Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel – Tech Support – Megazord Fight | Episode 15

[Brody] Ninja Blaze Zord Star lock in! Combine, ninja spin! (rock music) Ninja Blaze Megazord ready! Ninja Super Steel Mode, ready! [Typeface] Watch this! My Space Key moves me in space! [Rangers] Whoa! (Typeface laughs) [Typeface] Nah nah! [Brody] Where’d he go? [Typeface] You can’t catch me! (laughs) (Rangers gasp) [Hayley] We need to hold this guy still. [Brody] I know just the way! Astro Zord Star, activate, ninja spin! Ninja Zord Mode, activate! [Typeface] Wha, hey, put me down! [Brody] Begin final attack! [Rangers] Ninja Blaze
Megazord, Ranger blast! (Typeface yells) (Rangers yell) Final attack! [Typeface] I should’ve backed myself up! ♪ Go go Power Rangers, all
together, Power Rangers ♪ (Rangers cheer) [Hayley] Thanks Astro Ninja Zord! [Brody] Show’s over, ninjas win! [Redbot] There’s a call for you. [Brody] Emma! [Calvin] We couldn’t
have done it without you. [Brody] He’s right, you are hereby an official computer ninja. [Rangers] Yeah! Thanks Rangers, happy to help.

61 thoughts on “Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel – Tech Support – Megazord Fight | Episode 15”

  1. Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel Episode 15 Clips:

  2. That keyboard is defeated! 😆

    Shows over, Ninjas win!

    Guys, the Lupin Magnum Robo, Siren-Striker and Victory-Stiker are in coming soon.

  3. I love the fact that Brody and the other Rangers can summon any one of their Zord stars and use them to hold down a monster while they are in another Megazord to help them destroy that particular monster.

  4. That got you nowhere but the junkyard (or scrapyard, depending on how you want to call it), ya short-circuited servo!

    1st edit: Canadian voice actor Mark Oliver would have done that.

  5. Would be cool if they used the virus Typeface used to corrupt the rangers tech and have a villain recreate it, then travek dimensions to Corinth to find catch the Operation Series: Red off guard. They take his morpher, find the remnants of Venjix and use the two to develope the deadly virus Evox in Beast Morphers. But I bet they thought of something cooler heh.

  6. Power red power ranger yellow power ranger pink power ranger white power ranger blue power ranger gold power ranger computer

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