Nissan S15 Silvia Turbo Supporting Mods

you welcome to Mighty Car Mods proudly supported by just car insurance and one of the simplest and fun is so simple bonus plan so fun mode you can do on your car is cranking up the boost but unless you do it properly you can cause considerable damage to your engine danger to manifold Martin right so if you want to run more boost make sure you’ve got the right supporting mods and we are going to show you how to support your mods it’s kind of like supporting your testicle supporting mods is support for your car’s underwear for your car isn’t among so today we’re working on the Mighty Car Mods s15 it comes at a very good time as you’re about to see but first of all a quick little recap in 2009 Marty and I flew to Japan and drove out to the auctions in search of a new car I found the cleanest s15 I’ve ever seen which we then won at auction and shipped back to Australia this is my fourth car with the incredible sr20 engine after owning an S 13 Silvia a type X 180 and a GTR but this is by far my favorite and in my opinion the best but Marty didn’t seem to think so because he publicly challenged me on the mighty mods forum to erase his Subaru verse – him and the loser must get rid of their car if there’s one thing that me and the flirts always agreed on it was the nighties car sucked massive unicorn Wang so it was time to do this thing and what you’re about to see is never-before-seen footage of the actual race the race was over and so was the RS and Marty sat for days wishing it was all just a bad dream but then something unexpected happened Marty went out and bought another RS exactly the same he stripped the white RS of all the best parts and then called in a bunch of Subaru nerds who said that to create a new are meaner miss and destroying monster Marty vowed that he’d never lose to inocent again and challenge me once more on the Mighty Car Mods forum so I resold my car I put on a front mount a full exhaust and boost controller and a wideband as well as a massive turbo and it’s going to destroy that s15 and you know it’s funny Marty I didn’t even need to re show my car but while you were down in Tasmania getting naked with all your Subaru friends I made a list of every single mod that you did to your car and I did the same thing to mine the S 15 is a quick car from the factory especially the more powerful JDM one with the upgraded turbo and now I’m setting out to modify it with supporting mods that I’m going to need for running more boost the first mod when I got the car was a full exhaust I’ve gone for a twin tip muffler rather than the cannon because I’m going for a stealthy look this ver act muffler by exports has an electric valve inside which allows control of the volume and flow of the exhaust with a remote control you a full three-inch turbo back exhaust gives considerable power gain and is one of the most important supporting mods you can do the exhaust is installed and now I’m off to gfd we’ve proved in season two that in some cases old blower valves can actually make you lose boost which is the opposite of what I want so just to be sure the stock valve is coming out and being replaced with a fully adjustable GFE unit that can vent or recirculate at any ratio that you choose it’s perfect for still and it’s installed out of sight under the battery let’s go buy a front mount today I’ve head out to auto moto to meet up with Ben Ellis auto-mode Oh are the Australian distributor for HSD and they also have a massive range of JDM wheels they’ve also got this which I could look at all day that I’m actually here for a front mount intercooler and once again I’m going for stealth Ben’s also got black piping some massive thanks to auto mode oh and now it’s back to mighty mods headquarters – inside integrals increase the efficiency of your engine by reducing induction air heat created by the turbocharger this means cooler end into air which leads to increased engine output mechanical stick that is put that there cut the cable ties hold a deficit and they now burn now I’m going to need a bit of help and there’s no way I’m calling muddy so mechanical Stig is here dad angle is spanner in your face so the first thing we’ve got to do is take the splash tray off which is underneath the card then we’ve got to get rid of all this plastic get rid of the bumper then we’ve got to remove the side mounted in a cool I’ll remove all the piping then install the new black front man in the cooler redo the piping then put everything back together so I’m very lucky that mechanical Stig’s here to help me he’s put his Subaru values aside just for a few hours which is a very good thing for me haha captain skybox mad we’ve done a whole episode on a front mount intercooler install on an SR engine which you can find in season 1 episode 8 okay so we’ve fitted up the cooler core and now it’s time to fit up the piping black one of the issues that people come into when they’re installing front mounts is having to cut a small hole in the battery tray for the front mount color piping now option one gajj cell a great product which is a battery flamed adaptor and this actually reinforces the hole that you need to cut and then your piping runs through this now the best thing about this product other than it meaning that you do a good install is that it comes with an engineer’s certificate that you can leave in your glove box and this just proves that this product is an AVR approved item that’s been engineered to work in your car this is the factory side mounted in the corner and you can see just how small it is compared to the aftermarket one the mechanical Stiga knives is put in our vehicle like this means you’re running more air you’ve got better flow and that’s going to be better for your car when you’re running at this control if you do cut anything on your car make sure you obtain it because that will stop it from rusting the battery trade plant gets installed in this hole and then the piping runs through that when you install a frontman in a color on these cars you usually have to lose the factory fog lights because that’s where the piping runs and there’s no room but that’s not going to work with my stealth look so we’re adjusting the piping and mounting the core on a slight angle in the hope we can keep the stock looking front end of the SPP for a super soft look you can also paint your hose clamps black now we just have to see if the front bar with fog lights is going to fit over the cooler piping and it’s on so we’ve just finished our install that’s how many bolts we’ve got left and that’s why we know we’ve done a good job and look how good it isn’t you literally can’t see a thing okay so the front mount in next up wideband oxygen sets up because before we put the boost up we need to know exactly what’s going on in the engine and having a wideband oxygen sensor is basically just like having a dyno in your car because you can get an exact idea of what your levels are doing only problem is I have no idea how to install them so I’m going to call rake Raik is the super moderator of the Mighty Car Mods forum and he drives a GTR apparently now luckily for me he’s very handy with his hands though please tell me you know how to put in a wideband really have you done it before I do do and you could have a head over to our mighty mods headquarters and give me a hand because I would call Marty but that’s a bit embarrassing yeah Matt dude are you around like right now yeah dude we so excited because it’s Friday Friday it’s not Friday at all that we so excited a wideband oxygen sensor helps determine in real time if the air fuel ratio of an engine is rich or lean which is very important when adjusting boost pressure using a bleed valve because we’re going to be bypassing the factory boost controller and if you run to lean your engine’s going to go bang and then you’re going to start crying we’re installing a tech edge unit and we’ve done a whole episode on this in season 1 episode 18 we check that everything’s working and matching with the Diagnostics on Drake’s laptop everything’s working and that means it’s time for boost oh look at my dancing look how good that is it’s this tiny little thing that all of these supporting mods have been in preparation for a bleed valve is a simple reliable and cost effective way of adjusting boost pressure installed in line with the wastegate it modifies the boost pressure signal that the wastegate sees and the more you reduce this boost pressure signal the less the wastegate opens and the higher the boost goes and this means more power so what I’m doing is completely bypassing the factory boost controller I’ve just got a bit of hose on the end of it here to keep it neat now I am leaving it in there because on some cars the ECU’s can get grumpy if you remove the factory boost controller completely now that’s going to be bypassed in its place we’re putting the g FD bleed valve this is what’s going to control that boost and because we’ve got a front now a full three-inch exhaust and a wideband we know exactly what’s going on in that means we can run safe boost levels when you install your bleed valve make sure the arrow is pointing towards the wastegate install it somewhere where you can adjust it easily at first then go for a drive check on your boost gauge see what kind of levels you’ve got check on your wideband make sure everything’s safe then if you want you can run the bleed valve and hide it somewhere in the engine bay and that keeps everything looking nice neat and stock just how we like it at Mighty Car Mods okay so just with the bleed valve in and let’s give it a crack whoa oh okay well well well I can’t believe that something as small as a bleep valve can make such a big difference like that is popper fast my knees are ice is going down man it’s going down again for the second time our man I’m so excited there’s a detailed episode on blue valve installation in season 3 episode 5 that so much neater so the modifications done on the s15 a reasonably mild compared to what some people do but a front mount a fully exhaustively valve and a blow-off valve is all you need to safely run more boost and give you a lot of extra fun with your car and it’s all I’m going to need to completely destroy Marty in his RS a massive thanks to auto moto option one garage go fast bits and of course just car insurance who insure unlimited legal modifications okay so there it is if you want to keep your car running and keep it going fast it’s all about supporting mods they’re just like Underpants like I said but don’t go and buy a Subaru because they wear boxes the sylvia’s wear briefs because their existence is brief after they get drifted into a wall or Martin wears a g-string alright so there’s nothing else left to do except for the s15 to destroy the Subaru we all know it’s going to win and we’re going to be doing it on an episode for you guys my T’s gonna get destroyed on your mark you own a Jeep once the don’t be talking about that I think Jeep drives been talking about that that’s it I’m leaving your g-string matched your Jeep told you not to talk about that you Oh

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  1. Moog there is a 100+ things, that are front mount on a car. Just saying front mount confuses a lot of people. Great episode and love the channel.

  2. man thinking of the fact that a s15 sr lays around in my shop waiting for me to put it in my s13 gives me goosebumps :>

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