Sen. Warren On Health Care: ‘I Will Sign Anything That Helps’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

83 thoughts on “Sen. Warren On Health Care: ‘I Will Sign Anything That Helps’ | The Last Word | MSNBC”

  1. Big government will never work. If Democrats want to lose they will put Warren in the White House. How exactly would you enforce the wealth tax?

  2. I always hear about the moldy walls, and how we can scrub it clean. But, I rarely hear about fixing the leaky roof.  Here is the leaky roof:
    We are a flawed democracy because of 1) The electoral college, 2) first past the post voting, 3) our over-powered Senate, that undermines the voice of the people from the House of Representatives.

    And, I think she must know…nothing will get done, with a Republican Senate. So, I'm not sure why democrat candidates are not talking more about how to win the Senate.

    Senate 2020  / 53 (R), 47 (D)
    Likely flips: AL will go (R), CO and ME will go (D)
    Democrats need 2+WH, or 3 for majority, and not lose any other seats.
    Best options for Dems: AZ, NC, and IA.

  3. Here's the questions I would have asked her:
    "How do you plan on achieving all these things, when the Republicans control the Senate?"
    "It is predicted that a recession will most likely happen in the next 4 years. Will this not hobble the many things you want to achieve? Or, how will achieve these things, while lessing the impact of a recession?"
    "Every president has said, "Our system is broken". What do they mean? What is broken?"


    [Ah, OK!] [Yes OK!] [C'm'on!] [Say there!]
    I saw a King [Pardon, what?]
    I saw a King
    A King who was crying
    Sitting on the saddle
    Cried so many tears [So many that?]
    So many that
    He was soaking
    The horse itself
    [Poor King!]
    And poor horse too. [Ah, yes!]
    It was the Emperor
    Who took from him
    A nice castle
    Of the 32 that he had.
    [Poor King!]
    And poor horse too!

    The fact is
    That we the plebs
    [We the plebs…]
    Always happy
    We must be
    'Cuz our crying
    Hurts the King
    It hurts the rich man
    And the Cardinal:
    They feel so sad
    If we cry!

  5. America is the only developed country without Universal Health Care for its people. 40,000,000 Americans are without health care. We can send a man to the moon & have the biggest baddest military in the world but no health care for you or me.

  6. you blew it warren. your half-assed m4a plan sunk you. you need more time to atone for being a republican and admitted capitalist anyway. maybe in 20 years you will have paid for your sins. you will be very lucky if bernie asks you to be sec. of treasury.

  7. Warren is my choice…when the media or tv personalities try to soe in doubt about her all it takes is listening to her one time to know she is the right candidate. Bernie is a close second…👍

  8. Justin Trudeau was just telling the TRUTH. Trump DID hold a news conference. He DOES think he's King of the Hill and just automatically gets respect. NOT! And more people should call him out on his foolishness. Flip the Senate, and Elizabeth Warren all the way!

  9. I’m on Medicare now and my physical therapy has to be rationed because there’s a cap on how much it can cost in a year. And it still cuts me off before the year is up. So there still is somebody else other than my doctor and my PT in charge of what health care I can have. Insurance is dictating to doctors. How will Warren’s or Biden’s plan address this issue?

  10. C’mon Liz, you know Kamala didn’t prosecute Mnuchin like you wanted. She was nowhere near tough enough in California on the wealthy and too tough on the poor.

  11. That was a smart move by Warren. No way is she on her VP list, but she just made a play for her voters. Also, Bernie supporters are naive to think that you won't have to build a groundswell of support like Warren plans for in her transition. Bernie is terrible at political strategy and vastly overestimates the opposition against his ideas.

  12. Kamala Harris jailed people on Marijuana charges while SHE HERSELF smoked it, AND she fought to withhold DNA evidence in a CAPITAL case. She has NO integrity or moral compass, and her conscienceless ambition is just another example of the rot that is destroying our democracy.

  13. If the Senate isn't taken by Democrats then we will never progress because Republicans are for the rich, not the rest of us. Warren I like you but I'm not behind this medical plan, it's not going to happen. Bernie's M4A is the ONLY way to go!!

  14. We outside the US do laugh at Trump, but it is a nervous laugh. Because although it is usually harmless to us, one day it might not be. His fake news claims that Europe is not paying its way in NATO is just wrong. Europe does not have hundreds of thousands of soldiers in hundreds of military bases outside our own nations. America can have those things if it wants to pay for them, but don't expect other countries to do so.

  15. Warren you are such a good are so right to out yourself that you would sign anything .you don't have strong convictions , you just sway anywhere that the wind blows. Look at what that does .one example you were on Bernie's M4A but as soon as you moved away from Bernie's M4A you have lost so much support because you so have turned away from Bernie's M4A THAT IS SO POPULAR WITH THE MAJORITY OF are now wondering in no man's land.we don't know what you stand are just waffling now.saying anything and anything.What are you doing

  16. Warren copies Bernie.
    Grass Roots movement..hmmmmm. I wonder where I have heard that before!!!
    She wouldn't even be a good VP for Bernie.

  17. I am not shocked at Trump; he has been an embarrassment to America for many years; however, I am shocked at the people who continue to support him. They are the true embarrassment to America. Trump is just an individual criminal who has been afforded the power to impose his criminality on the helpless. Those who support him tell us who we are.

  18. I've been ALL IN for Warren 2020 since before she even announced her candidacy. Anyone who disregards her as a "socialist" is either corrupt or ignorant (and the latter group is demonstrating that they need her policies the most).

  19. Senator Warren could talk to the middle for the easy lead. It is meant to be a coronation
    Which one? Dump talking tax policy. Literally mobilizing millions to stop Dems. Less than ideal Lizzie as Bernie has the class struggle stump down cold! Since 1975 sister! 2 cent tax is not happening. Then again the first female president had better love the fight. Guts is enough

  20. It is unfortunate that ONE MAN (I have difficulty even calling him that because he is such a DISGRACE & COWARD) has made America THE LAUGHING STOCK OF THE WORLD through his STUPIDITY, OVER INFLATED EGO, CORRUPTION, VANITY, CHILDISH BEHAVIOR, IMMATURITY, ETC.

    America, how the heck did you manage to vote 8n SUCH A FN LOSER & POS??????? 😠

  21. We can give billions of dollars for farmers. Because of the spur in the white house and his trade policy, but today ppl are dying ppl are homeless and children are going to not have food in the country. SAD 😢

  22. Fauxcahantus proposes "bills" that we already have, like her new company "Mergers" Bill that only allows certain criteria for mergers…😄
    News Flash Hiawatha:
    We have a regulatory body that already looks at and can deny & approve mergers as it sees fit.
    And they do a great job and have approved and denied many mergers that would constitute a "Monopoly"..etc.
    She continues to make crap up that she thinks sounds good, but just proves how clueless she is with the laws she has a role in knowing.😄

  23. No businesses No countries will invest in a clown president racist sexist administration
    trump is a 💩head…don’t waist your time
    Move on until America is back on track

  24. I firmly believe, that apart from Elizabeth Warren's great and realistic plans for the Universal Health Care, I can't see anyone but Warren, who would be able to restore the trust and respect of our allies for America, which has been almost completely destroyed by blatantly corrupt, lawless, and totally incompetent Trump, and his Administration, supported by equally corrupted Republican Senators, defending and justifying Trump's wrongdoing and trying to preserve and solidify the corruption in the White House, to the astonishment of the whole world, while even our allies are openly laughing at us , as we just have seen at the latest NATO meeting in London. Nothing would have changed by the feeble geriatrics like Biden or Bernie, who don't have any more required energy and drive in their old bodies to make the great and radical changes, urgently needed to be made in many economic, social and political areas. Biden and Bernie, in my opinion will soon end up in wheelchairs, anyway…

  25. Liz you disappoint me.

    We have a real shot at putting a progressive against Trump and you are backing down to corporate propaganda on healthcare.

    If she is giving up now she’s gonna fold like a sack of rotten potatoes once the the lobbyists start hounding her.

  26. A progressive is needed to reform the broken corrupt system which caters to the rich and powerful. Checks and balances? You are dreaming! It is a secret war between Republican and Democratic billionaires.

  27. I hope Senator Kamala Harris is the next Attorney General. And I hope she prosecutes all the Republikkkan traitors, especially Devin Nunes, William Barr, Moscow Mitch, and all the other Republikkkan traitors.

  28. So now Trump is taking the bread out of poor folk's mouths. Republicans are against helping poor people get food, but they think it's fine for Trump to flit about on AF1 almost weekly to campaign for them and for Trump to get his "fix" of cheers. That's how autocrats and despots treat the citizenry. Trump wastes a lot of taxpayers money on getting his cheers. He's a cheer-a-holic. It would be cheaper for the taxpayers to support him, if he were an alcoholic. Sometimes he even acts like an alcoholic – very disconnected.

  29. I HAD TO PAY FOR MEDICARE FOR 7 YEARS WITHOUT ANY SERVICES AVAILABLE TO ME. I WANT A REFUND! My only checkup was for osteoporosis and after a four hour wait in the crowded sick office, they took my height off my driver's license and called it a check up and charged me and charged medicare. When reported to medicare fraud, they said I was not allowed any check up for two more years and they were indifferent. They did refer me to two DEAD doctors. I also reported on FOUR medical rating websites and they ALL changed my comments to "great".

  30. That's too blanket of a statement to act like that's a valid statement amongst 2020 members who have specifics to promote. GO YANG GABBARD WILLIAMSON


  32. I doubt that the majority of the American people want Communist Pocahontas for president this woman is clearly a con artist and a multi-millionaire hypocrite, and a pathological liar!

  33. Legislatively, the difference between Warren's plan and Biden's is that Warren's has an end-goal of a proper national health system while Biden just wants to make some tweaks to the ACA and call it a day. A phase in period is expected in essentially every version of Medicare for All, from Pramila Jayapal's two year plan to routes that might take up to eight to fully effect. A three year phase in is no worse than the ACA.

  34. I think it's too late, Liz. You've waffled so badly on this issue, that your supporters are beginning to flock over to Bernie Sanders.

  35. I love Warren, but am I the only one slightly weirded out by the fact that she only seems to have one kind of outfit? Black slacks, black top, solid-color jacket? Seriously, that's THE ONLY thing she wears. Maybe I'm overly sensitive to behavioral oddities because of Trump (constantly bronzed, weird hair), but maybe not.

  36. On the foreign news and commentary programs, Trump is openly described as a fool, being a kook, and a criminal.

  37. She is just so likable and seems to be very clever. I surprised to see she had been duped by the lying con artist Suzy Orman.

  38. Enough of the ego driven strong man approach shouting and pouting at the Western allies while cowering in front of Putin and Erdogan ffs ! Trump is a conman and a coward who has zero interest in helping ordinary people. The only reason he has not yet been removed from power by McConnell is that the GOP billionaire donors like Robert Mercer and esp Rupert Murdoch want to continue to destroy the American state from within!! Don't forget what Steve Bannon said right in the beginning!!

  39. This is a women that is nuts.
    1. She falsely claimed native American ancestry.
    2. Claimed that she was fired as a t teacher because she was showing signs of pregnancy. In actuality she voluntarily stopped working in that field and there is video footage to prove it. That's just disgusting
    3. Can't make an obvious ethical decision without consulting or researching. Just too confused.
    4. Her MFA is a joke.
    5. Her wealth tax is going to fail. Because it's been proven by other countries that it does not generate enough money and there will still be tax loop holes.
    6. Wont admit the obvious, that her MFA plan will raise taxes on middle class. Any MFA wil raise taxes.
    7. She talks grass roots but her biggest donor are the ones she claims to challenge.
    8. She doesnt have any ideas of her own.

  40. Awesome interview with Elizabeth Warren! Sure makes sense to me what she's saying about healthcare. I'm sick of being sick because I can't afford care and of seeing so many others – including so many young people sick. MSNBC – get out of the way! We're tired of your pessimistic attitude and loud sneering at anyone who poses a risk to your drug company advertisers' bottom line.

  41. If you have heath insurance that bankrupts you, Warren will vote for it. Harris is corrupt, she took donations from the very firm Mnuchin & gang who ruined thousands of families. Harris put more black youth in prison on minor charges then took donations from those private prison corporation. This is the state of all the centrist democrats. Bernie is the only answer, Liz will sell us out just like Obama did.

  42. She has policy points, plans already, put that against Pete's philosophy leading to blah de blah de blah nothing, I would love a Warren/Sanders or Sanders/Warren ticket, progressive or not

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