25 thoughts on “Oculus Social VR Full Demo – Facebook F8 Conference 2016”

  1. stupidest demo. Facebook really fuck up the Rift. they do nothing for gaming. Look at the graphics. same old shit as years ago. HTC Vive is way ahead of the game.

  2. I like how they smoothed out the in-VR footage. I wonder if that's a stabilized crop of the normal output, or if it's separately rendered.

  3. Hold on, a guy called Jason Villmer had the patents to entering photospheres for VR. I wonder if he sold them to Facebook or if they just stole it?

  4. Imagine all those (myself included) that could not afford art school, who can now, because it's "virtual" now.

  5. This is pretty cool! Now it may seem gimmicky, but imagine a Outsourcing Art Manager / Producer in a game / movie / animation company working with external art company and giving instructions, putting annotations, comments, inviting others in the collaboration, and keeping a record of it. This is very much needed. And I'm looking from very narrow perspective… Congrats Facebook!

  6. Check the Virtuosi project back in 1994-5. Same sort of thing… although a little lower in frame rate 🙂

  7. The presentation is pretty bad because of the acting BUT, I can confirm that you shout "Wow" like a kid when using VR for the first time. It is really an interesting experience.
    It is far from being perfect but pretty impressive considering this is the very beginning of VR.

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