Roland Martin Discusses The Importance of the NAACP, Donating To HBCU's & More

you're watching The Breakfast Club morning everybody is DJ envy Angela Yee Charlemagne to God we are The Breakfast Club we had a special guest in the building yes I've been looking forward to this one rolling market my guy Roland Martin is here I was going not rolling we just had a white man in here who was on he's a Trump apologist got okay he said that Trump won't get impeached and all the talk of Russia is fake news well you say if you had no evidence there's no evidence well it's always interesting when someone says there's no evidence that's why they have investigations the whole point of that now here's the question that I would ask him why is it that every time there is an issue dealing with a foreign country it happens to be Russia hmm no one else yeah there's never Germany it's not Italy is not Spain not Cubans evidence whele it's always Russian yeah there's a link there Trump keeps saying oh no no no we have no ties no money for Russia yet his son is on record years ago saying oh yeah we got billions flowing in chalk company from Russia okay so which one is so who's lying who tell the truth and so the reality is there's lots of smoke there there there are issue there do I believe Donald Trump owes significant amounts of money to Russian oligarchs absolutely if you go through the campaign any time Putin came up Trump made all his excuses now Taj is an example so let's say you're not having a conversation and then all of a sudden uh I say well Jimmy a great guy you like give me owe me money Jimmy is wonderful no Jimmy slapped me upside my head man we hung out we were in New York every time you were dog Jimmy I would tell you how Jimmy is trifling at some point you probably would say what damn how much do you owe Jimmy this is very basic and that's the case here this man refuses to bodycheck Putin refuses to say anything even when our Intelligence Agency 17 said Russia colluded he said I could have Chinese mmm why here's another debate we were having too now let's say further do you believe that Chum could be impeached and if he is impeached what could potentially happen would it be everybody if they find out that Russia had something to do with the election something like the whole administration is correct we didn't mean that everybody's out of there no no no first I'll keep in mind the high crimes and misdemeanors is a crude rationale standard that's that's not a legal standard some people say well you know it's like a court no it's not like a courtroom it's a whole different standard I take the opposite view that is if you don't like Trump you actually don't want Trump impeached what you want is you want him to sustain massive body blows every single time comes up because if he gets in peace well who becomes president well I think Mike Pence Mike Pence widely respected among conservatives official social conservatives comes across as very even-tempered some people say oh I really like the guy but then we look at his policies you've lost your mind but but you want crazy see crazy works to your advantage because election because everybody has to defend crazy and so you don't want sane you want crazy that's first the second thing is looking historically what won again took 900 days everybody forgets Nixon got re-elected and then he was later he had to resign when he was clear he was going to get impeached and so you actually want Trump taking massive body blows you want in 2018 every Republican running for Congress to have to defend Donald Trump you want every United States Senator every House member that's what you want you want the folks running on the state level to have to defend all of his policies that's really what you want as opposed to letting crazy leave now and I saw you tweeting this morning about the n-double-a-cp and how to save her from irrelevant I think with article Melissa yeah well the peaceful in New York Times which okay fine Europe okay it's not really interesting to me and we have conversations my black organization in white newspapers mmm just a thought understand if we're gonna have a black conversation of the n-double a-c-p well that's actually having like newspapers like what having black radio so but here's the other thing whenever I first of all if you go back and look at the last 60 years of in double-a-c-p literally the same pieces have been written oh my god they might be irrelevant they're still here okay they're here for a reason they are irrelevant you know but they're not irrelevant in a way there's any relevance how I'm trying to think what it nwp done significant in the past 20 years well first and foremost they're things they do every single day you have no idea about and I can guarantee you when you're in one of these towns and something happens to you who do you call see the problem is host look we're sitting here at 30,000 feet saying well you know what are they doing first of all in LACP is a volunteer organization other than your staff in Baltimore these are volunteer folks so when you look at what's happening on the ground and seniors across this country when you look at the folks who are challenging City Council's and county government when it comes to a disparity studies when it comes to the issue of civil rights they are there we spend lots of time saying what they don't do but I then challenge people okay where are you I look at the kima levy-pounds in minneapolis where they criticize a lacklustre n-double-a-cp know what they did they went in and took it over okay so somebody out there if you think the end of acp is not doing anything in your town you are more than welcome to join get your other group of people to join and let me take the organization over to move it forward but there things are done every single day like well here well again when you talk about challenging various voting restrictions voting laws when you talk about Dylan dealing with this issue of police brutality in cities who is the first organization people call in the ACP that they're not calling Minister Farrakhan they're not calling some lawyer they're like oh my god my child's been beaten or my kid has been suspended and it was wrong Who am I calling in double ACP we don't hear that every day because that's just not necessarily our life every day there are people out there every day people with no money people who are broke people here in these towns who are saying man there's somebody who I can call when I get in the trouble they're not calling Sharpton first day they've called a local in delay CP chapter let me push back on that a little bit if you look at like what's happening over as five or six years with police brutality and you saw the rise of a new committee so to speak the BLM should not have been the n-double-a-cp no no because if anybody who understands the black freedom movement understanding here the big six organizations in double-a-c-p match to the Urban League King comes along with Montgomery Improvement Association that transforms into Southern Christian Leadership Conference give the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee that was a course when they met at Shaw University and so it's interesting Melissa's piece she talked about she took a course a VIP like you project 100 well they're the equivalent today what's Nick was which is a student or young folks driven organization the n-double-a-cp then was called the old folks organization I would ask you do they have young leadership because I don't see it I don't when you ask who you call they probably would be the last people I would call if I got into something if it was yes because because because you're here in New York so different orders have different amounts of power and dependent in different parts of the country but but but if you are in if you're in a southern town if you're in a Southwest town and you don't have a new your Justice League or you don't have a reverend al sharpton National Action Network who you gonna call see I've spoken at numerous n-double-a-cp freedom fund dinners across the country and I can tell you in terms of the only civil rights organization that exists in that town or city is largely in double-a-c-p the issue for a lot so we make assumptions because we're looking at this through a big-city prism as opposed to really where a lot of these chapters are where you don't have national leadership you don't have massive mass media you don't have people who are on television and radio know they're like you man that's the only shot we got in terms of somebody being able to speak for us the challenge for us african-americans is how many of us are members how many of us are actually actively looking to change things inside it's very easy to say on the outside I'm in a relevant or what are they doing well they should be doing more but if we're not there if we're in the meetings if we're not present and accounted for well then whose fault is it guess is we are asked and somebody else to do the work and then we're going to critique your work a lack or lack of work and then say you're ineffective even a boutique though it's a matter of you know you say who's on the front line and I'll be honest with you I haven't seen much it in the double ACP in the last you know 10 years and I went to school at Hampton make another charge and I'm from South Carolina and I never run far there's no morning to our shop that I would donate money to the minister I would donate money to all these different people because I see the work that they're doing I just don't see I'm not saying that they are there I don't see it as much and so here's the question so when when the Supreme Court made its decision when it came to a black man who was going to be put to death in in Texas who actually argued that case before the Supreme Court in double ACP legal defense and education fund now two separate entities LDF is differently n double acp but that's that's who actually argued that particular lawsuit when you look with the FCC of an FCC passed the the decision when it came to the amount of money black folks or excuse me folks are being charged in jails of making collect phone calls which is billions of dollars you n-double-a-cp attorneys who are actually fighting that with FCC my point is this here there are a significant number of things that are happening in this country as civil rights organizations are involved in that we don't see because they're not holding news conferences they're doing the work that's what they're doing and so what I'm saying is we have to measure okay what are folks doing as opposed to what a folks saying I simply make the argument that if we believe that an entity is in effective we have to first say to ourselves one month was my relationship with the entity what do I know about the organization and am i speaking out of ignorance meaning I simply don't know or I simply haven't heard those are things that we have to ask ourselves does it end up Mississippi have issues yes is a board too large yes do you have burocracy yes but I will say this for all the criticism folks have levied against the n-double-a-cp there still is a single civil rights organization that is still here and it's still present that is still active and actually n double acp well they need you to hire you they spoke for us nothing but a pentacle National Urban League the way I'm from South Carolina in Columbia the Urban League had more of a president in the Legion right and what I'm saying is in certain places depending on where you are you might have a larger presence of the Urban League larger president n double acp they're all there I just think what happens is we have to challenge ourselves to say okay what are we also looking for in organization I go back to the basic premise it's a volunteer organization if a number of us are not present or not active are not involved then also if our own zation failed then whose fault is it it's the same thing now I see the sign right there you know whatever the Hampton you know I've been where I got my P out there I started this thing called HP case we see you giving day I want to text Daniel I didn't go to HBCU but when I talked to the president of Howard University who says he took over the only three percent of undergraduate students were giving none of the 10% when Florida A&M say it's only 5% of our alumni are giving if all of a sudden our institutions fail who are we gonna blame mmm when we're only giving 3 to 5 percent or so black folks are going to have to address answer a very serious question are we going to sit on the sidelines and say man y'all ain't doing this or are we going to say am i given to HBCU even if I go to one am i involved in the civil rights organization and my contribute contributing funds am i teaching my children how to get involved inaudible your last one anybody see bxo competition you got young folks Hawkins you mention young leadership there are individuals who have had experiments on the space shuttle who warned n-double-a-cp XL competition if the n-double-a-cp EXO competition doesn't exist the number of black kids who are in science who are singing who playing a violin or who are doing all different categories that academic a competition does not even exist imagine if they no longer existed that didn't exist thousands of black kids who are brilliant we'll have no place to leverage their talents that's why I'm saying we got to take a much more broader 360-degree view of an organization and not just a very narrow slipper yeah another another another thing I mentioned HBCUs and Donald Trump is going to be cutting the funding now what should the HBCU leaders do as far as that is concerned well actually so here's what happened there one that has not been a cut in funding um what'd he say that the signing ceremony was that they may not fund the building portion of it because he had no clue what the hell HBCUs first of all unconditionally personally which was stupid it two days later he had to backtrack from it because it was just dumb because the Congress made the designation in the 60s is certainly black college universities he liked only black people can go that's how dumb it was and so so he hasn't cut the funding now funding did get cut under President Barack Obama issue is going back and forth there in terms of support for HBCUs now the advocacy for HBCUs has to exist whether you have a Republican president Democratic president but keep in mind Congress actually makes the allocation so what happened was before when some HBCU funding was on the chopping block they went to Republican leaders in Congress got the money restored what we have to do in terms of african-americans again HBCUs is stopped also think is just Washington DC right now in Maryland there's a major lawsuit involving this totally underfunding of HBCUs that that's that lawsuit has been fought by again many civil rights organizations and most people have no idea now then Chambliss was the one who successfully sued Mississippi for the funding there I was which I was in North Carolina when they were trying to read that system there to cut the funding there you're the same thing happening in Texas so forget DC black folks need to be arguing in our state governments where we have HBCUs at a public to ensure the funding actually goes there as well but the level of get but the other point is here we can't rely on public dollars or governmental dollars to save our institutions because when foundations say well what's the giving of your graduates and they go on only 3% of our graduates gears a foundation goes so you're asking me to give you ten million dollars mmm well you HBCU only three percentage of graduates are giving now not saying three percent of graduates are giving I'm not saying three percent of giving five thousand dollars three percent of giving period mmm not even a dot that mean 97 percent not even sending a dollar back now many folks will go back to homecoming and they'll spend money on airline tickets and food and drinks and trap but will not send a dollar and so again for me we have to be about saving our institutions building our institutions stripping our institutions will there's civil rights groups with us HBCUs what is our economic groups as well so basically supporting on basically supporting our own but the support is not defined solely as hey I'm praying feel right and then want to do you got more you know how much because of you I'm done with God I need to do some was that yeah how did you do some work now we couldn't outbreak for yeah now one quick thing about didn't Olympia does another psychic narrative that they sold out to white dollars okay but here's the deal so what's the narrative they sold out to buy dollars yeah like I said so it's really why you running in the laity P so it's really they don't care about black interest things like that well the a man who says that I would then go what the hell you talking about hmm because first of all there were white finals on in double-a-c-p so that did exist it was a me the Niagara movement preceded the n-double a-c-p so it was a multi racial coalition that formed the n-double-a-cp we started out the race riot in Springfield Illinois but then of course you have people who say well you're accepting a corporate dollars and okay I got it but again I go back to this if we don't want our institutions accepting corporate dollars well there are we going to fund it you are absolutely right I mean basically yeah you know I got hit I can't say y'all should take the corporate money but I want to see y'all doing all this other stuff here who will pay for ah dog ain't got you ain't got no I mean that's just that's just one of those things there that again it comes it really comes back down to it how do not we talk about also our dollars you know what we're going to deal with the national herbalist a the black America or Town Hall deals with economics and what we have to understand is I really think many people understand this historically we're only two years over three years away I'm sorry two years away from a four hundred generation of the first people of African descent coming to this country mmm that was in August of 1619 in virgin so if you look at 1619 to 1865 44 years of legalized slavery two year period of the war war ends 1865 the twelve years of reconstruction the most important twelve years in the history of black folks terms a massive change reconstruction the members thirteen fourteen fifteen minutes Jim Crow comes in 1877 because the great compromise of 1877 so then you got nearly a hundred years of Jim Crow so if you use 1970 as the marker Andrews nineteen nineteen seventy King gets killed in 68 Fair Housing Act to silence 68 affirmative action comes in with author Fletcher with Richard Nixon in 69 and 70 that means that black folks have technically been fully free Americans only for 47 years hmm which means it's I'm 48 before nine in November which means I was born into America where I was not technically fully free but now I have any children which means my nieces and my nephews they are the first generation of black kids born technically fully free hmm why is that important because if you saw the New York Times story last week of the highest-paid CEOs in America one I believe maybe was to like a pull-up where African American it's two hundred so if you look at significant sectors you never had anybody Africa mayor to run a Hollywood studio no one no one have American has ever run a major media company in terms a BC CBS FOX News those companies when you look at the positions where we we don't exist hedge funds name it that means is significant time wealth America that we have no idea even exists now we keep looking at LeBron and looking at kholby hurts our conversation earlier we look at the Wayne wait and look at all these guys well the reality is that such a small number as Chris Rock said he said me and mayor de Blasio only by people in my neighborhood are there he's here my next-door neighbor's a plumber yeah I didn't feel it next to me yeah now what does that say and so we have been locked out economically how does that hurt us that means that when we had one answer glass ceiling if you will we can't get over it get above it that impacts the ability for us to fund HBCUs the funds have rights organizations so you have very few african-americans who can say okay i'ma give 50 million dollars to the Urban League or 50 million to the n-double-a-cp or 100 million to Hampton yet you see these gifts that are given to Harvard and to Yale into all the different schools it's because we've been locked out economically now where black folks prospered public jobs meaning city government County government police fire so what happens when Republicans come in and say big government we're going to slash they're literally slashing black middle class C so that you begin to connect all the dots there so part of this fight the Urban League is involved in that I push all the time is we have to have a laser-like focus on the inequities when it comes to economics and I'll cuz out right framing this way you've been to the White House never being by the white house in by the white house yep you're by the white house outside the gate there's only one federal agency that shares along with the white house I wonder what is it take this one is shredder in just one and all of them hmm Treasury mmm you want an America White House power hmm treasure is money right power money money power if you don't have money you don't have power you don't have power you ain't getting money that's where we were we've been fighting for civil rights our focus has to be silver well that's what Martin Luther King Jr's next plan was was when you trying to crack my last five years of his life the poor people's March and stuff like that that's what I mean it's obviously that's why they actually killed him when he was trying to financially well Riven he was killed late April 4 1968 in April 4 1967 where he gave his beyond Vietnam speech to Riverside Church no coincidence he was killed on the day a year later and in that particular speech yet he talked about the war in Vietnam is impacting in terms of on the poverty programs but also anybody listening they must read his book chaos or community where do we go from here because he chaos or community because he laid first I was the worst selling book of his life and he laid out in that particular book what we are facing and it still resonates today but what's amazing in the book he also said many of our white allies will not be with us because they say ok you got enough if you look at every point in American history that has been the case so if you look at reconstruction those 12 years amazing 12 years 6 7 years in life was ok look we'll be good we didn't done enough y'all can't because I mean we by tired of this can we move on ok reconstruction in 1877 same thing happens black freedom movement Montgomery takes place on a bus boycott there are then all of a sudden 1954 then you go then you go forward then what happens now ok look no no you've got some laws Civil Rights Act building Rights Act Fair Housing Act are we good but the reality is we're not good it has to be sustained and that's part of the issue here where we must be so what John haut-brion is doing Operation Hope when it comes to increasing critical is by 120 points which impacts us because of your concert there's a high note high interest rate in your house is a high interest rate you're spending significant amounts of money just an interest lack of housing we lost 53 percent of all black wealth here's a home foreclosure crisis 53 percent of all black wealth lost gone we're from owning to renting how to impact us 2013 twenty three point zero nine billion small business loans handed out we only got two hundred eighty five million why we don't have stocks and bonds we at homes no home no loan no business so the way economics has impacted us it is it is putting us in a position where we're going to be forever renters forever debtors which means we must be about not only structurally changing a system with urban league is doing the place to be is doing also individually so I challenge black folks for your children don't buy your kids a pair of LeBrons new shoes for Christmas put your kids down and say son or daughter i'ma buy your Nike stock because you're not going to wear your shoes in a year but you're still be able to own the Nike stock so you agree with all of our balls trying to do oh yeah that's absolutely because because first of all he's creating a company they're 2.6 million black owned businesses in America 2.5 million only have one employee the average revenue average revenue of a black on average black owned business in America seventy eight thousand dollars if live look if levar sells two hundred pair of those shoes he's actually earn more than two point five million of the black owned businesses in a minute oh you did that that's my point so now grant I think sometime daddy to shut up you know because like dude you're killing your sons a Q rating but from a business standpoint that's exactly what's happened and so that's what it was a way up to be we have to be about right now changing mindset how we look at things how we value things and saying no no you don't need that for your ego tell your friends to go to hell you don't need to impress them the issue for you is how are you investing in creating wealth and building wealth because as we are having this conversation thirty years from now we failed right power money money power that's America and you think sometimes you put ourselves at a disadvantage because we talk ourselves out of things like oh whoa we can't do that we don't normally invest we don't invest in stocks because I feel like the attitude is this is just not something that we do I say that women to women and also people of color just say oh we don't historically do that because we're going to lose all that money or while we put on money and stuff it's all a scam everything's like program for us to think it's not for us to do most knowledge to you know it's all knowledge the thing with you know we stock you know I didn't invest a stock when I first started out because my parents didn't because absolutely they didn't have the education nobody taught him about the stock what well is so in September you to have this guy on a shell John haut-brion is the book coming out called the memo and he talks about the memo of the black people never got Lincoln created the Freedman's Bank we know about the Freedmen's Bureau man but the Freedman's Bank was created right across from the White House he gets killed two months after his creation then pretty much it withers on the vine Frederick Douglas put the equivalent of twenty million dollars today into the Freedman's Bank the freeman's Bank was created to teach freed slaves potential literacy offer them the own particular bank it with it again that was the intent so you're absolutely right we say that it doesn't mean we can't change it just because as you say it your parents didn't know just the same thing you know black kids are raised become a doctor it can lawyer that's successful right there's a guy in Dallas right now who's a hedge fund guy he said I've never even heard of a hedge funds so I know they existed he said until I was due to a meeting and Austin this guy's even around my plane do it man how do you get this plane he said oh this is what I do now his parents taught him to be a doctor he became an emergency room physician was doing very well but again black standard right then all the sudden he said hold up you got your own plane are you making how much a year he's I had no idea this is why we must expose our children to a different view and the rising has this new add I got a pull up in a second I saw it at a Silicon Valley event was very and and I've been just got to talk about this for 10 years but here's was amazing about this here so that's all these black kids do you want what do you want to behold police officer teacher and fire fight or whatever then they put on the screen all these jobs and what they paid and these kids are like uh-huh 90 120 150 170 all of a sudden they say it all I want to be that when you don't talk about it folks we don't run and what we have to be be about that a changing folks mind changing their perceptions and again reprogramming our people reprogramming us where where your value is not tied up in your watch in your suit tied up in those things no your value is tied up can you be a debt-free it's a we need more calm that's the website but that's the value the value is tied up in uh what's the wealth you're creating what are you leaving your children can you be in a position to seen your nieces and nephews up to college and they don't have to be debt-free that see that that's really where we have to be absolutely you know you got to go so the other this song man he got a heart out I mean I was another train I can always come back yeah whatever you like how do you think people can stay committed to these movements when everybody's attention span is so short you study this is very basically there's no revolution in the world that's ever started with mass consensus doesn't require big meeting here to get everybody together same thing if you wonder something on this show you don't the weight to get everybody together you say I got ideas did you tell her you look a good idea let's go tell him and let's go tell him and tell him that's the same way I say this all the time you can't have a great America without great states great states need great cities raise cities need great neighborhoods great neighborhoods need great blocks great blocks need great streets case great streets need great houses and there has to be at least one house on the street which means one person in the house to say you know what this is how we're not gonna start living and so you have to say you can start extremely small somebody's listening saying man I don't have any money to say yes you do but you go did you go buy a soft drink tell yourself I'm not going to buy two soft drinks this week I'm going to take that five dollars and put it here I do that every week I got 20 bucks at the end of the end of the month I got 240 bucks at the end of the year now somebody's going to say me about 24 hours but as to Ana 40 more you have say that you can say last year right it all starts very small I tell you about reading it's very simple read one book a book you love sports whatever the heck get you in the habit of reading that's how I was a kid I really enjoy books a summer it is a state of mind but here's a start where you are and I'll leave you with this Alana's like we got to go the book of Nehemiah chapter 2 Nehemiah the wall of Jerusalem had crumbled he went in saw the wall came with a plan went to the people and you read scripture said the people said let us rebuild not near my you revealed the people said let us rebuild you further read chapter three and four they mentioned who built this portion of the gate which means they they only built the portion of the gate that was right in front of him they didn't worry about what's happening around the corner and rebuilt what's happening in front of them if you care about our kids and education start worrying about the kids reading of a myth what's up with your nieces in your nephew and your cousin's how are you helping them out and then you do go from family to neighbors neighbors to street street to block block blocks blocks neighborhood neighborhood city city state state nation nation world that's the only way you're able to affect change my man Roland Martin just new one now so you do it on this Wednesday tonight Oh a p.m. a p.m. state of black America Town Hall I've got some great panels on that great conversation but that's just that we're going to continue that conversation beyond that do it every single day which is what we do on lose one now every day my job is to give them folks hell every day and you do every day all right it's the breakfast clubs mr. Wannemacher so breakfast go every weekday morning tune in

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  10. If you were born after 1964,for the most part ,you are no idea of what abject "DISCRIMINATION & SEGREGATION"entails.The aspects of "FREEDOM and CITIZENSHIP(while still a far cry from that which IS granted for merely being "white in the U.S.A.)currently being afforded to ALL people of color have come and continues to be at the expense of those members and supporters(past and present)of THE NAACP ! Furthermore,where would Black People,in this country and around the world,be were it not for the HBCUs?The answer to the aforementioned question-"WOEFULLY UNDER-EDUCATED and UNPROFESSIONAL !! These ARE two institutions that CANNOT FALTER-EVER !!!

  11. Way to educate The Breakfast Club and many others Professor Martin keep doing the good work ✊🏽

  12. So….., perhaps the NAACP should place a few more qualified, darker skinned as president and chief executive officer of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and other advanced positions. Not hating on former president and chief executive officer, Benjamin Jealous, but, I'm just pointing out a few things.

  13. The Breakfast Club staff really showed their lack of knowledge on this subject. Roland was on it. I'm from the South and the NAACP does a lot of stuff that isn't headline worthy but is changing and affecting lives on a day-to-day basis.

  14. Black people need systematic change.. Until that happens no black foundations or any other socalled foundations are helping Blacks period..

  15. The NAACP, the ACLU and other civil rights organizations have made themselves irrelevant. These civil right groups might have had a great idea in their beginning.

    They had a clear mandate and primarily stuck to their mandate. They did a great job and helped many people of color.

    They have now lost their way and the mission in which they started. They no longer take the plight of the people of color and are engaged in the political view points of the liberal or democratic party.

    They no longer represent all black or people of color as the name would indicate. They have now taken political sides in society. These groups now only will help people of the liberal or democratic persuasion.

    National, state and local leaders make remarks about individuals that are conservative. The national leadership said nor was the local members reprimanded.

    One of the state leaders of the NAACP made a disparaging remark about Clarence Tho0mas the sitting supreme court judge. You would think that a black person that has attained this high position in life, the national headquarters would have issued some type of warning to the state NAACP leader that this type rhetoric would not be condoned. NOPE, the national headquarters remarks were we will not engage in the state or local chapter of the NAACP.

    If the person that made these remarks were not black, the NAACP would have been all other the person that made these remarks remarks like a ton of bricks.

    You can not have it both ways. NAACP members and leaders are allowed to say disparaging and racial remarks comments about prominent black citizen of the United States, with no recourse and other citizen of the United United States would catch holy hell if they made the same remarks.


    It is time to stop defending organizations that are no longer engaged in the mission they started out doing.

  16. The 2 culture vultures Invy and Angela proudly stated his they went to an hbcu but got quite when he talked about graduates giving back… I guarentee they havnt gave NOTHING.

  17. Listening to the lack of knowledge but arrogance to criticize the NAACP is the reason Lenard & Envy need to get conscious on a real level. Dudes you have a platform to influence! Use it for more than yourselves….

  18. Roland always have True Facts. Read! Do your research. The best guess you guys could have put on. Thank You!

  19. Roland is one angry dude. He has no proof and saying Trump  had collusion with Russia. The Russia collusion plot was plotted by the democrats .  The only crazy people I see is Roland.


    The “original” Five Republic Sovereign Nation’s USNA Constitution prohibited the African Slaves {African Nativity] from being citizens of the United States, Article 13, Section 12, to wit:

    "The traffic in Slaves WITH AFRICA is hereby forever prohibited on pain of death and the forfeiture of all rights and property of persons engaged therein: and the descendants of Africans shall not be Citizens" (> of the colonial Black British George Washington’s Federal Corporation United States).

    A type of freedom for Africans is also found in Sec. B of the same article: "Involuntary Servitude (of Africans) except for crime, shall not be permanently established within the District … Persons held to Service or Labor for life, shall not be denied" the Sojourn.

    In other words, African-Americans and especially Black Aboriginals of North America was never to become corporate slaves nor “voluntary servitude” of the colonial Federal Corporation United States and its Federal States, Federal Cities and Federal Counties (> Title 5, United States Code § 1501(2)), thereof. Y’all was to remain under the “original” de jure sovereign unincorporated general government, the colonial corporate Federal United States, in the United Nations, is not a sovereign government, it can sue and be sued.

    Today, the colonial corporate Federal United States is Bankrupt, and has been for several decades, this corporation is mirroring Black Folk’s de jure sovereign government. The colonial corporate Federal United States President, Congress and Senate, are not the “original” constitutional Congress and Senate, rather CEO (>Trump) and Board of Directors (> United States Congress & United States Senate) are disguised/mirroring you Black Folk’s sovereign government. Why? The colonies was never granted Independence, sovereignty nor did the original nations endorsed the federal constitution, the Negro Da Terra > Black “original people” > We The People, annexation the colonies via corporate status, i.e., Colonial Corporate Political-Partisan States (> Title 5, United States Code § 1501(2)).

    Government De Facto vs. Government De Jure

    Government De Facto: A Government of fact. A government actually exercising power and control, as opposed to the true and lawful government, a government not established according to the constitution of the nation, or not lawfully entitled to recognition or supremacy, but which has nevertheless supplanted or displaced the government dejure. A government deemed unlawful, or deemed wrongful or unjust, which, nevertheless, receives presently habitual obedience from the bulk of the community. See, e.g., Black’s law Dictionary, Six Edition.

    Government De Jure: A government of right; the true and lawful government established according to the constitution of the nation, and lawfully entitled to recognition and supremacy and the administration of the nation, but which is actually cut off from power or control. A government deemed lawful, or deemed rightful or just, which, nevertheless has been supplanted or displaced; that is to say, which receives not presently [although it received formerly] habitual obedience from the bulk of the community. See, e.g., Black’s Law Dictionary, Six Edition.

    NOW THE BOMB SHELL, you Black folk are the “qualified voterd”; however, today you’re a colonial corporate federal “registered voter” (> 13th/14th Amendment > Volunteer Servitude via Adhesion Contract), voting to pay the debts and salvaging a bankrupt corporation. Ironically, you’re not only the creditors, you the beneficiaries of US Trust, Inc., et. al.. The de jure sovereign government y’all left behind is the “confederation” of Nation-States, which the de facto colonial corporate Black British Federal United States (>misnomer), is mirroring via its Caucasian colonial serf puppets and viceroys.

    Therefore, it’s in the best interest of the Black British to miseducate and advocate for the Black, Brown and Coppertone > “original people” of North America to register to vote, while overthrowing, supplant and displace (>genocide) the “original” United States. Dred Scott vs. Sanford, 4 Cranch at 212: “original United States”, Harcourt v. Gaillard, 6 L.Ed 216, 12 Wheat at 523: “There was no territory within the (original) United States, USNA. See also, Alden vs. Maine, 527 US 706: “Sovereign Immunity drives not from the Eleventh Amendment but from the structure of the “original Constitution”; McCreary County vs. ACLU, 545 US at page 872: “and it is no less baffling to leave out the “original Constitution” of 1787 while quoting the 1215 Magna Carta”; Kansa vs. Marsh, 548 U.S. 163, 165 L.Ed 2d 429, note 1: “The original Constitution contained few guarantees of individual rights against the states, and in a clash of governmental authority there was a small risk that the state courts would erroneously side with the new Federal Government”.

    In closing, why not take your vacant seats contrary to salvaging your oppressor’s bankrupt company, after all, its incorporated and registered under y’all’s seal? "In this extensive sense… the United States may, without impropriety, be termed a corporation…(3) a corporation is altogether dependent on that [> 1782 United States 4 U.S.C.S. § Chapter 2 § 41 “Official Seal”] government to which it owes its existence. Its character may be forfeited by abuse; its authority may be annihilated, without abuse, by act of legislative body…People of a state (Nation) created…can only change, its constitution…of the United States – that it must be a Republican form". Chisolm vs. State of Georgia, 2 U.S. 419,447, 2 Dall. 419, n.Ed.440, 452.

    Ernest Rauthschild

  21. It's funny how Roland said everything Warren Ballentine has been saying g for well over 10 years 🤨😒


  23. Did he or did he not say if you don't like how the NAACP is operating in your community go join and be the change? So I guess all you complainers have looked into joining the NAACP? It's a heap of you crabs on hear talking crap. NAACP should be full of new life, flooding these communities 😏

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