SciLifeLab – facilitating cross-sector research collaborations in Sweden

The unique thing with SciLifeLab is its
cutting edge technology, its condensation of all these very high throughput, modern techniques and also the expertise that comes with it. Here we have the opportunity to work both with
the front-line infrastructure and the very dedicated and excellent scientists here. Our partnership with the SciLifeLab is, and has been for several years now,
absolutely critical for Beactica. More than ever before, cross sector and cross disciplinary collaborations are key to conducting ground
breaking life science research. And therefore, are at the
heart of SciLifeLab’s operations. We bring academia, health care, industry, and governmental agencies together to address key bioscientific questions,
spanning from molecules to entire ecosystems. Dr. Anna Wedell is a clinician and professor who has worked closely with our Clinical Genomics platform to develop diagnostic methods based on DNA sequencing and genomic biomarkers. I’ve been working in close collaboration with SciLifeLab since it started. And for me, in a clinical setting, it’s been totally transformative. So, I work in diagnostics of rare inherited diseases, and to be able to do whole genome sequencing in a diagnostic setting, has really, really changed medicine for us. And the way of building it together as we have done with SciLifeLab, customizing these technologies to healthcare standards has really been the key. So now, we are in the situation where we can find new diseases, completely new mechanisms, and we can diagnose hundreds of patients, so it’s really, really changing both clinical medicine and also the research opportunities for us when we are finding new disease genes that we can explore mechanistically. Our researchers also frequently engage in industry collaborations. AstraZeneca, a multinational pharmaceutical company, has worked with SciLifeLab on multiple successful projects. Working with the scientists at SciLifeLab is a pleasure since they are as eager as we are to identify the biological mechanisms behind disease and health. It’s the combination of having star scientists, having the front line infrastructure, and also linking it to the network—to Swedish academia and education—that makes it really, really attractive for us to collaborate with SciLifeLab. While some collaborations have been active for several years, new connections are regularly being established. Beactica, a specialist drug discovery company, is collaborating with our Drug Discovery and Development platform to develop a treatment for glioblastoma. The most important thing that I believe SciLifeLab has to offer biotech and small companies like Beactica is really the cutting edge expertise. Beactica is a
small drug discovery company, utilizing our proprietary SPR based platform to address challenging drug targets. The biology impacted by these compounds is often very, very complex, and we’re just not set up to
address that within our company. So, we are completely dependent on collaborations with academia, CROs, and SciLifeLab fills an important piece of that puzzle, with access to highly experienced researchers and instrumentations that we just can’t afford. Through its many collaborations, SciLifeLab has become a hub for bringing life science professionals together. By facilitating cross sector and cross disciplinary collaborations, combining cutting edge technology and highly skilled scientists, we enable research that would otherwise not be possible. Join or follow our journey at SciLifeLab. Advancing life sciences.

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