Michael Horton on the Purpose of Spiritual Gifts

you know especially in first Corinthians 12 and Romans 12 the the Apostle Paul tells us that there is a variety of gifts that we have in the body of Christ if everybody were a mouth then where would the hands be if everybody were feet then where would the ears be we're all part of the body of Christ every part of that body is absolutely essential and in Ephesians 4 Paul tells us look when it comes to being United to Christ being a full member of his body being baptized by the spirit into Christ we're all in this the same level one Lord one faith one baptism and were part of one body we all share exactly the same gift of the Spirit in that sense but in addition he goes on to say again in Ephesians four that the Holy Spirit in addition to that gift of salvation has handed out all sorts of other gifts and it's interesting these are gifts not that the person who has them needs these are gifts that other people need in the body of Christ and so God actually gives me a spirit this is not my spiritual thing like I might a Maya Libra or a Capricorn this is what has God given me that someone else needs so you're always thinking when it comes to spiritual gifts not what has God given me for my own enjoyment my own pleasure but what is God given me for someone else and for the broader need of the body of Christ when we're thinking in those terms we'll also have what we need because someone else in the room has something we need that's the way the body of Christ functions God gives somebody a carton of milk that a baby over here needs God's give somebody over here the gift of discernment that someone over here just kind of caught up in bad teaching needs go around the room and realize that God has given everybody a rich diversity of gifts for the functioning the full functioning and health of the whole body you you

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