Quentic promotes health & safety and self-management at Assistor-Uuttera

I am Jouko Parviainen.
I work at Assistor-Uuttera as occupational safety
manager in Hanko, Finland. I’m responsible for the cities
Hanko, Turku and Espoo. I have worked at
Assistor-Uuttera for 22 years. In Hanko and Turku, Assistor-Uuttera
offers import services as well as arrival and
quality control for vehicles. We equip cars for importers
and resellers. In addition, we
provide tax-related and informational services. Before Quentic, we struggled
with finding a tool to use for accident and safety
observation reporting. It was a big challenge. The threshold for
creating them was high. Quentic lowered that
threshold for us. With Quentic, employees have begun
to report their safety observations directly in the system
without further prompting. Since implementing, we now
have a tool to report safety observations,
follow up on them and to investigate root causes
and corrective actions. Not to forget
reporting and analytics. If a company needs to develop
safety management processes and to improve their
safety observation and accident reporting, I would say that Quentic
is an excellent tool for that.

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