Minutes for Mission 2018: Organ Donation Across "Enemy Lines"

in Israel bringing ordinary Jewish Israelis and Palestinians Israelis peacefully together is difficult in such a tense and violent violent but the International Christian Committee in Israel or ICC I is doing just that based in Nazareth the ICC I brings Israeli Jews and Arabs together through a variety of programs ranging from academic conferences to supporting enter ethnic organ donation they are Muslims Christians or Jews we we believe that we should live together we are not doomed to live together but we should live to riddle medical expenses related to organ donation in Israel are covered by the state however people often only want to donate within their own ethnicity choose to Jews and Arabs to arms the ICC I works to break down these social barriers by raising awareness about organ transplants they'll have taken place across cultures they work with people like Miriam Shalaby and Arab intensive care nurse who works at the National Health Center for organ transplant volunteers like Miriam both Jews and Arabs address misconceptions about the other by speaking about personal stories and connections ok man free hella hella tech theory and Sapphira ill in no and no yahoo did burger alla out of a lot of it but allah hood had no fear i le yahoo the year it but allah Hodari bible cubed will a melody and hardship is rerun brutally buns about why she instantly had the shop where Joe was bad day nor as a Malayalee Leah who the Yale who can feel the car aesthetic theorem or theory on a little higher ilium deal muta Berea where cannibal not also federal auto so can only another two children Kile were happy in another case an Arab youth was killed in a car accident and his family donated his heart to a Jewish person when the boy's mother met the recipient they embraced she said it felt like she was hugging her son as a piece of anonymous street art says in the city of Haifa northern Israel this is for the organ donors reminding us all that we won't be strangers for too long you give to the mission and service of the United Church of Canada help to raise awareness about Jewish and Arab families in Israel coming together in these unique life-giving situations thank you and please continue to give

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