Placer County Tax Assistance Program

– This year we had over $527,000 in tax refunds issued
through the VITA program. (upbeat electronic music) The volunteer income
tax assistance program, we’ve been running for
about three years now here in Placer County. Basically the idea is that
we offer free assistance to low income families
and individual tax filers. We help them file their
taxes so that they can get the earned income tax credit back that they’re likely entitled
to from the federal government and from the state government. So, it’s a great program
because it not only helps needy families and needy individuals, but also it puts a lot of money
back into the local economy. – People are walking out
with funds in their pockets that they can use to put
new tires on the car, or get a new car, and so
the fact that it is almost instant gratification
makes it the best way to volunteer, I think. – I got a little under eight
grand back for my tax return mainly from federal, a little from state. I paid off the car. $6,795 in one swoop. (laughs) So, that was really nice I paid off that, and I
paid off a credit card, and I paid off half of another one, so all I have is $500 left in debt, which really helps the
budget a lot, a lot, and it’s freeing too, I
don’t have a car payment. I don’t have a car payment. So that’s like the best feeling ever. That $300 extra a month now is going to be making it so that I can actually save for school clothes, save for myself, little things for the
kids and for me that it’s really kind of opening
up so that I can get more of what they need instead of struggling to get a pair of boots for winter. – The first year we had it was very small, we just had a few
volunteers working with us. We’ve grown it the last two years. This year they expanded a lot with the addition of Sierra College. – It’s very very rewarding
to be a part of something that positively changes people’s lives, and you know, a lot of
these people need the money for different things, they
need to pay things off, they have bills. Just to, you know, you kind of see the relief in the face when you tell them how much they can anticipate getting
back from the program. Yeah, it’s just, it’s really
rewarding and humbling.

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