Minnesota | Serve Local

Seeing one of the farms that US Foods is
buying from really helps kind of put everything in perspective. Meeting the
farmers gives you an idea of what systems they’re using or they’re able to
tell you what’s special about their product. Because we’re based here in
Minnesota, we really want to connect with culinary experts and ultimately the
consumers. I really applaud US Foods for bringing everybody out here, giving us a
chance to interact with them, because it’s not easy for us to do when we’re
working on the farm. We’ve welcomed the Serve Local program and I would say the
major way it really helps Forest Mushrooms succeed in marketing our
product is that it helps the chef identify us. Say that maybe the first
time they get the product that has the sticker on it they realize, oh, this is
locally grown, I didn’t didn’t know that before. If we can buy peppers locally, it
doesn’t really make sense for us to import them in from another state. The
best products you get are the closest to your home. My restaurants are 15 miles
away or 18 miles away and to be able to mitigate that diesel trucking
environmental footprint is extremely important to us. Well the benefit of US Foods, first of all, is convenience and service, which we get both done very, very
regularly, very well. The sales staff tells our story from A to Z. They’ve come down seen our our facilities, seen how we grow,
interacted with our growing staff, as well as myself, so I’m very confident
that they can tell you what it is we do, why we do it that way, and why we’re of
value. If we didn’t have US Food doing a produce program like they do, we would
have to source multiple vendors. At Red Cow and Red Rabbit, US Foods is our broad liner and really is our primary food partner. We buy very little from anyone else. And so for US Foods to be into the sustainability and have their whole
sustainability program and buying local and sourcing local when applicable, is a
huge important ingredient to our partnership with US Foods. The Serve
Local Program, partnering with US Foods, has basically really given us, I’d say an edge in getting our our product out to everybody. It was pretty neat to be
able to show everybody where we’re at, what we do. Being able to serve local and
then tie it to a family, tie it to a farm, and really be able to put all those
pieces together that’s what the guests

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