Serve It Up | Tucson A to Z

>>– and in so many interviews, like bugs, fly in their faces. And so in so many of the bloopers they’re like [background laughter] and
it’s like, that would be me. [ Music ] So, some people actually don’t know this, but
we’ve got two student unions at the university. One on the mall, and then one in the Park
District right next to the Arizona Sonora dorm. And they’ve got food, and they’ve
got games, and my favorite thing of all is the volleyball courts. I come
out here all the time with my friends on a nice summer day like this
and just play some volleyball. And it’s always a good time [laughs]. [ Music ] Yay, sports. [ Inaudible Background Conversations ]>>[Laughs] I’m looking so serious right now. [ Music ]>>Ah, what am I going to do? I don’t know. Hey, that was good. I’m sorry, I just like to walk to the camera. Yeah you–>>You’ll do pretty –>>Yeah, be a good cameraman, Antonio. Alright, well that’s it
for this episode, guys. Thank you so much for watching. Oh my gosh, the ball’s coming at me. We’ll see you again later. Ugh [laughs]. I’m done. Okay, that was — if that wasn’t
gold, I don’t know what was [laughs] [music]. [ Laughter ] Okay. Let’s try that again [laughs].

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