Scams in Pattaya (Thailand) – Former Thai Police Volunteer Explains Main Scams

hello there my name is John botting and I wanted to do a video about the scams that take place in Pattaya Thailand particularly Patea because that's the main areal I know there are other scams taking place in other parts of Thailand I know but I want to talk specifically about passier why am I doing this video well I lived in Thailand for six years and worked out there in Pattaya I owned two businesses out there so I'm a very well adverse to what goes on you need to live in a country to really fully understand it and to have your eyes opened as well also whilst I was there I was I foreign police volunteer so I also got to know a lot of what was going on that maybe expats didn't know and also certainly a lot of tourists wouldn't know so the video is going to give you some advice really about about that I could do a video about being an expat in Thailand I'm Patti a particularly and the scam is a take place but that's not what I'm going to do because there's different scams that take place being an expat and living out there then there is being a tourist so what I want to do on this video is just highlight a few of the top scams that take place in Pattaya and for you to be aware of that so that you've got your eyes open to things taking place because if you are forewarned you are for armed you know in knowing what might might happen so please like and share this video help spread the word share the video with people you know that may well be going to Patea and and just let them know about what to look out for because then there's less chance of them being being harmed I'm a former UK police officer I was a police officer in the 1980s and 1990s what I moved out to Thailand and lived out in Thailand after about three or four years I decided to join the Royal Thai police foreign volunteer section and I'll explain to you a little bit about that now so you understand what what that means so in Thailand there are three types of foreign police volunteers you have the tourist police volunteers and you have the tourist police which a toy and then you have the tourist police volunteers who are foreigners what the Thais called farang they're uniformed and in patio you see them walking up and down walking street that's where they mainly are you might see them on Beach Road possibly the predominant very multi street they even have a mobile pre station at the top of walking street with a desk and things like that and you'll see them there the second type of police volunteer is the Royal Thai police so this is the main police force in Thailand I don't know if they have the foreign police volunteers for the Royal Thai place outside of Patea but they certainly do in Katya they're uniformed and they are based in the police station the main police station in Pattaya and the last type of foreign police volunteer is the immigration police so if you are a long-term tourist or a long time visitor you will certainly know of the immigration place and the immigration police foreign volunteers are undercover and basically they're spies so they basically spy on people and they dog people in who are these are over stayers and things like that so that's a three types of foreign police volunteers and as I said you'll see the tourist police volunteers in outside of Plataea don't think you'll see them in Bangkok I've never seen them about copper you'll certainly see them in Phuket you'll see them in places like Koh Samui Chiang Mai places and obviously patio I think is probably the biggest section for the foreign tourists place volunteers so with the Royal Thai police volunteers what we used to do was we worked in the main police station we had a desk in the main police station and we any any expat that had an issue or any tourists that had an issue we would encourage them to come and see us first tell us what the problem is and we could direct them to the right people within the pre station or maybe gives them give them words of advice telling them not to proceed with the police whatever reason so we used to help out any thorin a tourist or expat that was living in Thailand and with any issues they might have for the place lots of stories I can tell you about of scams that go on one of them I fell fell off myself which I'll talk to you about towards the end but lots and lots of crime that takes place out there at the end of the video I will give you some crime prevention advice so please stay tuned to the end of the video because as well as talking about the scammers that take place I will also talk about the some of the crimes that take place common crimes and how to prevent yourself being a victim this is going to be a simple video which is me talking to you know pictures of bar pluses and bars and things like that just me talking to you basically so that is what it is so let's go on to the scam zone and this is in no particular order this is just the scams that the main scams that are taking place in a patio the first one is bill padding if you've never been to Thailand before then when you go to a bar and you don't pay for your drinks as you go you have a paper bill that's written out if you order a beer and that's all you order right out like a paper bill and they put it into a wooden little wooden pot and that stays either with you or it can stay behind the bar sometimes as well and every time you have a drink another bill goes in and all of your cozy nothing so what's the scam that takes place here obviously they can add extra bills so if you have a heavy session in a bar you will probably lose track of how many beers or drinks you are buying and you might buy 10 and when you come to pay your bill there might be 12 in there though you might buy two three and when you come to pay you bill this four in there so just keep an eye on the number of drinks that you are drinking and make sure that they're not adding more bills to your and to your pot it's quite common this if it happens to you then question it with the bar but don't start getting too overzealous about it that's the same with anything that happens in retirement totally because it can escalate very very quickly so my advice is if you feel that you've been overcharged tell them say well hang on a minute I only had two drinks and I've got three in here so I'm only gonna pay for two now they might back down they might stick their feet in and say no you had three drinks and you've got a paper three drinks argue your corner to a certain extent they might give way if they don't just play the bill and walk away I have seen people start to get really out of their tree over this start calling the police in you will never win you will never win the police will always take the side of a tie okay that's just that's the life so if you start bringing the police in and escalating it can get out of trouble and so my advice is just paying the bill okay Bart bosses so in Plataea they have these buses running around there they do fixed routes they run around patio and they also go from patio down to John Tian okay a single journey is ten baht okay so that is a single journey on the bar bus in the Patti essential section if you start going down to John to you and then expect to pay more let's just keep it simple talk about prettier it's ten art for a single journey per person so there's two of your drug traveling 20 bar okay make sure that you carry the right money with you so if you're doing a single journey on your own just have ten Bart with you now you have a 10 bar nose and just give them that when you attempts to pay they may well ask you for 20 bar it happens a lot because you are a foreigner they will double the price okay so don't play them 20 but don't ask them how much it is you just get off the bus when you want to get off go to the passenger's side of the bus and hand them a ten but note okay or ten buying coins whatever do not start giving them a twenty Bart note or a fifty but notes because you won't get change or you might get change from a fifty baht note but they'll only give you 30 baht back they'll charge you 20 bar okay so always have the correct change with you and only pay ten bucks for a motorbike taxis so you've got the motorbike taxis are driving around as well as same as the BART bus is there slightly more expensive do not just get on a motorbike taxi and just tell them where you want to go so you want to tell them where you want to go first and ask them how much is it okay and get a deal done and dusted before you get on the motorbike because they will take you to wherever you want to go and they will overcharge you because you are a foreigner okay so negotiate before you get on the back of that motorbike so if you want to go down to Junction for example from patio say to them John TM Beach how much and they will tell you now they might come back and say hundred bar okay or seventy bar or whatever they say if you're happy with the price get on it get on the Baxter say okay 100 baht 70 baht 70 part a bit to plan to jeongseon beach yes get on the back of the taxi and off you go you could try negotiate if they charge you 100 bar you could turn I say no I'll give you 70 baht and if they say okay 70 bar say it's 70 baht to go down there just again repeat it back so they understand that you know you're playing them 70 parts and then go and and yo tambien okay and then again if you've got change on you give them the right money if you start giving them a hundred baht notes or 500 baht notes the chance of you getting the right change is going to be it's not it's not probably not going to happen so have small change with you whenever you use any of that the bar buses or with any motorbike taxis okay now we're gonna start going on a slightly more serious stand now that you have got more potential to lose more money so the first one is the motorbike rentals so there are thousands thousands of motoflip rental places that you can go in Patea a lot of them a decent and a lot of them will not rip you off okay but there are some that will rip you off at the first opportunity now you don't know where these ones are you know you just don't know because they're here it comes today and go tomorrow some of them I set up for years some of them sell yourself for a month okay so they're ones that they sell off the years probably you're going to be more genuine than the more recent ones because they've got a track history and you know they know that in the long run it's better off to be honest because they'll end up earning more money so the first thing to do is when you decide you're going to rent a motorbike is take photographs of the motorbike or better still if you can take a video of the motorbike go all the way around it take photographs of any damage and parents let the motorbike rental company know that you are doing this but before you sign any contracts okay second thing is that you need to make sure that they have the right insurance now you need to ask do you have insurance for foreigners because there's a special insurance for foreigners okay ask to see the insurance documentation they will show it to you they have to have it now if it is a decent rental company they will have the document in English now one of the companies that I owned when I lived in Thailand it was I used to rent our cars Thanks so when I took out insurance on my cars I had to take out special insurance to rent them out to foreigners and the insurance policies were in Thai and in English okay so I am an English policy document and a Thai policy document and it's exactly the same with the motorbikes so ask to see the policy document to make sure it is in fact it is in English and it will cover you being a foreigner the second thing to do is do not ever ever ever leave your passport with them the lot of them will ask you to leave your passport as security okay do not leave your passport with them say to them no take copy again with cars and cars are more valuable than a motorbike is so all we used to do with the cars was take a photocopy of the passport it's just added security for us if something does go wrong or something some issue happens that we can go to the place we're in the passport with a copy of the passport okay and that's all they need from you as well with a motorbike so do not ever leave your passport because what they will do is they will turn around and say that there is damage to the bike and they will tell you you have to pay and it an exaggerated amount of money to have the damage repaired which quite often they don't repair and if you don't play that money they will keep your passport and they will hold you hostage until you pay they will not give it back to you and you can go and call the police and things like that and the police will say well if you pay you get possible back because again the place will take the side of the motorbike rental companies okay if they insist that you leave your passport walk away and go to another company and if you if that next company asks the same walk away again do not ever leave your passport seriously this is so so important do not ever leave your passport with a rental company be a car of a company or a motorbike rental company okay also make sure that you get up a helmet as well with your bike rental you should be given a motorbike helmet to wear wear it it is illegal to ride a motorbike as a passenger or as they call the right of the bike without wearing a crash helmet you must wear one if you get stopped by a place you will be fined okay so do not wear do not ride your motorbike without wearing and crash helmet if you rent a motorbike they must provide you with a crash helmet if they do not again ask when you are renting you have helmet and they should say yes if they don't walk away to the next one okay the next big issue which again could cost you a lot of money is the jet skis Jess keys particularly on Beach Road and also John TN even the jet ski rental place which is immediately outside the main patio police station is a scam I'm not saying they're all scams because they're not same as the most what rentals are not all scams and the jet ski rentals are not all scams but there are some that are and if you get caught by it you're in for quite a lot of money I tell you now okay it's not an over a thousand pounds or even more you know like forty fifty sixty hundred thousand baht which is coming up first or two grand to do repairs and you've got to pay what the scam is is that they will rent you out the jet ski with damage on it and most people just jump on the jet ski they don't bother to look around it and they don't bother to turn the jet ski over underneath the water line to see if it is damaged so what they will do is um quite often they'll be damaged below the water line so if the jet ski is in the water when you go to rent it pull it out onto the beach okay or ask them say put it out onto the beach before you sign any paperwork okay put it out onto the beach just turn it onto its side and just go around it and sits underneath and with with the guys from the jet ski rentals let them know what you're doing video it again take any photographs of any damage that you see go back turn you over to the other side do the same again and have a look for damage because what they do is there will be damaged below the waterline and when you go and rent it quite often it'll be sitting in the water and you'll just jump on it and you don't know you go out for your half an hour you come back and they will turn the jetski over and there was a damage you don't jump if you do damage and you didn't the damage was there it never gets repaired that's the way they operate okay so before you take the jetski out if it's either water bring it out look at it do a video of it if there's any damage take photographs before you sign any paperwork then sign the paperwork and and then off you go there is far less chance of you being scammed if you do this okay so what happens for most people's they don't do this they go out this is in the places where they're standing if it go out and they come back and that and the the jetski company will turn the the Jesse over and they will show you some damage that you apparently have done that damage has probably been there it could have been there for a good year they just don't get it repaired because here's some huge money spinner for them and there looks like you you have to play it and they were asking for a lot of money for these jet skis if this happens to you you must keep calm because it can escalate very quickly and there is a video on YouTube that is worth searching out it's to do with a group of British squaddies who rented out a jet ski from Patea Beach and the scan was done on them and they got out of hand and there is a massive brawl basically where all the toys joined in and they all fought against the the the British squaddies so you keep calm and you say well I didn't do it okay you're not gonna win okay but no I didn't do it they will say you did and they will put a sum out to you it's gonna cost you fifty thousand but to repair this damage okay negotiate go show you have you do have chance of getting the price down you might get it down to half price you might get it down to twenty-five thousand twenty thousand possibly possibly even less with heart negotiation keep it good humoured do not start getting angry do not start shouting now you do not like losing face which is what they will be doing they do not like foreigner shouting at them and they will retaliate with aggressive being very aggressive and even going to violence if you start ranting and raving refusing to pay and say that you're going to call the police again I strongly advise you do not call the police because when you call the police you'll probably find about your puppy paying the full price there will be no negotiating it'll be the full price may even be more to get the police involved and you won't win so the best thing to just try and do is negotiate with the person themselves seething bring it down pay walk away and learn a valuable lesson and try and spread the word as much as you can about people doing this to tourists the priests are involved more often than not with these scams and this is one of the biggest things as a foreign place volunteer at the what's called SOI nine police station in Katia one of the biggest things that used to come people used to come in to try and get the police involved in that they've been scammed and to do with the jet skis and we knew the foreign police once he is knew that the police were in on the scam as well a lot the time okay so that's my advice to you on the jet skis and potentially that's gonna be their biggest amount of money you're going to lose is through that so they are the main sort of scams aimed at tourists that's operate in Patea so now as I said I'm gonna finish table just a little bit advice about some crimes that take place that some of the common crime as a take place in patio first first one is theft of money from what it's purses pickpocketing basically pick Puttock pickpocketing is not a massive issue in patio or Thailand's at all in fact but there is a problem there is an issue with it particularly I'm on Beach Road particularly on walking street in patio and any any sort of busy area same as in Bangkok any of the busy streets if your wallet is sticking out the back of your trousers temptation is there and somebody could come along and just take you and you won't be aware so it's just a matter of being sensible as with any other place in the world that you visit just be sensible men put your wallet in your front pocket there is a lot less chance of your what it being taken from you if he is in your front trouser pocket front shorts pocket not in your back pocket reason being is we are more sensitive in that area so therefore somebody tries to put that hand in your pocket you feel it more easier and also it is slightly more harder to get it out then it is a back pocket ladies with your Hamburg's do not have your handbag swing behind you or a rucksack don't have it sitting on your back if you score your money in it have it on the front so handbags are on the front a backpack on your front as well makes it you can see what's going on in one of the things that does happen is they sort used to slice the back of your ox up and take out stuff it's there and you wouldn't know anything about it second thing is one of the things that used to take place was jewelry snatches so this is where people believe it or not was sitting on the back of Bart buses so normally on the bar bus you've got your two rows of seats and if you're sitting on the far ends so nearest the entrance and exit and you're wearing jewelry what happens is you have people got young men normally going by on motorbikes and they will come up right close to you you won't be aware of what they're doing because they drive like maniacs in in patio and elsewhere in Thailand and that's how they all are so you won't be thinking of that motorbike is very close to me because you they are they drive close to you but this one will come very close and as they go past the passenger will grab your necklace and will rip it off your neck and that's what they do and this happens not saying it happens every day but it does happen to men you get some men wearing great big gold chains why they do it I do not know but they do it is temptation so a motorbike will go along to his ssnz or women they will grab the chain rip it off the neck and they're gone and you will not catch them there's no way you're going to catch them they're gone they go in the back streets and they're lost you can't cut up a place so it's gone so do not flaunt your jewelry I don't understand why people do do it but you know living out there as I said I used to see a lot so do not flaunt your jewelry keep your jewelry back in the safe and if you're watching this before you go don't even take it with you I mean take wedding ring or something like that of course but I'm on about nice necklaces that are worth money because there's a possibility there will be ripped off your neck the business I said at the beginning of it I had one thing happened to me and this happened to me in a club so if you are a single terrorist I was out on my own and this particular knot wasn't I was out with someone this particular night but if you're a single tourist and you go to a club why it happened to me was a very well-known club in walking street it's kinda bad never used to go to very often but I went in there for this particular time with my partner at the time and what they do is they basically watch you particularly single tourists who are on their own they will watch them if you go off and having a little dance or go to the loo or something like that you leave your beer on the counter where you're standing they will come along and they will dope it so they drop a drug in and they spiked it and the whole idea is they then sit back and watch you what you drink it and then what you leave at some stage in the future and they will then pounce on you as the drug takes effect and they rob you now I this happened to me as I said I left my beer on the bar when tell me little dance came back took a swig of my beer and I had a very bitter taste all of a sudden didn't swallow spat it back out into my beer bottle and I turned to my partner at the time and said ah that tasted really sour didn't think anything more of it just thought that strange and spat it out that fire minutes later I started to feel very very woozy when out of the club and realize what had happened my drink had been Speights I was lucky I didn't swallow anything especially backed out but even with it being in my mouth it had some effect on me so that's something just to be aware of that there are again it's not common but there are groups of people that do go round criminals that do go round they do watch people and they will take advantage by doing something like that so if you leave your drink out of I do not leave a drink if you do and you you do taste sonic slightly strange when you come back don't swallow it spit it out and leave the club I'll get out into fresh air basically ok so wrapping up then patio is like any other tourist area in the world there is good and there is bad not everywhere will rip you off most people are a decent law-abiding they want to make money from the tourists of course but they are not criminals and they not into ripping you off scamming you anything like that they're decent people just how to make a decent living and to provide for their families but there are scams out there and you do need to be aware of those scams if you are visiting patio or thailand's because if you know about these scams you can be aware and and you can be ready to take action if somebody does start to make to do something to you ok so enjoy patio I'm it's a great place please like and share this video with people who are going or just like and share it anyway if you've got any comments to make about what's happened to you in patio or anywhere else in Thailand make a comment below and be interesting to hear to help warn people about what goes on out absent Island but as I said don't worry too much just be aware be sensible take precautions and enjoy yourself ok thank you very much for taking time to watch the video says some you

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