I have a lumbar support pillow from Yokaro to show you today it’s an orthopedic pillow designed to
relieve and prevent back pain this is the yoke ro lumbar support pillow it’s
composed with memory foam and covered with a breathable mesh it’s
ergonomically designed to curve around your waist it’s ideal to use in your car
or I can use it in your office as well it has a strap around the back so you
can attach it to your chair very stretchy strap and it’s adjustable as
well even if you don’t have back pain using a lumbar support pillow can
promote good posture it helps maintain the curve of the spine this has a
zippered cover that you can remove to wash water you can just move the memory
foam around inside there you go here’s a look at that to tell it’s very squishy great for conforming to your back and
giving it a lot of support there we go
the color as you can see is black king gray which is very nice simple and it
won’t clash with anything maybe in your car if you’re super super worried about
that so here’s what it looks like attached to a chair the strap on the
back was very very stretchy and it was able to make it around the entire top
part of the chair and I can even show you how much more comfortable it is to
sit in this chair because I have a lot more support as you could tell you can
see the strap wrapped all the way around and here it is from the front it’s very
soft and it’s a great cushion to add to your seating arrangements look at how
this conforms to my hand very squishy comfortable soft by the way as well you can feel how it curves around your
waist and the curvature of your spine so many people I know suffer from
occasional back pain so I think this would be a thoughtful gift to anyone who
drives or sits for long periods of time especially if someone has a desk office
or they do drive around they for driving job this would be great for anyone that
needs that type of thing or if you aren’t experiencing back problems and
don’t know exactly what to do you can of course add this to any type of your
chair especially if you are quite sedentary this would be great so that is
a look at the Yokaro lumbar support pillow
check the description section below for more information thanks for watching you


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