100 thoughts on “PENSACOLA UPDATE: Authorities provide the latest on Naval Air Station incident”

  1. ——It's well known that the pseudo ideology of Islam specifically teaches its children hatred of non Muslims from birth! And Islam's tenets of conduct clearly show us that Muslims must not be allowed entry into any of our vastly superior and civilized Western Nations!
    —–It's extremely clear that Muslims specifically belong only among Muslims in Muslim Nations, as their presence among non Muslims poses an existential threat to the lives safety and welfare of every living American, as well as a threat to every living European, is an incontrovertible fact of reality in the, 21st century!

  2. As it was a Saudi Air Force personnel, there is a every chance in future that Saudi Air Forces could fly in American fighter or Saudi Arabia bomber supplied by America or being supplied by America to bomb in America.

  3. Kudos to the Sheriff and his deputies, the commanding officer of the base, and the Governor of FL, for maintaining level heads and not politicizing the situation.

  4. Our intelligence actually went backwards since 9/11. The FBI spends all its time chasing Russian unicorns. The FBI is a total joke. The CIA only sells drugs now. Why do all of our soldiers over the rank of E-3 not have a sidearm at all times, while in uniform.

  5. No wonder. The commander is an effeminate beta male. You've never been more proud? Yet it's a tragedy, which is it? And, the Sheriff "this shows who we are?" Yeah, yall are all dumb asses. Half these agencies are worthless, meaningless, waists of space.

  6. So really that "Yuge" arms deal with Saudi was worth the lives of Khashoggi and these 4 American service members?!? Still accepting the excuses & denial of the royal prince huh?!? Smdh. Disgraceful.

  7. This is a well timed deliberate distraction designed to help the evil Demonrats. It is NO ACCIDENT, it is deliberate by the evil elites in the intelligence comunity!

  8. So sad many of our citizens got killed, when the he’ll we are going to be wise about Islamic terrorism, especially against SOUDIA who are the mother of all the terrorism

  9. Democrats losing at impeachment seems like they are trying to clog up the Media cycle ahead of the IG report with all these shooting think about that if fbi involved it will never come to light


  11. Democrats loosing at impeachment seems like they are trying to clog up the Media cycle ahead of the IG report with all these shooting think about that,and fbi will never tell us the truth. where were guards and mp who should have guns it was a military base

  12. … So, another poor sap deluded by the world's worst and most evil regressive, sexist, racist, pedophilic ideology. glossed as 'islam', this Mohammedanist personality cult and false religion makes victims first of muslims, and then many others.

    i remember when 18 or 19 saudi nationals infected with the same mental delusion did some flight training and then stole 4 passenger jets to use as military jets because their own country was made incapable of making such planes on their own by this retrograde notion, namely Mohammedanism. praying for the families of all hte dead and injured, including the brainwashed shooter.

  13. Too many active shooters and press conferences in 2019! This Country has been compromised since 01. Nothing new to see here!!!!

  14. Sending love and prayers for comfort and healing for the families of the victims and for all those that worked with, knew, and were their friends, and neighbors. The real victims in this tragedy. May this Never happen again.

  15. First it is Americans people’s fault for being lazy in not knowing there enemy and not seeking out the truth over half the people sit like a vegetable in front of there idiot box and believe what ever it says to them. In a Nut shell this is Islam 1 migrate to a region infiltrate there government Change laws to there’s Sharia law enslave and kill all infidels that’s anyone who dosent take Islam faith. And lie cheat steal and kill to the infidels like telling them you love them as your putting bullets in them. Islam is a Trojan horse period. Check out William J Federer what every American needs to know about the Quran. The book and the videos. Michigan and Minnesota are fuqed and anywhere else where there populations are high enough to get them elected. WAKE UP AMERICA.

  16. Are they only Navy personnel involved in the shooting?
    Why did a state Sheriff department get involved? After all it is a DOD Navy Air Station.
    Maybe more service members needs to be trained as military police officers.

  17. When I went into the Marines and went to my primary MOS job I went to Millington Tennessee for my aviation training in 75-76 and I had Iranians that was be Instructed in my class. 4 years later iran took over our Embassy. And jimmy carter did nothing for awhile then when he sent in a team to rescue the prisoners the kidnapped Marines and others that mission failed American lives were taken.
    An all military Force was established for the mission. Should have sent CH-46 helicopters with the means of refueling without a C-130 aircraft. The Marines practice missions for those situations.
    Our government should have kept some CH-46's for missions just like this. My humble and serious Opinion

  18. We Muslims strongly condemn and strongly reject these criminal acts, regardless of their circumstances and whether they are true or fabricated. Our Islamic morals make it necessary for us to denounce such actions. We must condemn this heinous act. However, those who claim idealism have destroyed our country are evil criminals, and we are the only ones who pay the price of terrorism and malicious propaganda.

  19. It Kills me! All this Navy Sr. Officers are talking about heroism of many soldiers and the will to put their lives on the line!, What??!!?" Why? why do they have to put their lives on the line and for WHAT??? For this Politicians who is still cant understand that there more bad muslems then good ones. If anyone follows teachings of Muhammmed then for them we are all expendable! God! never ending story! so tired of this crap!

  20. I went to ATC A School there at the NATTC. Went to Whiting Field right after that and did three years. Nice place up there. LOOK, none of the foreign nationals that were training to fly, EVER carried a weapon. How the hell did he get access to a weapon like that?

  21. Addendum: The point I’m trying to make is that Our Government principally at the hands of the Liberal Demoncraps and a few Republican Cloaks, vote in Programs that have broad reaching and consequences on Americans which include endangering Our Lives, Our Freedoms, and in many instances even Death 💀 of Americans!!!! Sad 😢 so when you have a Government that is of the Liberal Demoncraps, for the Liberal Demoncraps, for the Liberal Demoncrap People, you have Socialism, Communism!!! They pass Programs Bills behind Our Backs=in secrecy!!! See Addendum 2

  22. Addendum 2: How do we learn about these Hidden Programs they passed? Yes that’s correct= when a Horrific Event Takes Place involving Death 💀, Terrorism to expose the (considerations)Socialistic Communistic Passed Programs by the Liberal Demoncraps with a few Cloaked Republicans!!! Sad 😢 if Government continues down this Path, then Our Military Veterans May Have to Consider Anarchy!!!
    It is wrong to pass major Legislation behind constituencies back without a National Vote on all This type of Major Legislation to do otherwise is Communism!!!!

  23. This is more becoming a habitual events in this country, we just talk about it without doing anything for preventive actions.

  24. Amercia need to be honest and hard to trust the way the left kurds who supported amercia and faught aginst isist and then left them for turkey is questionable… We want amercia to remain super power but they should be honest towards allies if they left them then how we Indians trust amercia. Islam redicals will keep on attacking amercia should be deal strongly and stop giving weapons to country like pakistan who epic center of terrorism. India always support amercia and to fight aginst China pakistan India always stand with America and trump need to be clear they gona support their friends or shaddy countries like pakistan who dream attacking Isreal. Rest in peace who lost their life's . Indian air force chief was present their he is safe but sadto hear those lost life and God give strength to families we thankful the way taxas supported sandeep dhaliwal who lost his life for amercia.

  25. How many Saudi's training in Florida does it take to have another 911? 10, 15?,19?

    If this happened in Saudi Arabia they would be aressted, interrogated, and shot and retaliate against offending country. In America and Uk they are givin free tuition and healthcare, and welfare.

  26. "I know the answers to your questions but i dont have the authority to speak on them now" so whay are you up there in front of the cameras and behind the mic? Go away and get someone with some real info.

  27. Earlier Friday, two U.S. officials identified the student as a second lieutenant in the Saudi Air Force,

  28. Security will definitely need to be tightened at ALL military instalations all across the country. If it hurts peoples' feelings or offends them, so be it! Former AF top secret security clearance communications worker at Dobbins AFB, and several others, I can tell you over the years, security wss not as tight as it should have been. In one word, lax. It won't be now, but I'm more afraid of the pendilum effect and others being injured or killed by over reactions to previous events. There needs to be in this country 'a level head' when it comes to security, because too many things can go wrong at the same time from being anal about dominant security. Consistancy is where you gain the best overall protection where all are concerned. Knee jerk reactions are never good. God bless America. 🇺🇸🙏

  29. Yet again – we are training them to kill us. Question – when will they stop killing us. Answer – when we are all dead.

  30. we teach all the other countries on flying and fighter pilot knowledge.. sad that we are dealing with this.. we teach so many!! Its not a good situation..!!! prayers for the victims God Bless America!!!

  31. Time to stop treating SA as an ally! Trump is seen as a kiss ass buffoon which is why SA will keep doing atrocious acts.

  32. I would safely assume that all military installations are on higher alert and may be closed to the public while this investigation continues. As the Sheriff stated, information is known to be fact, however to not risk damaging the investigation some information is withheld temporarily or given out only as a need to know basis! I am a veteran and think security at the bases needs improvement to a degree. However the public deserves to have some access. Just because the suspect was from a foreign country does not warrant changing the training program over this one incident. The ATF and FBI are investigating, then they will share their finding with the military command. This will improve how the military trains.

  33. Once again it prove that China has a better way to deal with Terrorism that avoid the lost of innocent lives. Better for us to learn from china then passing a resolution in US Congress.. wake uo men!

  34. Oh please, no one is shocked. Except for the fact its not one of your own doing it .. usually it is. A mass shooting every single day of they year, sometimes two – 98% American killing Americans. Interesting isn't it, that only this one evokes any real outrage .. I wonder why? No mention of the American serviceman that shot and killed two fellow Americans at Pearl Harbour just 2 days ago. Or the other 20 military base shootings that have happened in the past almost all by fellow serving Americans. Hu-Har! That's what you lot do isn't it, hu'har all over the place to the amusement of everyone else as we wonder wtf is that garbage about?. But I digress . Guess it only matters when racism & bigotry is involved. Only THEN do you care. That's the Mur'Ican way!

  35. FALSE FLAG most likely funded/planned by FBI/CIA. EVERY time a report is due to come out that will shed light on the corruption of the DEMONcrat party is due to come out, this is what happens!


  37. ACTED ALONE MY ASS.. US Marshals helping track down as many as 10 Saudi nat'ls who have gone missing since Fri's terrorist attack on Pensacola air station, as fed investigators suspect the AWOL Saudi enrollees may be tied to Saudi terror cell that infiltrated US Navy installation in FL

  38. The American nation is guilty of spiritual unilateral disarmament. Through the McCollum v. Board of Education, 333 U.S. 203 (1948) US Supreme Court decision this nation began a journey of unilateral spiritual disarmament. We as a nation have given up the spiritual power that is obtained by knowing by heart God’s Ten Commandments in Exodus 20 and Jesus’ teachings as we learn about them in the New Testament of the Bible. We have given up the spiritual power that would be obtained if hundreds of thousands of young military personnel could transmit those instructions to foreign civilian and military trainees coming to this nation. This is how During the September 11 attacks of 2001, 2,977 victims and 19 hijackers were killed and more than 6,000 others were injured. The immediate deaths included 265 on the four planes (including the terrorists), 2,606 in the World Trade Center and in the surrounding area, and 125 at the Pentagon.

    This is how we have had thousands of Americans dying overseas fighting against terrorism. If instead of sending thousands of Americans on harm’s way we could have generated thousands of bible instructors teaching about Jesus in the Middle East, we would never have generated so many senseless deaths in this nation and abroad.

  39. It is insanity to train people who believe in a cult that insists all people, countries, cultures will soon, subjugate ourselves to their Imperialistic religious cult. Theres no reason to train here. They have bases there. We started training them a half a century ago. If they can't do it on their own by now, with all that money, then that's too bad. Why don't we invite the North Koreans over to train, while we're at it?

  40. 15:05 "Hey folks my name is Jason wertamohamteriseverimaoffice we are gonna stop the questioning right now"… What the hell did he say? Who is he? I smell a coverup…..

  41. Hmmmm US citizens spied on TSA groin searched .. I can't bring shampoo on a plane but Akmed can bring a gun on a military base? Does that make sense ?
    So exactly what good is the FBI NSA HLS etc .. They only watch us that have committed no crime… So maybe that's the plan? allow real terror Yell PC so they only put scrutiny on lawful citizens…. Intersection cameras went up over night without any media coverage… Smart devices TVs phones record what you say.. So exactly who are they spying on? Why are they really worried about? The Boston guys were on a watch list a year before the attack??? The same with Chattanooga… Instead of watching how about Faux king deporting? Exactly how is diversity more important than our lives and civil rights?

  42. Military personnel can't carry personal weapons on base but foreign Nationals from a hostile, proven, untrustworthy , military can buy and carry weapons on base while training…EVERY ONE of those…."people" (Saudi group) better still be in custody/lockdown until this act of GROUP TERRORRISM is figured out.

  43. It's official, can not be denied or questioned beyond this video!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This country is dying a slow and painful death right before your eyes. So all of you were told morning of 9-11 a hand full of terrorists walked into a small privately owned flight school in Florida, drop down cold hard US cash and demanded to be taught how to fly a commercial plane but did not need to know or be taught how to land it and they got there wish ! NO QUESTIONS ASKED ! Then they sold you the story they flew 2 of the planes into the world trade buildings, one into the pentagon and one crashed in a corn field. Sound about right? Any one in there right mind would think after this little exercise in humiliation they would re-program the way people get access to planes, any kind of flight training and why in the hell ever again allow a person from the middle east with in 1000 miles of a plane never mind a free pass with walking papers in a military base. And every one now is shocked how this could happen? And why are they training Saudi military how to fly planes any way. Let those rich pricks train there own. They have enough cash to waist building the worlds biggest Disney world play ground for the rich in the middle of a desert so buy there own military. So now the puppet Governor of Florida is telling you just what a special place the base is and how much they care about it. In my world things I like and are special to me I take good care of. Somebody ask Pelosi if maybe it's time to close the borders now. I guarantee there are a hell of a lot more of these terrorists walking around then Washington wants to admit. And why is there a Captain in charge of a Naval Air Station? Needs to be a lot more ass wearing brass to get that place back into proper military condition ! The hell with apologies it's too late, never should have happened! Put every military base into lock down, send back immediately anyone who is not a legal citizen of the US NOW!!!!! And while there at it ask the anti gun folks when they can volunteer to help confiscate the fire arms from all Naval Air Stations. Time to get these priorities straight!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nothing has changed, no news here folks, sloppy business as usual. Doesn't seem to be getting any better now does it??????????

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