Seth Rollins responds to allegations of not helping KO: Raw, Dec. 2, 2019

100 thoughts on “Seth Rollins responds to allegations of not helping KO: Raw, Dec. 2, 2019”

  1. "This seems like a no win situation for me. No matter what I say, no matter what I do, I am the bad guy. No matter what side of the fence I'm on, it's always my fault. I'm damned if I do, damned if I don't. So really, what's the point?

    Damn, it all felt so ….. relatable. 0:55

  2. People turned so quick. He’s a face y’all hate him. As soon as he turns heel a little bit. Y’all hopping on it quick. Smh. He’s just Roman Reigns lol

  3. So I have noticed that Seth is wearing the exact same clothes as Finn Balor. Does everyone wear that after facing the Fiend and turning heel ? Would we expect Daniel Bryan to wear that too ?

  4. So who's gonna be the top face on Raw? Reigns is on Smackdown and I don't see them actually pushing Owens as the new guy.

  5. Esto es una empresa seria y un programa que se ve por todo el mundo asi es que les pido que pongan los sub-titulos españoles

  6. Her next question before he walked off was gonna be ‘so Seth. When are you getting the blonde streak back in your hair’

  7. Hey Seth Rollin don't say that you are not a bad guy you're Seth Rollin okay just make a good decision all right you're a good guy as well I mean your epic I mean just because you want the universal Champion doesn't make you great you're already great just remember that

  8. It looks like seth is again cool. Seriously his last 3-4 months was complete disaster and this whole confused dillusional character that he has right now is way better.

  9. That comment by Seth Rollins was hardcore truth. Everyone's a critic but its not everyone that has the guts to be a leader. Very fitting comment for humans in general more so all the critics who post hateful criticism of wwe and superstars every week.

  10. I like this heel of Seth Rollins he's not wrong first all he beat hhh with broken legs at wresltmania and let not forget he beast beast Brock lesnar two times for raw universes champion I have feeling this heel calling best in world cmpunk can wait see that fight cmpunk vs Seth freaking Rollins

  11. I miss the days where they use to bully the interviewer for asking provoking and demeaning questions. This is why WWE looks more and more staged than a real-life situation to build the angle up.

  12. His face character have gone stale. Time to bring back Seth FREKEN Rollins! And the blonde streak hair as well. His evil laugh. His feud on Twitter. This is HEEL material.

  13. I gotta give credit when credit is due, when Roman got push back from the fans who rejected him, WWE refused to turn him heel and kept forcing him on to fans as "the guy." Now in almost 2020, WWE are teasing turning Seth heel after months of fans turning against him.

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