Prayer for Supernatural Weight Loss | Isaiah 61:3

it to this prayer for Supernatural weight loss and what is this all about let me kind of set it up and how it started and I was working on my book the one that I just finished the the actual manuscript and it's called glory carriers and that'll be out with chosen books next spring let's book number three the intercessor Sam but seeing the supernatural and then in the spring I'll have glory carriers and so I was working through this book I was finishing that final chapter and I was really pressing in on looking at some of the more unusual manifestations of glory and I was just looking at this one in particular about supernatural weight loss I thought that's an interesting miracle that God would actually do that kind of miracle for people where they actually trim down like supernaturally you know drop a pant size or two as some of them their whole pants would drop off I was looking at some of the videos and reading some of the testimonies that that was the most interesting thing I've ever seen I don't know if I know anybody who's actually experienced supernatural weight loss and so I decided I'm gonna ask some people on Facebook have some private groups that I like to bounce stuff off of there you know ask them these questions because they're the type that will give you some good feedback and so I dropped it into like two or three groups you know has any of you ever experienced a supernatural weight loss where the Holy Spirit came upon you and you actually like lost weight somehow you know and like it was very very noticeable and well I was starting to get these testimonies that came in and they're really really amazing Rose for example she said she watched it happen in a conference in Spokane Washington that a man like literally shrunk before their eyes she said David Herzog was was the one that was leading that meeting and then another lady named pinky she said she was she was actually in a shelter as a Christian shelter and that she woke up the next morning she had dropped four sizes between the night in the morning and it was a supernatural thing and she went from a size 18 to size 14 and so you know it's just kind of real interesting and then another gentleman his name is Richard he sent a video and he was ministering in Mexico this was really fascinating and he prayed or there was a woman there and though a woman and a husband you know husband wife and the woman heard the voice of the Lord in the morning or before the conference something like that and the Lord asked her you know what would you like me to do for you and she said that no nothing I don't need anything I'm okay and then this man Richard he got in real strong and pressure from the Holy Spirit to go to her and actually pray for her and he asked her he says would you like me to pray for you to lose weight now I know most women would be offended at the mere thought of that but she wasn't and she said okay and he prayed for her and from the night to the next morning she had she had lost seven inches from the night to the next morning and so I seen this video of her and her husband and they're testifying about this and then they showed pictures of her shoes because her feet in a trunk as well so she couldn't wear any of her shoes because she had lost a couple shoe sizes at the same time and then I had another testimony from Donna Grisham at Sid Roth's is supernatural and she said that again that gentleman David Herzog was on the show and they were talking about supernatural weight loss and I guess that's one of the miracles that you see in his meetings and and he just encouraged people you know if you want to lose weight right now to say it's mine in Jesus name it's Adonis she's a producer she says it's mine in Jesus name and apparently a pair of pants that she tried on before the show couldn't even couldn't even touch it couldn't put it on the next day she could totally put it on and she put it on so easily it was it was definitely a miracle and then she said I just kept losing weight and then it was so noticeable that Sid Roth actually had her testifying one of his radio shows you know it's nice of some of these people like you don't actually know them and and that they've actually experienced supernatural weight loss and so I just started asking questions on my facebook this really where this whole thing began I just was like research I was interesting to me I wondered if people had ever experienced it before I started to feel the unction of the Holy Spirit I just started feeling the compassion of God the the heart of the Father in regards to this and I started you know just seeing the struggle that people go through in regards to their weight and then some of the mean comments that came through or people said well you just need to stop your bad habits and others were saying you just need a diet and exercise and I'm thinking if it's that easy then why are so many people having weight problems I mean if it's just that easy just suck it up and do it okay I think there's got to be more to this now I I'm a person that I believe in and eating right and and and stewarding your body well and all of that I don't advocate you know mistreating your body you know and everything but I have come to realize especially you know looking at everybody's story that it's not just it's not as simple as diet and exercise for a lot of people that there's spiritual issues there's emotional issues tremendous emotional issues there's health issues that that you know cause weight gain you just can't get it off and it's kind of like this the cycle that people get into and so I just started researching it and looking at it and then I did a facebook like I said I'm gonna test this thing out because I feel a compassion of God I feel the anointing of God and I'm actually starting to feel it right now start to come on let's just let's just talk to the Holy Spirit right now Holy Spirit we just honor you right now as the spirit of Christ as a spirit of glory as the one that has come to dwell with us and rest upon us and be inside of us those of us who believe in Jesus Christ have made Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior and we just invite you right now to do miracles in our lives to do what we never thought was possible that we've never perhaps even heard about before but you are a good god you are gracious you are fantastic and and you know what is really needed you know the root issues and so we just invite you to come right now and to do the miracles and do the miraculous and so anyway I was just really you know touched by the people's stories that it kept getting into my inboxes and stuff and I thought you know I need to pray into this I needed it I needed to push the envelope on this and so I did this Facebook live last week and the testimonies that came in were incredible you know and it's like my first time I've ever even prayed for this so I was shocked at how many people lost five pounds overnight I mean think about it it's not just one or two pounds you know like a little water weight or whatever I went talking five pounds okay losing five pounds overnight had another gal she lost three inches off of her waist would be one of the night in the morning I'm still getting people singing their their testimony is that now the pants that they couldn't wear they can now wear them the real tight ones the ones that you can't even button like it's like there's no there's no go in there because you can't even get it on can't even you can't even zip II can't but it well they're wearing those pants now okay and like God just did a miracle but was really I'm touching with people that begin to cry when he begin when the Lord began to touch the root issues because there's a lot of emotional issues and why people are eating the way that they do why they are compulsively eating what's going on with and there's a lot of root issues you know and people are sending in their surges a lot of health issues people who are sending in their authority one woman in particular the reason she was having problem with her weight as an adult woman it started in childhood and she said I could share some of the details of this it started and childhood and her father was obsessed with thin women you know like like every woman around him had to be thin it was really kind of you know obsessive and so she was put on a diet when she was 11 years old and so she began to just really you know manipulate that you know how how its teenagers they do you know it's like you can put me on a diet I'm like you know a teenager your like I can't eat okay so it became a lifelong struggle and and so you know that was one of the stories that came and I actually know this person I was just really shocked I didn't know that that was such an issue for and why what was behind the eating what was behind the weight and then I had another person send me a note and I know this person as well and and the issue was they started to gain weight on purpose as a new as a newlywed and the reason for that is they begin to notice that other married men she said other married men were looking at her and looking at her less fully and it really like it really troubled her and so to to combat it she started putting on weight on purpose and so I said I know back to her I said that's a pretty extreme reaction to to somebody else's lust towards you you know or what you perceive to be somebody else's lesser you that's a really extreme reaction well digging into it a little bit more it turned out that her father had actually had an affair and I said oh okay so you don't want to be the other woman is that what the issue is and that was like the sweet spot that was the the tearjerker that was what the real issue was behind her weight because she didn't want to be and it's all psychological – all emotional she didn't want to be the other woman and so she began putting on weight – to stop that cycle from happening it was a really weird thing and then I got all these testimonies of women who had put on weight like as teenagers as young girls as teenagers they put on weight on purpose so they wouldn't be sexually preyed on they wouldn't be a target for predators and I heard that story over and over and over again I said it's time to be free it's time to let the Lord be your shield and your reward okay and so that's something that the Lord wants to free you from if that's you on this periscope right now like you put weight on because you didn't want to be preyed on you didn't want to be you know lusted Durand so you used weight as your safety okay and I again I it's such a strange thing we think well that really happens I heard so many stories like that okay I want you to know that that the Lord wants you to make an exchange right now he wants you to he was saying to you that he's your safety and he'll protect you make him your shield and he'll be your reward okay we read about that verse in Genesis that that he told Abraham I'm your shield I'm your exceedingly great reward okay but the shield and the reward go together so we make him our shield he's our safety we don't have to put on weight to be safe we don't have to make herself ugly on purpose to be safe okay we make him our we make my reward so that we can actually look like daughters of the king alright so I want to bring that to you I believe that he's doing something in you right now that he's giving you just first of all he's awakening your understanding as to why you do what you do and he's saying you don't have to do that anymore okay so some of the health issues that came in were hormonal imbalances thyroid issues adrenal issues and this was after the fact I didn't even see the scripture until after the fact is is that I began to realize that there was a spirit at work and what's the spirit that's at work it's the spirit of heaviness and what I believe that the Lord wants to do is he wants to give you garments a noop noop of new praise Isaiah 61 3 he wants to give you garments of new praise and he wants to deal with the spirit of heaviness okay and so and it's like where people have chronic fatigue who have fatigue issues I got tested several testimonies that people were the fatigue lifted off of him one of them came from the husband one of the pastor's here she or he told me today that on the Facebook live as I was praying into chronic the that the holy spit really came upon him and that fatigue lifted off of p.m. and he doesn't have the problem like he's totally his energies all come back and so I believe the Lord is dealing with the chronic fatigue because it really is a spirit of heaviness and it can show up his hormone imbalances thyroid issues adrenal issues you know and then it makes you makes you tired make sure you lethargic there are people that got up and ran one lady she ran all the way around the block she hasn't been able to do that at all another person got it but she started dancing she hasn't been able to do that at all because of the fatigue and she was set free because the spirit of heaviness was being dealt with okay and so those are the health issues you know we talked about the emotional issues and we talked about the spiritual issues so if you're ready with me right now we're gonna go ahead and begin to pray but one thing that I did neglect and this is because I just forgot it but I'm gonna bring it in is I learned this from a Katie Souza video and she too have dealt with the season of weight gain and her remedy what the Lord spoke to her was right out of numbers chapter 5 and this is about the woman that was suspected of adultery and so the husband takes her to the priest and the priest makes her drink bitter water and if she was guilty then the bitter water would cause her belly to swell well the equation that Katie Souza made was that that bitterness caused your belly to swell and her whole her whole the emotional problem that was behind her weight gain was her bitterness at other people and so she had to go through a whole process of releasing people from bitterness because that was why she was gaining weight and when she began to release people that she was bitter toward she began to actually slim down and so the first thing we want to do right now is number one we want to forgive those that we are bitter toward okay and one of the things you have to remember is God will take care of your heart a lot of times we hold on these issues we hold on to bitterness we hold on to unforgiveness because we think that God won't take care of her heart we want them to be punished before we release them from our own heart and I want you to reverse that I want you to trust the Lord step over the threshold of trust and a lot of this is going to be stress stepping over thresholds and trusting the Lord in ways that you have not trusted him before I'm going to trust you with my heart I'm gonna give away that bitterness I'm gonna trust you to be my shield you know and I'm not going to do things to protect my own self you know like that are unhealthy and not not not healthy for me and I'm gonna let you be my healer at the same time okay and so um hang on just a minute and so we're gonna go ahead and we're gonna first thing we're gonna do is we're gonna forget okay so right now let's just go ahead and come before the Lord the Lord Jesus Christ and begin to release people from bitterness it might be your mother your father it might be an ex it might be your current spouse but we're gonna release them right now and we're gonna we just become people with the Lord and we we forgive every person that has hurt us burned us I've done evil to us done it on purpose we forgive them and we let them go we release them to you Jesus and we actually pray for our enemies we pray blessing upon them everybody that said things against um that said we were ugly that said we were fat that said we were we're no good and and you know we took that in and we started turning on ourselves we just release them to you right now and we just trust you Jesus with our heart you're the healer of the broken heart we give to you our heart right now and we just thank you that you're gonna heal those places and lord I just pray over every person that's praying this with me right now lord I just thank you that you're healing them a bitterness you're actually uprooting the bitterness from that not only uprooting the bitterness from them Lord but you're uprooting what's underneath their weight gain and Lord I just speak to their bellies right now that the swollen bellies are actually shrinking they're actually coming back into proper shape the that you intended for them in the name of Jesus Christ now we've forgiven other people now we want to forgive ourselves that's another thing we want to release ourselves from self condemnation bitterness against our own self we turn against our own self and then we you know act against our own self alright so in the name of Jesus I just forgive myself I released myself from shame I released myself from guilt I released myself from condemnation Jesus we thank you that there is no condemnation because we are in you and condemnation does not exist for us and so we thank you Lord we we set our own selves free in Jesus name Holy Spirit just invites you to come into those places right now we command the weight to go we command it to melt off we command minds to change in Jesus name now I want to pray over you you have problems with the fatigue the fatigue is like you can't even exercise you can't walk you can't get up you can't you can't even be physically fit because you can't move I just command the spirit of heaviness to leave you right now I command that that spirit of fatigue to leave you I command your adrenals your thyroid your hormones to get balance right now in Jesus name and I just speak the the the strength of the Lord into your body and I just speak right now as we are waiting upon the Lord that you will run and you'll not be weary you will walk and you won't think and your getting up right now you're getting energy is coming into your body right here and right now you're being delivered you're being set free in the name of Jesus if that's you right now I want you to get up I want you to dance I want you to get up I want you to do some jumping jacks do something that you couldn't do before go run around the block do what you couldn't do before because he is setting you free from fatigue and he's setting you free from from the spirit of heaviness in the name of Jesus Christ and so I just want you right now to just just do it again do what you couldn't do before do it again and and lord I just pray for person that has used weight as their protection they've used it to protect themselves the stories that I've already shared earlier they've been using it to self protect I want you right now to go ahead and let that go release it to the Lord let him be your protector let him there you go someone saying you setting me free from fatigue and heaviness amen okay do what you couldn't do let him be your protector let him be the one who's your shield let him be your reward you don't have to self protect anymore we just speak to those hormone imbalances I just say be free be free someone says I'm feeling more energy some of you you'll actually feel a heat or you'll feel a cold I could didn't understand the people that were feeling cold on their bodies and somebody said that they have a new procedure where they freeze your fat off I didn't know anything about that so you might be feeling heat a burden on your body right now you might be feeling cold on your body if you're feeling cold on your body that's a fat freeze and somebody said give it two weeks that's what I heard okay so whatever but you might be feeling heat on your body your pants might be loosening you'll definitely yeah that's it CoolSculpting that's what I heard in the morning is what I've seen most people they reported in the biggest changes from the night to the morning like five pounds inches that have come off of n pants they couldn't wear the day before now they can wear them easily the next day and so I just released that miracle over your life right here right now and I look forward to your testimony right now and one of the things I want you to I want you to do is I want you to share this with friends you think are going to need this kind of this kind of prayer because you might have to listen to it more than once okay yes somebody said they're crying god bless you you know Lord just wash those emotions free are feeling cold there you go feeling cold looking at feeling energy that's right okay so just just reported what I'm looking for is what happens tomorrow and what happens next week find me on my facebook and send me your testimonies some people they I coach them on how to take pictures you know you just tuck in your shirt and then you take a picture how far your pants can kind of come out and then you know give it a few days and then your pants should come out a lot further you could take a picture and do them side by side and show your friends that Jesus is a healer he's so much of a healer you'll even heal your way all right thank you so much for joining me today for Supernatural weight loss prayer and again watch this over and over or watch the one on Facebook share it with your friends share your testimony with your friends this is a testimony of Jesus and we just thank you Jesus and we thank you Lord that you are a good god you're so good you'll even melt the weight away and you'll take heaviness away from us in Jesus name we thank you amen

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  1. Help me Jesus be my safety, shield & reward.🙏💕 Isa 61:3 new praise. Weight, energy, tired. #5 remove bitterness, I forgive all and release. Step over threshold. Be my healer.

  2. My weight is mainly on my thighs so I look older than I am and I get hit on so much!!I believe that the Lord will work a miracle in my life about my weight❤️

  3. John 10:10  The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. Thank you dear Jesus for promise of abundant life. It is mine, even Supernatural Weight Loss.

  4. Since menopause I've gained 30 lbs. & it's so hard to get it off & keep it off 🙁 Lord Jesus please help me to safely take these 30 lbs off for good. Thank you Dear God through your son Jesus in the miracle of the Holy Spirit. Amen!

  5. lyme disease has damaged everything to make it impossible in the natural to lose weight. i am believing for total healing and losing the 84 lbs that i have gained since being diagnosed with lyme disease and co infections. It all came on in 20 lb increments over a couple of months each time since 1998. No matter how healthy i eat, weight does not go. I can't exercise, and i have eaten healthy for so long people even use to make fun of me before eating healthy became more common… pray for me please. i am a praying faith believer, use healing scripture, and tried everything in the natural that is possible…

  6. I put on weight and dressed down no makeup jeans and t-shirt to keep the advances not perceived but blatantly expressed by married or just undesirable types of men. I repent for trusting self devices for protection not even thinking God would protect me. I completely know He is and will.

  7. Hallelujah The holy spirit is melting my fat away! Never again will I deal with this in Jesus name amen! Thank you Father for this blessed woman of God having compassion on those who have been bound like myself release miracles over her in Jesus name amen

  8. AMEN and expecting absolute supernatural weight loss. I've tried to lose weight for over 25 years & it's never more that 10-12lbs. & I need 100 lbs gone🔥🔥🔥Right I've tried it all, relentlessly for weight loss, I've done many of the things you have mentioned. BUT JESUS you're my shield and my reward. expecting this now! it's time it's mine🙏🙏in JESUS' NAME!!!& release from spirit of heaviness too, go now! no more fatigue. Cut off those root issues! thank YOU JESUS, thank YOU JESUS, thank YOU JESUS!😢😭😢😭

  9. Pray am able loss Wright whole body arms be toned, legs toned, stomach be flat, loss back fat , face slime tone amen 100lb I forgive everyone hurt me & I hurt anyone they forgive me🕊🙌🏼 I for giving myself

  10. For the last few years I have struggled with weight…my thyroid is whached out so I take meds for that but even when I've gone to a dr and had the shots, the pills the very strict diet…protein shakes, the exercise….which I HATE… bla, bla, bla…after 3 months I had lost 5 lbs but gained 4 back…the dr asked me if I had considered that my "body was happy at this weight"!!! REALLY???? SO…I STILL struggle…

  11. I know the Lord led me to your video today. Thank you for blessing me. I receive what God has given to you to impart in me. God bless you. Again thank you so much.

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