Maradona 'Hand of God' Goal 1986 World Cup

the white men have found little space in this contest it's not true I like to co-chair at the moment certainly has been true of the England team seen that much of hard job Trevor Stephen Maradona just walked away from mother the ball came back full of statehood protesting to the referee the little man who started it there's mother of all came from hogs Maradona had continued the run for and the goal is given coin for the outside or was it a use of the hand with England they're complaining about

43 thoughts on “Maradona 'Hand of God' Goal 1986 World Cup”

  1. Maradona u r the god of drifting
    Bt u r hands of god it's not a kind a type in our generation
    Because if u r in our time
    U will get a penalty
    And u win bcs u r my hero maradona

  2. This hand of god has been the best moment for Argentina since it happened and we should respect maradona for what he done

    Except if your British

  3. Regardless of the Hand, he is clearly offsides for a moment See 0:43 to 0:45. Also See 0:18 for the first instance (some other guy)

  4. ive cheated on a math test before…maradona cheated in the world cup. basically the same thing so its fine

  5. I love the guys mentioning VAR like it existed 33 years ago… or the internet, or high definition. All sports should either be governed by VAR and only VAR meaning a play or action is judged after the fact. This should also go for attributing points in combat sports like boxing and MMA, or they shouldn’t have it at all and just be governed by live calls on the field

  6. I'm American and came here from a fake 30 for 30 about the karate kid but……wtf happened looked like a good goal to me but I know nothing about soccer so. Tell me someone

  7. Came here from Cobra Kai because I couldn't remember how bad this was. It's definitely worse than the crane kick. At least they don't have a bunch of soy lactating losers talking about it though.

  8. If only they had VAR it would show Maradona and this Argentinian team for the dirty cheats they were. We wouldn't be having this discussion all these years later.

  9. Everybody talking about argentina didn't deserve this world cup, but anyone remembers the penalty of Neuer against Higuain in the final of 2014

  10. if 1986 have VAR
    Maradona = Red card
    Agentina = be eliminated
    West Germany = champ of world cup

  11. First the crane kick at the All Valley tournament in 1984 and now this… cheating in sports was clearly a problem in the 1980s

  12. As an Englishmen, he pulled that hand of god of so well, it was so subtle. Give him credit for producing the hand of god and one of the best world cup goals in one day.

  13. U know that Maradona came in our school "Aditya Academy Secondary" I am not joking! Its in India!😄

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