest press until I got elected then it's tough but I used to get the greatest press possibly one of the reasons I'm here but we were getting the word out and we get it out in a different way I didn't think would have to Charlie I didn't think it would be this tough and by the way two very special people I have to say hello to well because my wife said I see these two beautiful women african-american incredible women that are in television they are unbelievable this is two years ago she was before her time they have no idea what I'm talking about she was our first lady said you have to see these women they're incredible they're genius and they like you I said I want to see them and I like them I love them actually I love them come [Applause] so when the historians look back they're gonna see something very important took place right here before today it took place it started taking place a number of years ago and it's something that nobody ever thought would happen free speech is a bedrock of American life our constitutional rights must be fiercely protected and I want you to know that we will always have you back we're fighting for you very hard we're gonna be calling a big meeting of the companies for in a week or two they have to be here and Josh is really leading a very strong group of people this isn't just Josh this is you leading a tremendous group and they feel equally as strongly as you because they see the unfairness of what's happening and remember we won we have a bigger voice than anybody but we don't get covered fairly can you imagine if we were covered fairly we had our best polls like yesterday they were telling me I said could you imagine if I actually got good press instead of even fair press I don't want good I want fair can you imagine what those numbers would be they make up story you know the Russian hoax I call it the Russian hoax the witch hunt all bad publicity and yet Weiner doing great in the polls so people understand that the public is very smart but we're getting the word out about so many things not just that about so many things and maybe the most important thing about how great our country's doing jobs now more people working today than ever in the history of our country ever in the history of our country think of that unemployment are the best numbers in 51 years for African American the best numbers in our history in our history Hermer right including you and you're making a lot I hope but hispanic-american best numbers in history and I like your dresses by the way very much no not you sir you thank you I saw you the other day fantastic job but hispanic-american the best in history Asian American the best in history women I think Kelly and the best in 75 years best in best unemployment of business 75 years what we're doing it's nothing like because this has been our military is now strong when I took it over was depleted we had planes that were so old they didn't fly they'd have to go to the desert to get parts when we took it over it was not a good situation we got seven hundred billion dollars then seven hundred and sixteen billion and we're going to be asking for another one this year and it's all manufactured in the United States we make it ourselves and that's always good because that's jobs now in this case jobs aren't important compared to military defense but we make the best planes and rockets and military equipment anywhere in the world nothing like it and we're doing something that's incredible so our military is strong our our country is really powerful and really strong never been like this what's how did it fly get into the White House I don't like I don't like flies I don't like flies so I just want to tell you just in finishing up we had a terrible bias we have censorship like nobody has any understanding or nobody can believe when you see the Google executives together and one of their executives decides to put it on the phone right that's right thank you there he is stand up please stand up how good we what a great job somebody said he's controversial she's not controversial he's truthful he's truthful that was a great that was one of many thank you thank you very much fantastic so you know they're playing with with a lot of minds and they're playing unfairly and the funny thing is that in theory really a theory they shouldn't be liking the other side they shouldn't be like in the other side they should be really like you north side because we're the ones that want freedom far more you see what's happening up on the debate stand you see what they are doing to each other you're seeing the hatred that they have up there and it's a very different philosophy it's a very different thought and I'll say this the election that's coming up is I think and you know we talk 2016 and I would say maybe that's the most important and certainly I said it but what we're really fighting for there has never been a difference of of this candidate our candidate your candidate against whoever it may be there will never be anything like that hopefully again because what they're looking at is pure socialism or worse than socialism you know there's a word called communism – there's a word good they don't like to use it very rarely do you hear that but there's a word called communism and they're trying to get socialism over the line but these people are this is beyond socialism to a large extent and I think that we're gonna have a tremendous success we had a sort of an opening rally in Orlando Florida we had a hundred and nine thousand maybe more that was done wanting to come we were doing as much as we could to keep people not from coming we have a 21,000 seat stadium and then with the basketball court it held many more than that it was packed and we had a similar number outside and we had thousands and thousands of people that wanted to be there and this was an opening and you look at Biden they say he had six hundred people that wasn't six hundred that was a hundred and fifty people he's a hugger that was a very small crowd and even they're big crowds I mean if they have a thousand people it's like a big crowd we have enthusiasm that's far greater than the left it's not even a contest they don't want to say that they never will say that we had on the mall just the other day fourth of July a tremendous success it was pouring the weather was just ammo it's beautiful in one way they learned it was my real hair that day because I was drenched well that is the one good thing I ran and they learned it's my hair because I've been through every windstorm sandstorm let's go over here let's go this one that one this desert let's go to this ocean and get out of the plane sir the wind is blowing at about 70 miles an hour I said boy it's got to be it's got to be mined but but we've seen it all we've seen it all and I've tell you what more than anything else I've met great people I've met great people dedicated people and I think that the election coming up Kevin this is the most important election of our times this is election where our country is going to go one way or it's going to head in the direction of Venezuela and that's what's gonna happen that's what's gonna happen this green new deal and and you know I hate to speak badly of it right now because it's a little early I spoke too early on Elizabeth Pocahontas Warren I spoke I should have saved it but you know what so I don't like to go too early because I don't want him to change I like the green new deal I want them to keep going I don't want them to make it but you know the problem with this business they can make a change and immediately upon making that list for about a week you look at for instance on the wall Chuck Schumer was totally in favor of a wall right Liz totally in favor everybody Hillary everybody they were all in favor of a wall just a few years ago now a wall is a well that's okay they want open borders they want people to pour in including criminals the worst criminals they want people to pour into our country nobody can tell me that it's good politically nobody can tell me so all Americans regardless of their political beliefs or affiliations they've got a right to speak their mind that includes them then it leaves them but they don't have the same difficulty they don't get shut out I wrote a few terms I said to my son down it was here somewhere are you done where are you dying he's very good Kimberly Don people like Don David thank you thank but but we wrote out of shadow ban 100% you look at what's going on you know I could go the blocking just the basic blocking of what we want to get out the fact that they don't let them join they don't there was there's no doubt in my mind that I should have millions and millions I have millions of people so many people I wouldn't believe it but I know that would have been blocked people come up to me and they say sir I can't I can't get you I can't follow you they make it impossible these are people that are really good at what they do they say they've make it absolutely impossible and you know we can't have it we're not gonna let it happen Josh we're not gonna let it happen and you know if they did it on both sides if it were done to the other side to the other group and I'm representing everybody I do I represent everybody I fully understand liberal I fully understand Democrat we want to get along we want to make sure that everybody loves each other if that's possible and maybe I really believe it is something it will be I have said that the thing that's going to bring us together is great success now we have tremendous success greater than we've ever had before I mean our country picked up trillions of dollars in value and worth China's gone down trillions of dollars the tariffs have heard them I don't want to hurt them but I want them to give us a player a fair playing field but China's gone down trillions we've gone up rignot billions trillions we've gone up in value and worth I want everybody to do well but they've got to treat us fairly they've got to treat everybody has to be treated fairly their side our side we all have to be treated fairly and you know the farmers say we just want a level playing field sir I love the farmers they're Patriots and China as you know targeted the farmers because they think they could get to me by hurting the people that I love and that we take care of and had no impact I would watch even on networks that don't exactly like me and I'd watch as the interview farmers and that have 10 or 12 people sitting where they said we don't care the president's right we've been ripped off for many years somebody has to do somebody had to do this China made over the last ten years hundreds of billions of dollars you could say four to five hundred billion dollars a year that's not sustainable the Sun we built China and you know what they've done a great job I don't blame them I blame our former presidents and the leaders of our country for allowing this to go on ever since the World Trade Organization opened up they allowed this to go on they allowed hundreds of billions of dollars a year to be taken out of our country and to be used to rebuild China so those days are over so right now they're paying 25 percent of 250 billion dollars a lot of money coming in you know we had a 3.2 GDP for the first quarter everyone's saying wouldn't have that happened Chris first quarters the weakest quarter always almost almost always and we had like this great quarter but I don't consider 3.2 great I consider much higher and frankly if we had lower interest rates you know we're forced to pay more money than other countries because we have a rate that's high we have somebody that likes raising rates now I think he's maybe going to change but we'll find out but if we had lower we'd have another 10,000 points weird it's just at a record you know I'm a very greedy person we just sent a record 27,000 I said we could be 10,000 points higher we could pretend that because there's no inflation big thing is inflation there's no inflation but we're doing so well we're gonna keep it that way so I just want to enter because a person that I've admired for a long time who's a great lawyer Harmeet Dylan and she's one of the leading First Amendment lawyers in our country and her me could you come up just say a few words please thank you Thank You mr. president it's a tremendous honor to be here with a lot of people who I really respect and admire the corrupt establishment that you talked about and the mainstream media have told a lot of people in this room that the social media censorship and the banning that we're experiencing is all in our heads they're gaslighting us with this lie let me tell you about a couple of people I represented my law practice and the civil rights work that we do David Horowitz is a great American who was a supporter of yours and has been in the movement for many decades well Twitter abruptly d-flat formed him one day took him off said he was banned and then he complained and then they let him back on and then the next day they did the exact same thing to him that's not an accident James d'amour is another great American who I represent mr. demora complained internally about Google's discriminatory practices against conservatives and pushed for more balance not only was he fired for daring to do that but then these social media platforms to use their platforms to humiliate and publicly weaponize their platforms and make sure that he could not get a job in Silicon Valley that's a disgrace but it goes beyond that these social media CEOs have come to Congress in front of the many of these member of Congress here and they've lied about what they do they've lied about the data theft they've lied about the media manipulation and they can't get away with that now senator Blackburn knows from what happened to her on Twitter that these companies are trying to stop the ordinary men and women who you represent from hearing their voices I'm very concerned that they affected the outcome of the 2018 election and if we let them do what they're going to do what they've been doing it's going to affect the outcome of the 2020 election as well so mr. president thank you so much for inviting everybody here to talk about these issues and we're all behind you joining the fight to make sure that every American's voice is heard thank you very much [Applause] and what army CH said is so so true and then it's it's really incredible you know I've watched and I've watched some of these scenes that have been taped and gotten through talented people by the way but gotten through and gotten to the public where you see the hatred of of our party of our people of our voice and you say that's the collusion it's a collusion between the Democrats and the media and and social media and these platforms it's a it's a disgraceful thing and another thing I believe you're representing a young man who just got slugged viciously slugged I think it's a disgrace Kevin noticed they pick on certain people I mean he would tell you he's not the toughest person in the world physically right they don't go after bikers for Trump never noticed that they don't go after our construction workers who love us they don't go after the police they don't go after we have incredible people you know where the elite they say they relief you know do you ever hear this hey I live better than all of them great education the greatest houses the question but I guess I'm not elite they live like in the basement of their mom's home their arms are this big look like this but they have the black they have the black masks on and they have sticks and they hit people they get people in the face in the head this anti-fur but you ever know the same thief is never there when we have a bikers rally they're never there when the construction workers and the unions are honoring the president they're never around they're always there when you have a single guy protesting in front of a school and as you probably know I think all of you know we did something very serious I signed an executive order recently we're taking money away from those schools we're gonna you know we give them and billions of dollars and they don't allow free speech and we don't want anything special but we want free speech we're also joined by someone affected by this troubling bias very very much and president of live action and somebody I've watched really with great admiration Lila please come up Lila Rose [Applause] thank you so much mr. president it's really an honor to be here thank you for doing this important summit I represent live action I'm the founder and president and we are a pro-life organization which are just millions of people every week with the truth about abortion and human dignity we have been for four years banned from doing any advertising on Twitter and they told us that in order to reinstate her accounts we'd have to stop calling for the defunding of Planned Parenthood and stop sharing her pro-life content meanwhile Planned Parenthood and other abortion groups continue to advertise last month we were permanently suspended from Pinterest and they accused us of spreading conspiracy theories and misinformation with their pro-life content with no evidence and then news media groups picked up the narrative and spread it around meanwhile abortion groups including abortion clinics post freely on Pinterest and then recently our videos have been viewed more highly than almost any other abortion related content on YouTube but YouTube we merge the first page of search results but YouTube buried our pro-life videos and boosted pro-abortion videos so this double standard and bias is a growing problem and big Chuck even though they say that they are politically neutral and they don't discriminate they even testified before Congress and said that so thank you so much to the administration to you mr. president for holding this very important summit thank you so one of the advantages of being president is when you ask for meeting you get it generally I don't know I can't think of too many I haven't gotten and you say I'd like to see in the Oval Office or you have somebody call Oval Office I've been with all of these people at the highest level one-on-one just recently with Google and just recently with Twitter the top all right and you talk to them and you swear that like your best friend Oh sir no we're we're we believe we fear must be – oh yes Epps and and we go out he's like who said that must come from Queens so so it's very interesting to see that and and the level of you know you look at me the sincerity and I say that's fantastic and they'll leave and then I'll realize three four weeks later it's worse actually got worse because I say look I believe in technology I believe in free markets I believe in freedom of speech I believe it all the things and and they are super genius I tell you I'm dealing with China and they admitted this nobody like Silicon Valley there's nobody smart in that sense maybe not smart another sensor said watch some of them speak before Congress it's not pretty I said I could do much better than that but I tell you what technologically it's unbelievable what they think even Dan and I when we sat with you-know-who at Twitter number one we talked about certain things he said yeah we could do this I said that's really right you know this is incredible stuff China will admit there's nobody like these brains but they're not using that brilliance and then not using what we gave them fairly and they have to do that and we don't want to stifle anything we certainly don't want to stifle free speech but that's no longer free speech see I don't think that the mainstream media's free speech either because it's so crooked it's so dishonest so to me free speech is not when you see something good and then you purposely write bad to me that's very dangerous speech and you become angry at it but that's not free speech somebody came to my office I won't say he'll but a very big person and I said okay you don't like the term fake news which I think I get credit for but I'm sure if I said I get credit I'll say thirteen years ago somebody came up with a term fake I think I get credit I'd be very proud to take it but I think I could now by the way the fakers of all using fake news I saw the other day on CNN total fakes I see on CNN they go fake news media has reported no no they fake news baby so I'm not going to allow and Josh and all of us we're just not going to allow it to happen like this we're not going to be silenced two months ago we created a new White House tool to report social media bias censorship and discrimination we saw you folks being taken off and we fought on all of you and many of you are back now but many of the names I won't mention your name so some some of you were taken off for absolutely no reason I mean an orphan of some of you I could almost understand it I mean some of you guys are out there but even you should have a voice but some of you now some of you deserve I mean it's genius but it's bad but they take off people that you know that you wouldn't believe and we received over 16,000 responses just in a tiny little period of time talking about this subject based on the feedback that we're hearing from you I'm announcing that we will ask representatives of the major social media platforms to join me at the White House over the next month have a big meeting and a real conversation with what might want to invite some of you I know Josh wouldn't have you and some of the Senators and it's amazing how the senators including Democrats in all fairness which is probably because they know can turn on them also it can turn very quickly but they want to come so we'll let you know the day okay and today I'm directing my administration to explore all regulatory and legislative solutions to protect free speech and the free speech rights of all Americans that's you people in this room and a lot of people out there with a lot of people we hope to see transparency more accountability and more freedom that's on both sides this is not I am NOT speaking for our side assuming we're all I don't even know if you're on our side it could be some of the most liberal people in the world in this audience and that's okay I don't care but we're talking about for everybody big tech must not censor the voices of the American people to all of these social media influencers here today a lot of you have a lot of power and you have a lot of strength and you know you have to use it wisely many of you do but you have to I want to thank you once again for being here you're very special people you're very brilliant people in so many cases I look around the room I mean I see people that really have almost found a new life over the last short period of time with this new technology but this new technology is so powerful and so important and it has to be used fairly has to be used fairly so thank you all for being here it's a great honor tremendous honor we're going to take a few questions I think and then I'll head out and you're gonna actually come if you want you can come to the great Rose Garden you can stand in the rain with me we're going to talk a little bit about the fact that we're not allowed to ask for whether or not somebody's a citizen on the census form and I think we have a solution that will be very good for a lot of people really good okay any questions please Oh arias is my guy good job how's your new show going good very well hi good thank you yes indeed America first Salem radio network Sebastian Gorka we have half a billion people that we can access with you as well and we thank you for the role that you've played thank you and making sure that they try and stop us fake news they're trying to they're trying to divert your attention what what message when you're playing with your mind so that doesn't work with you too well let's go doesn't work with people in this room what message would you have us send to our followers about what's being done to them and the importance of this issue for 2020 because a lot of people out there who call in to my show don't want to use their real name are afraid of putting now you

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