Providing Assistance To Our Veterans

We started this about three years ago. It’s a United Way program that serves our active-duty service members, veterans,
and their families. The very simple thing that a family member needs to do or
active-duty service member or a veteran they just need to call 2-1-1. When they
call, when a veteran calls in, or a family member of an active duty service member, we ask a very important question: “Has anyone served in the military in the household?”
The reason we ask “has anyone served in the military?” is sometimes females and
individuals that did not serve in combat don’t think of themselves as veterans,
especially the older population, the post Korean War veterans, or post Vietnam War veterans. They don’t think of themselves as veterans so we were missing the
mark at collecting that information and being able to help the veteran that’s in
the household. CANDACE: What are some of the most popular types of calls that you get?
JEREMY: Financial assistance, that’s usually the top one or two, so that’s electric
assistance, rent, water assistance. So their power is already off or
it’s about to be off; they’re in dire need.

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