Peaceful Spiritual Music { Positive Energy } Music for Stress Relief – Meditation – Spa – Relaxation

41 thoughts on “Peaceful Spiritual Music { Positive Energy } Music for Stress Relief – Meditation – Spa – Relaxation”

  1. I was doing a remote mediumship reading for someone and I put this on softly in the background. It was very peaceful and helped me get into my zone faster. It is now saved in my playlist for future sessions. Thank you!

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  3. Before I write this long paragraph. I wanted to say “Hi!” And, I’m a white witch (don’t know what that is? Search it up! 🙂 ) anyway. On this every night of Easter Sunday, 2019; at the time 11:17pm I felt the universe shift. I don’t believe in gods or anything… I’m a Wiccan in training. My grandmother is a White Witch too. Anyway. The universe doesn’t feel right to me, I just know something is going to happen tomorrow or the next day… I am currently wide awake; staring at the moon because I can tell that this moon, (And frankly, it’s a full moon.. which is extremely shocking because two nights ago was a full moon.) I don’t know WHY the moon has something to do with the feeling of the universe shifting, but anyway.
    I play this music and the feeling got worse and worse. (Not that anything with wrong with the music!! I actually quite like it :))) ) again, I don’t know why I’m feeling this way. So, I open the curtains and let the moonlight shine on my bed (since my window is above my bed.) I could literally feel the energy from the moon fall in me when I laid on my bed. Once again. I get these feelings or what’s happening because I have never felt this before.
    If anyone knows about Wicca or any type of Wiccan moon knowledge.. Please let me know..
    Thank you!! ✨💕🌟

  4. This video is beautiful! That first opening scene I could have watched the whole video looked soooo dreamy

  5. Nature her most beautiful gift

    Water Earth Air Fire
    Beautiful Sunflower blooms in May
    Spark of true desire
    Make everyone stop look say hey

    Spread love all around
    Style grace class
    Voice like Angel bird sound
    Do not ever become a mess

    Forever on top of the list
    Lady Woman Girl
    Like a miracle exist
    A real Pearl

    Four elements essential to life
    You are the fifth
    High five 
    Nature her most beautiful gift

  6. How Can I use this for my monetized youtube videos? I am happy to pay for some license or whatever.. Any idea anybody?

  7. Listen to pancharathna keerthanas by dr. Balamuralikrishna. Even if u don't undersand u will get peaceful sleep.

  8. It causes me to rethink the world. The past. Present. Future. It makes me think of all things possible. It makes me think of all the good times I had on the beach with some one I love. It brings back the bad… But also brings back the good. Some one that I'm in love with but can never have again. I still fight to this day to find someone like you. It hasn't happened yet but I'm still searching. I'm sure I would be searching till I'm most likely dead or die of old age. It makes me want to confess all the love that i could give you… but sadly that will probably never happen. I wish it could. I wish i could tell you how I feel. I know you most likely wont feel the same. Is it so hard to try? Is it just a "thing" we all go through? Is it just a faze? I wish you were just a faze. It would be easier to forget you. You weren't a faze. Once we met I felt something. Something STRONG. Something I have never felt in my life. Now that you are gone, I'm suffering. Dealing with the pain that i can never console. Things are just a grey blob. Things are difficult. What can i say more. I can say one thing. Life sucks without you. And you know what? If you love something… Let it go. The shitty part is i cant let you go. I know I have to, but i cant. Well after old age and death maybe we can meet again. I love and miss you. Forever yours if you… well if it could happen, I will be ok. But I'm sure it wont.

  9. Winner of a video, been searching for "your sun sign as a spiritual guide" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Banulian Lonameron Breakthrough – (just google it ) ? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my m8 got amazing results with it.

  10. Truly amazing. Thank you so much and many blessings. I appreciate your existence for being able to produce something so wonderful so we all can enjoy.

  11. Where can I find this track on iTunes or elsewhere? I followed the link to the MRM Team albums you posted but I couldn't find this song. What is the name of the track?

  12. Hi guys. Can I use a segment of this music for a promo video for someones Christian healing/spiritual guidance that I do graphic work for? It's lovely music. Thanks. Adam

  13. بسم الله الذي لا يضر مع اسمه شيء في الارض ولا في السماء…. وهو السميع العليم….

  14. Thanks sm!!! I have a phobia of throwing up and like 2 mins ago I nearly did and I freaked!!! This is helping 🥰😇

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