OncoKDM provides daily support to oncologists and laboratory heads

Nowadays, biologists are required to have
a deeper and more accurate expertise in many different domains. The amount of data they
need to handle and to analyse rapidly is growing exponentially and their interpretation is
getting more complex. it is also often difficult for them to benchmark their results.
And this is no easier for the oncologist: he receives multiple reports from different
sources, in different formats, at different moments and needs to make a decision about
treatment usually in a very limited time. Furthermore, during molecular board meetings
with other experts, he has to present his patients’ cases in a concise and standardized
manner. To solve these challenges, OncoDNA developed
OncoKDM™, a highly secured and customisable platform, accessible through the web.
After integrating your raw sequencing data with other tests done in your laboratory,
OncoKDM™ can analyse them and make a biological and clinical interpretation. Then it creates
a detailed, interactive and customisable report for you. This report contains all the necessary
information to guide the oncologist towards the best therapy options for his/her patient.
By using OncoKDM™, you will benefit from high-quality information, supported by peer-reviewed
literature and by the expertise of OncoDNA. Its database is constantly updated and improved
thanks to the results of each analysis coming from all the cancer treatment centers.
We’ll be there to answer your questions, every step of the way. You can contact us
by phone, email or via the online chat present on the screen each time you are logged into
the platform. OncoKDM™, because Knowledge is more powerful
than just data.

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