41 thoughts on “Rap God – Eminem (REACTION! by metalheads)”

  1. Ya'll need to react to all of his older diss tracks, like Bully, The Sauce, The Warning, Quitter, Nail in the Coffin ⚰ etc… They are still BRUTAL!

  2. To "Metalhead Reactions" – I get it, but really it shouldn't have "been Lars", because then there might not have been a band after that, he was the one that kept it going & wanted to do the bass auditions in the 1st place. So they might have stopped then & no 'Justice', etc. Who knows what Cliff'd had done after that. I know it's just a shirt & "in jest" or whatever 😋, but I just had to give my "2 cents", because I like how they turned out, even tho I kinda wish Jason was still around.

  3. Please react on indian rap "FREEVERSE FEAST (DAWAT){EXPLICIT}"…It has english subtitle & first half is in english

  4. it's ok man, chill… of course you're going to miss the bars , just don't say it's trash because you missed it then it's cool

  5. If you guys like fast rap you should react to “ edge of destruction” Tech9 /Twista/ MGK!!! The best part they can do it live too!!

  6. K.A.A.N did a remix to rap God and its insane. Not a huge amount of content but his breathe control is insane!

  7. Get it girl! She's on top of it. Your slow ass thinking husband should watch these fast one's 2x or read along with lyrics etc.

  8. You know someone's a GREAT writer when people have to re-listen to each song several times and STILL need to analyze the lyric sheet to try to catch all the word play mixed into song.
    Liked and sub'd.
    Check out Jay-Z/Linkin Park "Numb/Encore" from the mash-up album they made together called "Collision Course". It was a really cool collaboration project.
    Otherwise, great job and I'll see y'all in the comments of future vids.

    Rock on guys.

  9. Could you react to harry shotta – animal please, this is very different as its drum and bass rapper from england and he beat eminems record of the most words in one song!!

  10. Guy's you should have to be react on eminem Lucky you and not alike and in both song you will know it who's the bosss 😉👉🎤🎤🎤 pliz pliz react to both song

  11. Trust me … nobody gets all the punch lines in 1st listen … and with Eminem, some of them have triple or quadruple meaning

  12. You should react to a song called Campaign Speech, then follow it up with the Lyricology 101 video that breaks down the rhyme schemes, technical skills, and some meanings of what Eminem is saying throughout the song. The song itself is impressive, but the Lyricology 101 host is very knowledgeable and very good at giving a thorough accounting for the amount of thought, effort, and pure ability that goes into one of Eminem's more pure displays of talent. The song itself is pretty much Eminem playfully sharpening his sword, in terms of how casually he seems to do things with words, syllables, rhymes, patterns, structures, punchlines, and cadence that are beyond high level even for the most advanced lyricists. He's well aware that he is on a very short list of "best in the world" and he literally records a song where he, seemingly with no effort, outraps pretty much all the best artists for 7 minutes straight for the fun of doing it, and no other reason.

  13. Could you react to 8 mile ending rap battles? Obviously though this contains spoilers for the movie. Maybe also some of his older songs from the slim shady LP or the Marshall mathers LP

  14. This one isnt really "Lyrically dense" And yeah its kinda fast, But it can be easily taken in the first time. Its just a matter of actually listening to the lyrics. Lyrically dense music would be an MF DOOM, aesop rock, earl sweatshirt type of artist. But good try, good vid

  15. you consider Metallica the pinnacle? Led Zeppelin is the Pinnacle. Don't ever make that mistake again. Thank you.

  16. I appreciate the honesty… you really have to listen to a lot of Em to adjust to his flow and catch the bars

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