Raytheon supports veterans in Australia

[Music plays] (Wendy) No other industry has a
keen understanding of the valuable skills and experience that ADF
personnel bring to an organisation and I think it’s our responsibility to
also demonstrate to other industries the benefits of
employing veterans. Last year Raytheon developed a
Veteran Career Translator Tool that’s available on our website and it provides the opportunity to translate their ADF
skills to civilian skills. Raytheon’s got over 35% of its
workforce are ex Defence personnel and 55% of its senior leadership
are ex Serving Members. (Amy) When I made the
decision to leave the Airforce I had no idea that one day I might end
up as the head of business operations for a company like Raytheon. So, Raytheon has supported
me, not only as a Veteran, but also as a spouse of a Veteran. My husband deployed quite a
bit when he was serving. Working for a company like Raytheon
that really understands the challenges that Veterans and their
spouses can face provided me with a
support network that I don’t feel I would have
got in other organisations. (Julian) Currently, I’m a Major
within the Army Reserve, working in Headquarters 9 Brigade
within the training cell. Raytheon has helped me
achieve this position through providing two weeks
leave on several occasions to enable me to attend the
promotional courses and exercises. My Army Reserve service has increased
my knowledge of the customer through a much better understanding of
the culture, the values, the language used by the customer which
then helps me in my role within Raytheon Australia. (Marc) Raytheon Australia’s
partnerships with Soldier On and being an official supporter to the
Invictus Games are really important. Veteran support and Veteran
employment is an area I feel very strongly about and
I think it’s very clear to me that Defence industry and
particularly Raytheon Australia really understands
what Veterans are and what business value
they bring to the company. [Music plays]

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