Receive Free Tax Preparation Assistance at the Library

At today’s event at Thomas
Jefferson library, Fairfax County residents can come in
and get free, personalized tax assistance with AARP at our
location. They come in and are served on a first-come,
first-served basis and they can sit down with an
IRS-certified tax preparation helper and ask questions, get
their taxes filed electronically. Both federal
and state returns are filed. This is a free service that is
offered by our partners AARP and VITA. We have six
locations at the Fairfax County Public Library where
you can go to get your tax help. We have the Thomas
Jefferson Library where we are today. We have Sherwood,
Centreville, Chantilly regional libraries and Richard
Byrd and Kingstowne community libraries all offer tax
assistance. It’s important for Fairfax County residents
to be able to come to a location and get free tax
assistance if they are unable to pay for a tax preparation
service or if they are perhaps limited-English speaking
taxpayers. This is a way for them to have an opportunity to
submit their tax forms and get that help that they may not be
able to get otherwise. There is no minimum requirement, but
AARP gives preference to those 50 or older. Generally low or
moderate income is the bracket that they are aiming to
provide services for. For VITA, they offer tax
assistance to people who have made $56,000 or less that
year. We always have a very good turnout for tax
assistance. We get calls way in advance, people coming in
asking when it’s going to be held and asking where other
locations might be, where they can refer their friends and
family. It’s something that everyone has a lot of need to
file their taxes successfully.

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