9 thoughts on “Permanent Mailing Address Service Provides Window Of Opportunity For Homeless”

  1. Catholic Charities did NOT help me when I was homeless, in fact they only really help illegals. They provide section 8 vouchers for illegals and treat them special
    while just doing the least possible for any American citizen who falls down on their luck. Factual REAL information from a former homeless guy who learned all this the hard way!
    Catholic charities are the modern pharisees that Jesus confronted in the Gospel of Luke. They are nasty hypocrites full of racism and self serving agendas . They are also deceived into
    thinking you can work your way into heaven, ALL a fat lie!

  2. They get people jobs, why are their homeless then? I don't believe they get them jobs. They employ 5 people a day 5 days a week for the year seems like they wouldn't have all these homeless. I bet they just provide services like the government organizations that suck money. If social sercies provided jobs then paying for them wouldn't be a waste of money.

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