Microsoft stellt Support für Windows 7 ein

Windows discontinues support for Windows 7. Windows 7 was released on October 22, 2009
as the successor to Windows Vista. Microsoft has been warning for months that
support for Windows 7 will soon be discontinued. And now the time had come. Microsoft provided support on January 14, 2020
for Windows 7. What does that mean? That doesn’t mean your computer is now
has a black screen, and you can’t use it anymore. But Microsoft is not going to be free
Make updates available. That means newly discovered vulnerabilities
are no longer closed. Windows 7 devices are no longer like this
safe from hackers, who find and exploit these vulnerabilities. In addition, software developers become their programs
and no longer adapt games to Windows 7. At the time, 34% of users were using on Steam
PC gamers still Windows 7. Windows Windows 7 was also a very good one
operating system and of great importance for Microsoft. Microsoft recommends switching to Windows 10. I would very much like and
look for a subscription. Write your opinion about it in the
Comments, but always remember to remain factual. Until the next video until then and bye.

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