Priceless Motivation Tip (Find the Self Serving Motive)

All of us experienced difficulty feeling motivated to do certain things. When this is the case, it feels like drudgery. We can’t get the energy to do it, and doing it feels like
it depletes us instead. I teach a lot about how important it is to do the things that really
do motivate you intrinsically. But today I’m going to
give you another tool. There’s a way to actually
intentionally and consciously stir up inspiration. So that even when you’re doing something “you don’t really want to do”, doing that thing can actually fill you with energy
instead of deplete you. And you can actually
feel motivated to do it. Find the Self Serving Motive Being incarnated into
an individual identity, people are naturally focused on their own best interests. They’re naturally focused
on whatever gives to them. Now when it comes to motivation in this particular tip, what you’re going to do
is work with this tendency for people to be self-interested instead of against it. What you’re going to
do is intentionally find the self-serving motive that would allow you to feel
inspired to do that thing. Doing this boils down to an intention or a goal. So you can understand this concept, I’m going to give you a
whole bunch of examples. In this first example, let’s say that somebody doesn’t really like being a helper. The idea of helping someone isn’t something that resonates with them. But let’s say that this person loves problem solving. If somebody asks this person for help, obviously, they’re not going to
feel inspired to do it. The motivation is not going to be there. But if they reframe this so that they can see it as an opportunity to become even better at problem solving, and that’s the intention or
the goal they go into it with, suddenly they feel the
motivation to do it. Suddenly, they’re getting
something out of it. Suddenly, pouring that energy
into “helping” someone, is actually feeding right back into them. Now, from the outside it would look like this
person is being a helper. But really what they’re doing, what their focus is on is honing their skill of problem solving. Another example is that somebody might feel completely unmotivated to do errands. But they might be completely motivated to create a sense of autonomy. Now if their purpose for going on errands is to figure out how to become more autonomous in life, then they will suddenly feel motivated to go on those errands. Another example is that a person might feel completely
unmotivated to cook, especially given all of the beliefs
they have around cooking based on their childhood. But maybe this person loves to create art. If they reframe this so they begin to look at
all of the ingredients that could be included in
whatever dish they’re making, as if they’re artistic elements or artistic mediums, suddenly, they’re not cooking, they’re creating art. Then they’ll feel motivated to cook. Another example, a person may absolutely hate conflict. When conflict occurs,
they’re just like: “Yeah, and that is not
happening right now.”(exit) Well this person might actually find that they’re completely
motivated towards creating a sense of safety within themselves. When this is the case, they might be able to see that avoid in the conflict entirely is just gonna lead to more unsafety and so suddenly they feel a commitment to staying there for as long as it takes for the sake of creating or intentionally consciously creating, their own safety. Safety within social connections. Another example, any of us who have played sports know that there’s parts of
playing sports that are awesome and parts that let’s say, that
we have less confidence in. Now if a person’s overall intention is to become the very best
that they can at that sport and that’s what their intention is, suddenly they feel motivated to do even the parts of the
sport that they don’t like. Another example, a person might feel completely and totally unmotivated to do the dishes, after all chores suck, right? But maybe this person
is completely motivated towards meditative practices that bring them into the now. If this is their intention, they can actually use this experience
of washing the dishes, not for the sake of
taking care of the chore, but for the sake of turning it into a meditative practice
of getting into the now. They can pay very special attention to the feeling of the water
flowing over their hands, they can pay attention to the smells and the sounds of doing the dishes. They can go very slowly
and deliberately at it. Keeping themselves with what
they’re doing right here and now. They can watch the way that the light
refracts off of the suds and soap bubbles. Because that’s their intention, suddenly, there’s a motivation
to do the dishes. Another example, somebody may absolutely
hate to go to work. They don’t like working for money, but they must love the feeling of abundance. Now if creating that feeling of abundance is something that actually motivates them and that’s the intention with
which they walk into work, suddenly they feel motivated
to go to work for money. This kind of motive reframing is something that successful people
do naturally and automatically. To start this habit, make a list of what currently
really motivates you. Something you’re committed to for your own sense of well-being
and personal benefit. Then see if any of those
things on the list can be found in the things
that you don’t like to do. Another accessory to this
motivational exercise is when you dislike something immensely, try to find somebody who loves it. Try to put yourself
into their perspective. Try to see through their eyes and through their experience, deep into understanding what exactly this person sees
in this activity or the thing that you don’t see. You just might grow a whole
new appreciation for that thing. In every situation that you
find yourself unmotivated, see if you can find something
Inherent in that situation that really does motivate you and really does feel
like it’s in alignment with your personal best interests. In other words, find things that interest you
within the things that don’t. You can find a goal that
motivates you within anything. It can even be a goal to not have a goal while doing something. When you find a goal or set an intention that
really does motivate you, even when you’re doing the things that you wouldn’t at face value
necessarily want to do, doing those things will
fill you with energy, instead of deplete you. Have a good week.

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  1. Looooove you ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’š

  2. You're really special. You're points of view are something I've never though about! And they always come to me in divine timing

  3. Another idea you can do is combine a productive/helpful and or enjoyable activity with any activities you don't like and that don't require much focus or attention. For example, listen to a podcast or lecture of some kind while you're cleaning the dishes or exercising. Not only does it achieve two things simultaneously and increases productivity, efficiency and saves time, you also distract yourself from and thus avoid experiencing the unpleasantness of it by focusing on something that mentally, emotionally or spiritually 'nourishes' and benefits you. And if you're doing it while exercising you will improve and maintain your health simultaneously which is even more beneficial.

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    Learn to pronounce
    the right or condition of self-government.

  5. I don't really pay much attention to law of attraction. My conscious intention is the law of the land. I decide to know and the universe sends the info. I have won the game. There is no problem I can't solve and no experience I can't have. I feel I have planned for eons to be here now to be part of this experience. It is so awesome. I can hardly contain the joy as I participate in the changing of the ages.

  6. I know what you're saying, and it helps me however I find it difficult to focus the 1st or 2nd time listening, because I'm distracted in how beautiful you are! OMG, I wanna make luv to you!

  7. Teal just accomplished the goal of literally hundreds of thousands of therapist and over hundreds of hours of therapy in the span of six minutes.

  8. Very powerful yet it was right in front of our noses, just reframe and perspective take! Now we'll have to train our mind to do this…. ๐Ÿ’ก

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  10. I am like an ox ๐Ÿ‚. I am always plowing the field of labor of one sort or another. I am motivated by faith. Without faith my life is basically worthless. I am a great worker who inspires everyone who works with me. I am a great helper because I know how to work as a helper. I learned that when you donโ€™t own the company you better know how to help out or youโ€™re fired! I live in a constant state of prayer. I need isolation for this blessing. Working meditation is a Buddhist concept that Teal is teaching. Focus on the immediate task at hand and concentrate on every sense. Pay attention or youโ€™ll cut your own damn finger off playing with a saw. I never am happy with my own life and job but through prayer and hard work itโ€™s relatively worthwhile.

  11. few years ago I … guess I had a break down, threw away everything that didn't serve me including my job without any thought of repercussion or loss, I suddenly didn't care about anyone's opinion of me and I turned my back on most of what I was motivated into doing and walked away. I learned how to grow Cannabis and I haven't looked back, I didn't have to make motivation, that is how I got to my breakdown by motivating myself into being something I am not, you are absolutely right but make damn sure your motivation is something you want and can handle long term or it will be an act. Now I am abundance

  12. I love Interior design and I don't always enjoy cleaning but if I imagine I am redecorating my spaces it makes it interesting for me. I like this video. Excellence. ๐ŸŒป

  13. Reality is ALWAYS "where you are looking from".
    Instead of just being a player in the drama of life, we can also be a director, as Teal illustrates. That bit was missing from Shakesperes famous quote.

    Bottom line is, projecting or anticipating feelings is a whole different level than actually experiencing. Be a human BEing, as opposed to a human ANTicipating…

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  15. Meaning and responsibility in various degrees seems to be at the base of reframing? Because even when you reframe to for instance to hone your skills at problem solving that skill benefits the person you help because then you can pass on the mind structure to them so your skill can potentially become theirs. That's a good thing not a self serving only intention…

  16. Love love love…so much insight!! I will get thru this(what im going thru) leave unhelthy ppl to be, instead of trying to understand them,, not everyone self reflects. They have an agenda, to push others down, it gives them a sick sense of pwer over. When they push you to the point of crying, the smirk, pleasure on their face! I am away from it now. I am low, currently. Not allowing others to define me. Thank you Teal, you are a true gift, much appreciation!!๐Ÿ˜Š

  17. This is gold! Thank you for bringing this fresh perspective! And it's like you spoke to me directly on All of the examples ๐Ÿ˜‚ gratitude and love โœจ๐ŸŒน๐Ÿ’ซ๐Ÿ•Š๏ธ๐Ÿ’›๐ŸŒˆ

  18. u might wanna take that down

  19. It's odd this comes up, because I was thinking about motivation and why I lack it, it's been a big issue recently. More proof perspective shapes your reality.

  20. Love the truth in this video but as an artist that hates cooking I've tried for years to see it as art but I can't get motivated to do "art" that only lasts as long as it takes for me to eat it. Its always too much work for not a big enough payoff. Food that other people cooked is still my favorite food and I don't think I can trick myself out of that.

  21. What you are actually doing here is finding something that is actually and truly worthy to you in that thing you didn't want to do. It isn't about tricking yourself into doing something, it is about finding the value. This turns into a habit, a habit that a lot of people have used to find all kinds of success in all kinds of areas. You are looking for that one sizable gold nugget in that cold muddy river.

  22. Perfect! I HATE washing dishes! My โ€œsayingโ€ when such subject arises is โ€œI would rather clean your toilet with a toothbrush!โ€ Iโ€™m practicing being in The Now – this was just Perfect… THANK YOU!

  23. Whenever I get into conversation with people about why they have the motivation to do things that I don't, it always ends in me changing their perspective on their own lives and leaving me even more screwed! ๐Ÿ˜…

  24. And if you do it repeatedly chances are it will become a habit. This happened to me, I used to hate making exercices and going to the gym, but I love the feeling of overcoming my limits, so I started running at the gym 1 more minute everyday, so I started feeling awesome daily because it was pretty easy to run 1 minute more than the day before. Today I need to go to the gym or I feel like I'm letting something important behind, it became automatic. I also love the feeling of finishing things, so I try to use that mindset to do dozens of reports I need to do every week.

  25. This was really priceless. Thank you. It helpes me a lot with keeping focus in the here and now. On which I am working very hard latley. Lots of love.

  26. I dont like studying, it seems too dificult, also i need ro study at least 4,5 hours a day. What do i do. As soon as i open the book its like heavy feeling. How do i firstly understand then remeber all of that?

  27. I hate to study, but I love acting. Guess I'll make my life a movie about a girl who loves studying and becomes the best in the class!!

  28. I am motivated by:
    – Looking beautiful and being perceived as such
    – Being given credit/recognition for an accomplishment
    – Successfully living up to a high moral code and idealistic character traits
    – Being first/winning

  29. Your the meaning in my life
    Your my inspiration
    You give meaning to my life
    Your my inspiration
    When you love somebody
    Till the end of time
    When you love somebody
    Always on your mind
    Lol ha ha ha
    Have a great day. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  31. When i didnt get judged for that wat i was or what i am. Why noone of the "spiritual" community wanted to interact, and help me, getting healed and a plattform? That dosent make sense, when my data was more akkturate then yours all and you validated it. So why, was this young boy with spirtual, energetic issues not worth it to get helped by the "Masters" of this planet? what gave arcturs ra, tea swan andrew bartitz & eckhart tolle, th confidence, not to write back and interact? Research it! Drunvalo supports a childish bald head, sci fi nerd, contaminating young spirtual seekers with a ufo feetish and unharmonic frequencys, but i am to disrespectful to get heared for being angry becouse all of you disrepect our first ancestors by calling they rapers , gods??

    Please send this to all people, who have seen my post concidering drunvalos reaction towards a young man awakening to god powers and wisdom and getting attacked by demons becouse of the homeostatic satanic energy of this planet.

  32. Drunvalo is using the parenting tools of the highest counssesnes (shaman) to decide over the spirtual development of this civilisation. by telling you all, im not worth it talking with, he blocked, a spirtual master from fulfilling his purpose in the most efficent way. deciding over a civlisation as the shaman, is only possible by acting like a mother or a father, but wich father would ban one of his children of his civilisation and tell the others hes not worth it, just to continoue with that, what the child says and others of his civilisation think is wrong. u cant block real and free spirtuality just becouse it feels comfortable after spending years sitting infront of a computer an writing books & making videos. becouse getting this kind of trust of the others, includes a similar amount of responsibility espescielly when u say that your right and your students believe you. So dont ever use the tools of the shaman over a global tribe, when u just prefer the priveliged ones becouse u only are expiernced in dealing with western issiues and illusions. This got nothing to do with being a Master. Masters always have been alignt with the aether , so they would know, that , training people in Chi & material arts, would be in this times of satanic powers more efficent then in making youtube tutorials of how to connect with demons. And if you dont believe me then remeber, what happened to us in the future, by refering to the film matrix, we landed under the earth becouse all of the "masters" of western civilisation accapted the satanists as they Goverment & leaders.
    skull & bones -> Bilderberg -> Goverment -> Google -> Youtube -> Gaia Plattform. (you know that) so this is the proof, that all of your work would be deminished in 100 years becouse u didnt fight the devil you accepted him and created Satan accepting Taxpayers instead of Authentic strong Beings with no fear to face their biggest enemy in your "SCHOOLS"
    If a Demon, blocks God, from reaching all of his kids, the thunder will , take him, and the children will realise, that the demon, was the one who made them lose their true divinity and purpose.

  33. Teal , in the last 2 weeks we met twice in the astral realm , in the first one , you came to me as you and then you switched into a dragonfly blue one , as blue as your backround ๐Ÿ˜€ , and in the second one we we're dressed in rainbow colours . obviously the dreams are more complex , but i m gonna resume it to that . both times you were to me as a soul friend , assisting and guiding me thorugh the journey . and i wanna give thank's in this physical realm as well . much love and appreciation , thank you beautiful soul . wholeness <3

  34. Dear teal swan, i wish to have care and dirty sex all day with you. I am willing to defend your honor and kill many men and children for you. Talk to communicate on astral plane

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